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Australis - Theme Refinement and Evolution

Feature Status Direct responsible individual QA Lead Status
Australis - Theme Refinement and Evolution In stabilization Stephen Horlander Paul Silaghi, Cornel Ionce OK


  • Australis is the new visual interface for Firefox. The major changes planned comprise of:
    • Curved tabs
    • Remove tab affordance from background tabs
    • Separate Bookmark Star from locationBar and merge with Bookmarks Menu item
    • Update Panel Based Application Menu
    • Customization Mode
    • Draw entire window frame including Caption Buttons for Windows
    • Custom window frame style for all default themes for Windows XP
    • Unify the interface to include consistent border-radii, dimensions, spacing, margins, icons and color palette
    • Refine all aspects of the existing UI
    • Update In-Content UI Styles


Test Cases

  • The test cases for this feature can be viewed here or in Moztrap here.

Focus Areas

  • tab animation, navigation and layout
  • panel customization and functionality
  • theme and OS consideration

Test Strategy

  • create and run manual test cases
  • identify and verify fixed bugs
  • do regular triage related to Australis
  • organize an Australis testday per cycle (Nightly, Aurora, Beta)

Important Bugs

  • HERE is the list of fixed bugs on Firefox 29 related to Australis
  • HIGH PRIORITY Bugs that need verification
  • 939862 - (australis-merge) Tracking: Australis regressions since landing on Nightly
  • 942157 - (australis-addons) Tracking: Australis add-on issues
  • 939774 - Anonymox add-on breaks Australis
  • 946598 - Australis: Tab Mix Plus problems: Can't switch tabs by clicking or right-click to open tab's context menu
  • 969421 - [Australis] Dragging items really quickly in/between the panel/palette breaks the area layout

Not Tested

  • TBD

Sign off Criteria

  • All the test cases were executed.
  • All the major bugs have been fixed