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Initial form autofill development in 2017

Targeted Black Friday 2017 as a system extension for most UI/logic. Non-extension code targeting Fx56.


  • Milestone 1: Basic Form Autofill setting in Preference and the Form Autofill profile management. Also includes the support of autocomplete attribute for input type
  • Milestone 2: (3/20 - 4/18)
  • Milestone 3: (4/19 - 6/23) Enable heuristics, support name fields, previewing/highlighting, section-* DOM support, pref edit subdialog
  • Milestone 4: (6/26 - 7/31) Credit card heuristics, management and doorhanger; telemetry; Sync support
  • Remaining bugs: Bugs, follow-ups, enhancement

Team Members

Department Members
Product Management (PM) Joe Cheng
Engineering Matthew Noorenberghe (Tech Lead)

Luke Chang (TPE Lead; Storage)

Steve Chung (Integration; Telemetry; Saving form data)

Sean Lee (Heuristics; Sync)

Scott Wu (Preferences)

Ray Lin (Autocomplete; Preview/Highlighting)

John Dai (DOM)

User Experience (UX) Juwei Huang

Mark Liang

Visual Design (UI) Fang Shih
Engineering Program Management (EPM) Vance Chen

Lauren Fu

Quality Assurance Adrian Florinescu

Ovidiu Boca

Legal Elvin Lee
Security François Marier

Daniel Veditz

Wennie Leung

Sync (engine and UI) support is being worked on with the Firefox Sync team.