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Ship credit card autofill to the US/CA market, then iterate on the feature and add locales. Develop good telemetry to ascertain how successful we are at filling the right fields.

Phase I Project

Testing Tips

  1. Purchase a Visa or Mastercard Giftcard from your local grocer. $100 USD or less. You can expense this through Expensify, or if you never actually purchase anything using it, spend it on groceries or whatever for yourself. Probably best to wait and see if you actually end up needing to charge something on the gift card before expensing. Any products you end up purchasing should be donated to charity.
  2. Open your default Firefox build/profile normally and visit 'about:profiles'. Create a fresh profile (for example, 'test').
  3. Open a terminal/console at the location of the Firefox install you plan to test. Run Firefox using the command "firefox -p (profile name)"
  4. Test. Usually you can bailout of a purchase at the confirm purchase stage after UX associated with credit card autofill has been displayed.
  5. Open your default Firefox build/profile again. You may find that the 'test' profile has been set as default. Visit 'about:profiles' to set your preferred profile back to default. Close Firefox.
  6. Open your default Firefox build/profile, visit "about:profiles" and delete (including associated user data) your 'test' profile.

Additional command line 'power tools' are available as well. Visit this MDN page for more information.


You can set the pref 'extensions.formautofill.loglevel' to 'all' to pick up debugging output from the form autofill code. The debug output handlers ('debug' and 'log') are defined at the top of FormAutofill.jsm.


Bug Lists

Triage Lists

Project Tags

  • [cc-autofill-mvp] Whiteboard tag for MVP bugs team is commiting to complete within the schedule.
  • [cc-autofill-reserve] Whiteboard tag for low-priority bugs the team is not committing to complete within the schedule.
  • [ccautofill] Whiteboard tag for bugs that require triage (clear this tag once triaged).

