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These are the main client requirements:

  • Firefox needs to be able to look for and install new system add-ons mid-cycle
  • Firefox needs to be able to find and install updates to existing system add-ons mid-cycle
  • Firefox needs to be able to remove existing system add-ons mid-cycle
  • Developers need to be able to test new versions of system add-ons locally
  • Users cannot uninstall system add-ons
  • Users cannot see system add-ons in the add-ons manager UI
  • Other applications should not be able to replace system add-ons easily
  • When updating Firefox we have to make sure we have the updated system add-ons too
  • System add-ons should not be disabled in safe mode
  • The same version of a system add-on can target multiple Firefox versions (usually from one version upwards)

These are additional requirements that would be nice to have:

  • Once installed system add-ons will be available to all profiles and users of the computer
  • Be able to update system add-ons without restarting Firefox