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Build status

  • We built beta 5 last week and released it to the the beta audience on Friday
    • There were no outstanding patches at that point
    • Christian backed out bug 572652. He let the MDN folks know about it so they could change the dev docs
  • We are tracking bug 676780 closely for mobile
  • We need to build off of mozilla-release this week

Stability status

Sign-off meeting

  • We need to have this before we build off of mozilla-release
    • Christian suggests Wednesday

End-game mechanics

Christian proposes this specific schedule (assuming no new issues are found):

  1. Sign-off meeting on Wednesday, 2011-08-10
  2. Build off of mozilla-release after the meeting on Wednesday, 2011-08-10
  3. Have the builds ready on Thursday, 2011-08-11
  4. QA checks the mozilla-release build on Thursday, 2011-08-11
  5. Push the mozilla-release build to the beta audience early Friday, 2011-08-12
  6. Go to mirrors late Monday, 2011-08-15

Does that work?

Source migration

  • Christian will organize the war room again
    • Christian has an action item to create a way to track bugs for the source migration
    • Christian has edits to the migration doc he needs to push to GitHub (there are some conflicts that need to be rectified)
  • Anything else special for this time?

Action items

  • Christian has been lagging posting these notes to the channels blog. He needs to do that.
  • mfinkle will post to the mobile list to try to get help on bug 676780