Inline Bug Lists

All MVP Bugs

Full Query
ID Summary Status Assigned to Priority
990203 Telemetry - Collect information on how many autofill profiles users save VERIFIED Zibi Braniecki [:zbraniecki][:gandalf] P2
1352330 Telemetry - Record one for each non-empty field at submission time (keyed by fieldName) VERIFIED Zibi Braniecki [:zbraniecki][:gandalf] P3
1395928 [Form Autofill] Form autofill doesn't always generate events web content expects VERIFIED Adam Roach [:abr] P2
1425884 Intermittent browser/extensions/formautofill/test/browser/browser_creditCard_doorhanger.js | Uncaught exception - TypeError: form is null RESOLVED Jim Mathies [:jimm] P3
1428269 On, credit card autofill doesn't work VERIFIED Adam Roach [:abr] P2
1429322 Show credit card logos in credit card autofill UI VERIFIED Adam Roach [:abr] P1
1456284 Intermittent browser/extensions/formautofill/test/browser/browser_insecure_form.js | Uncaught exception - The popup should be a form autofill one - timed out after 50 tries. RESOLVED Jim Mathies [:jimm] P3
1527743 Add a checkbox in prefs to toggle extensions.formautofill.reauth.enabled VERIFIED Zibi Braniecki [:zbraniecki][:gandalf] P2
1604170 No icon for “Credit Cards” in “Sync Settings” VERIFIED Mark Hammond [:markh] [:mhammond] P3
1604807 Clear form dropdown menu appears right after telephone or credit number are filled VERIFIED Adam Roach [:abr] P2
1619320 [Form Autofill] Trying to save Credit Card details without having a Saved Address beforehand might lead to user confusion VERIFIED Zibi Braniecki [:zbraniecki][:gandalf] P1
1624646 macOS OS re-auth string for credit card autofill has a redundant prefix provided by macOS VERIFIED Adam Roach [:abr] P1
1639795 Use a friendlier name for the OSKeyStore Keychain item VERIFIED Adam Roach [:abr] P1
1642058 Add expiration date in card list view under Preferences VERIFIED Adam Roach [:abr] P1
1642059 Credit card autofill dropdown only appears on the 2nd click VERIFIED Adam Roach [:abr] P1
1642060 Card type/network isn't filled using heuristics (e.g. on Macy's) VERIFIED Zibi Braniecki [:zbraniecki][:gandalf] P3
1642064 Modal should say "add credit card" instead of edit credit card when user clicks add VERIFIED Zibi Braniecki [:zbraniecki][:gandalf] P2
1644510 Update credit card save doorhanger and content dropdown text VERIFIED Zibi Braniecki [:zbraniecki][:gandalf] P2
1644603 SUMO Page for Credit Card Autofill VERIFIED chsiang P2
1645487 Update Form Autofill Preferences "Learn More" link for Credit Cards VERIFIED Adam Roach [:abr] P2
1645502 Request a security review on credit card autofill RESOLVED Jim Mathies [:jimm] P2
1645735 [] Exp date format is incorrectly auto-filled and highlighter overlaps CC logo placeholder VERIFIED Adam Roach [:abr] P2
1645922 Fields are not saved after choosing to save the credit card from the doorhanger VERIFIED Zibi Braniecki [:zbraniecki][:gandalf] P1
1646531 Open credit-card autofill pop-up when user clears a credit-card field VERIFIED Adam Roach [:abr] P2
1647043 Add IIN detection when saving a credit card VERIFIED Zibi Braniecki [:zbraniecki][:gandalf] P1
1647292 The credit card image placeholder is not displayed in the doorhanger when no cards are saved VERIFIED Adam Roach [:abr] P2
1647652 Credit card entries are not deduped if the same CC number is used with additional fields (manual fill) VERIFIED Zibi Braniecki [:zbraniecki][:gandalf] P1
1647944 Add Bitwarden matching rules to autofill heuristics RESOLVED Adam Roach [:abr] P2
1648187 User is prompted for OS-level authentication to fill credit card information even if `extensions.formautofill.reauth.enabled` is false VERIFIED Adam Roach [:abr] P1
1648551 Firefox fails to capture on Stripe checkout for RESOLVED Adam Roach [:abr] P2
1649028 Mastercard starting with 542418 detected as Diner's Club VERIFIED Zibi Braniecki [:zbraniecki][:gandalf] P2
1649858 Add SUMO link to re-authentication UI VERIFIED Zibi Braniecki [:zbraniecki][:gandalf] P2
1650033 Diners Club logo is not detect when submit a credit card using a Diners Club CC number VERIFIED Zibi Braniecki [:zbraniecki][:gandalf] P2
1650198 Audit test coverage for credit card autofill RESOLVED Jim Mathies [:jimm] P2
1650222 Editing a credit card number through preferences fails VERIFIED Zibi Braniecki [:zbraniecki][:gandalf] P2
1650961 Restrict the clickjacking delay to credit card fields VERIFIED Zibi Braniecki [:zbraniecki][:gandalf] P2
1653083 Add doorhanger telemetry for Credit Card A/B testing VERIFIED Zibi Braniecki [:zbraniecki][:gandalf] P1
1653162 Add credit-card form telemetry for Credit Card A/B testing VERIFIED Adam Roach [:abr] P1
1653672 Telemetry - Record when a user changes a card type after the card type is prepopulated VERIFIED Zibi Braniecki [:zbraniecki][:gandalf] P3
1654167 Add preferences telemetry for Credit Card A/B testing VERIFIED Zibi Braniecki [:zbraniecki][:gandalf] P1
1656269 Telemetry - Record credit card related prefs in telemetry's main ping RESOLVED Jim Mathies [:jimm] P1
1656334 Telemetry - enable event collection for creditcard category of events RESOLVED Zibi Braniecki [:zbraniecki][:gandalf] P2
1656344 Add a telemetry scalar on number of credit card forms sections detected/submitted in a session VERIFIED Zibi Braniecki [:zbraniecki][:gandalf] P2
1656355 Add a histogram indicating how many times each stored card has been filled, ever. VERIFIED Zibi Braniecki [:zbraniecki][:gandalf] P2
1656575 Enable Credit Card Autofill in Firefox 81 for rollout RESOLVED Jim Mathies [:jimm] P3
1657909 The blank fields are wrongly recorded as "field_modified" when manually complete and submit a form VERIFIED Zibi Braniecki [:zbraniecki][:gandalf] P1
1658086 Fix regressions caused by Bug 1604807 VERIFIED Adam Roach [:abr] P1

