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  • The merge from Aurora to Beta happened on Friday May 20th, 2011.
  • The new compatibility bump tools were ready and run on Friday May 20th, 2001 and were able to successfully mark 3,890 add-ons as 5.* compatible. There were 256 that failed our automatic scanners either due to including binary components or using navigator.language, which was changed in Firefox 5.
  • Since then we there have been reports via crash stats and feedback that we are dealing with some issues. We are tracking those and resolutions on this page.


  • Top crash - Start-up crash [@ nsTArray<ObserverRef, nsTArrayDefaultAllocator>::AppendElements<ObserverRef>(ObserverRef const*, unsigned int) | nsObserverList::FillObserverArray(nsCOMArray<nsIObserver>&) Bug 658780.
    • This started showing up as the #1 crash on 5.0b2 around last Friday.
    • Chofmann has added some correlation data.
    • There are a couple of other similar looking signatures that we suspect are the same problem.
    • We haven't figured out if there might be some bug with the tool, or simply it's a matter of some add-ons need to be updated and aren't.
  • Cheng has put together a list of the top non-compatible add-ons based on the Input feedback we saw over the weekend. Bug 659176
  • We are engaging with Kev to do some outreach to try and get some of these resolved ie: Norton.