47 Total; 0 Open (0%); 9 Resolved (19.15%); 38 Verified (80.85%);

All Reserve Bugs

Full Query
ID Summary Status Assigned to Priority
1373662 [Form Autofill] Dropdown UI flickers when first time opening form autofill popup after browser launched NEW P3
1390674 Preferences -> Forms -> Saved Addresses/Credit Cards shows a weird highlight rectangle when empty REOPENED P3
1391634 [Form Autofill] Create the proper record for credit card select element in form submission NEW P3
1392950 [Credit Card Autofill] Misdetect some fields (membership#, bank routing#) as cc-number fields NEW P3
1392958 [Credit Card Autofill] Cardholder name field in Sears should be detected as cc-name NEW P3
1423615 Can not trigger autofill suggestions in a field which contains a formatting string NEW P3
1424119 [Credit Card Autofill] Misdetect cc-csc as cc-exp-year (Paypal) NEW P3
1425252 On, no autofill dropdown shown up for the Card Number field NEW P3
1426652 On autofill credit card is not working NEW P3
1426981 Intermittent browser/extensions/formautofill/test/browser/browser_update_doorhanger.js | Uncaught exception - TypeError: can't access dead object REOPENED P3
1427518 Credit cards don't fill in on GiveWell NEW P3
1427956 A changed form element causes the state of the previously-filled section to be cleared NEW P4
1428729 On, credit card autofill doesn't work because "KKnr/KKMonth/KKYear" can't be identified as "cc-number/cc-exp-month/cc-exp-year" NEW P4
1430633 Intermittent browser/extensions/formautofill/test/mochitest/creditCard/test_basic_creditcard_autocomplete_form.html | Test timed out. NEW P5
1435124 Credit cards don't fill in on SquareUp NEW P3
1437812 [Form Autofill] - Credit Card autofill does not work on NEW P4
1445538 Intermittent browser/extensions/formautofill/test/browser/browser_update_doorhanger.js | Uncaught exception - The popup should be a form autofill one - timed out after 50 tries. NEW P3
1451704 [Form Autofill] Support SEPA's IBAN and BIC like credit card for Direct Bank Debit (EU market) NEW P3
1452605 [Form autofill] Credit Card Month field is populated with year value on German checkout page NEW P3
1480635 Add an opt-in option to save address and credit card info in private browsing NEW P4
1496135 Intermittent Test-Verify TEST-UNEXPECTED-TIMEOUT | browser/extensions/formautofill/test/browser/browser_manageCreditCardsDialog.js | application timed out after 370 seconds with no output RESOLVED P3
1496472 The Expiration date of the card is not being cleared by clicking the clear button (,,,, RESOLVED P3
1499241 OS Key Store usage can cause multiple OS prompts for a single credit card action NEW P3
1527745 Implement OS re-authentication on Linux (Gnome Keyring) NEW P4
1546676 Credit card autofill not suggested on NEW P3
1600059 Intermittent browser/extensions/formautofill/test/browser/browser_autocomplete_footer.js | Uncaught exception - popup should be open - timed out after 50 tries. RESOLVED Neil Deakin P3
1630209 Intermittent browser/extensions/formautofill/test/browser/creditCard/browser_creditCard_dropdown_layout.js | Uncaught exception - The popup should be a form autofill one - timed out after 50 tries. RESOLVED P3
1642062 Save credit card doorhanger doesn't appear on Macy's or BestBuy (lack of form submit events) NEW P3
1645733 [QVC] Expiration date is incorrectly autofilled, autofill highglight is missing and conflicts with field placeholders NEW P3
1645736 [] CC autofill broken if Exp Date fields are hidden and revealed only after CC number is filled in NEW P3
1645737 [] Expiration Date is not selected for the checkout form by autofilling the CC number NEW P3
1645772 [] CC autofill breaks form fields layout and placeholders NEW P3
1646536 Intermittent browser/extensions/formautofill/test/browser/creditCard/browser_insecure_form.js | Uncaught exception - TypeError: can't access property "blur", content.document.activeElement is null (Linux) NEW P5
1647241 The last characters/digits of the Name and CC number are overlapped by the scrollbar in the CC autofill dropdown (for items on the same row) NEW P3
1647261 [] Credit card autofill dropdown is not displayed on all the fields on a payment form NEW P3
1647381 []Credit Card Autofill Expiration date has invalid format NEW P3
1647459 FormAutofillHeuristics.jsm should normalize field names before searching them NEW P4
1647637 The red warning border for empty or invalid fields while adding a new CC isn't displayed correctly NEW P3
1647679 [MacOS] Credit Card autofill is not displayed after restarting the browser for updates RESOLVED Zibi Braniecki [:zbraniecki][:gandalf] P2
1649304 [HomeDepot] When the website clears the CC field (after the user clicks out and back in), "Clear Autofill" fails to work. NEW P3
1650863 Credit Card Autofill should disqualify fields that are nonsensically short NEW P3
1651123 [Staples][Etsy] Autofill highlighting prevents display of in-field credit card logo NEW P3
1651945 The Expiration date of the card is not being autofilled on, NEW P3
1653675 Look into acquiring a better database of credit card number ranges of payment networks NEW P3
1653676 Implement a new fade-in effect for credit card autotfill dropdown NEW P3
1653915 [] Address and CC autofill no longer works RESOLVED P1
1654388 Implement Prefs (if not existed yet) for A/B test survey analysis VERIFIED Zibi Braniecki [:zbraniecki][:gandalf] P3
1654648 Credit Card sections not resolved correctly when there are gift card fields and then the credit card fields in a certain order VERIFIED Zibi Braniecki [:zbraniecki][:gandalf] P1
1655407 Multiple issues with the CC autofill on checkout page NEW P3
1655783 Intermittent browser/extensions/formautofill/test/browser/creditCard/browser_insecure_form.js | Uncaught exception - TypeError: can't access property "blur", content.document.activeElement is null (OSX) NEW P5
1657106 [Home Depot] Clearing the credit card autofill form in will cause the autofill to not work anymore on credit card until a page refresh NEW P3
1657108 [Home Depot] Clear form dropdown menu appears right after credit number is filled NEW P3
1657354 Enable credit card sync availability in Preferences RESOLVED Jim Mathies [:jimm] P4
1657603 Consider dismissing the Credit Card Number autofill dropdown on field input NEW P3
1657639 Consider sorting Cardholder Name and Expiry date when the autofill dropdown is toggled NEW P3
1657657 [] CC Autofill does not work correctly NEW P3
1657840 [] cc expiration is filled as YYYY-MM instead of MM/YY NEW P3
1657861 Expiry Date is incorrectly auto-filled if the saved credit card expiration month is January on NEW P3
1657872 [Windows] Credit card and address autofill dropdowns do not adapt to High Contrast Black theme NEW P2
1657887 Expiry Date is incorrectly auto-filled and the user cannot select another credit card from the CC drop down on, NEW P3
1657907 The {"category:creditcard", "method:submitted") event is not registered in the Control branch (CC autofill pref'd off) VERIFIED --
1658027 Separate visual interactions on Credit Card Autofill for A/B testing VERIFIED Zibi Braniecki [:zbraniecki][:gandalf] P1
1659186 Limit `cc-form` detected telemetry to only valid cc sections RESOLVED Zibi Braniecki [:zbraniecki][:gandalf] P1
1660270 Revert Prefs for A/B test survey analysis RESOLVED Zibi Braniecki [:zbraniecki][:gandalf] P3

64 Total; 51 Open (79.69%); 9 Resolved (14.06%); 4 Verified (6.25%);

Triage - Bugs Requiring Priority

No results.

0 Total; 0 Open (0%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Triage - Determining Backlog Status

Full Query
ID Summary Status Assigned to Priority
1660222 [] Clear autofill form option is not displayed in the "Name on Card" and "Expiration Date" CC drop-down NEW P3
1661246 [,] Autofill Highlight is not displayed and Cardholder Name is not autofilled due to site behavior NEW P3
1661412 [] Several issues on CC autofill functionality NEW P3
1662414 Credit Card save doorhanger is not displayed on several sites upon form submit NEW P3

4 Total; 4 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);