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Meeting details


  • laura
  • larissa
  • John G
  • Jonathan
  • Morgan
  • sylvestre


  • Discuss Q3 goal updates per team:
    • Client integration (Mossop/rhelmer)
    • Build pipeline (mrrrgn)
    • IdeaTown (nchapman)
    • Updates (tarek)
  • We now have a mailing list! If you're not on it, please add yourself:
  • Weekly status reports will be going to that list around Wednesday of each week and archived on wiki.

Roundtable and Q&A

  • Administrivia:
    • laura PTO 7/20 - 7/24
    • newtabpage looking at shipping this way too
    • PLR next week - any specific things to highlight? - status is green.
    • Please add your team bugs to tracking bugs - see main wiki for details
  • Release Pipeline:
    • morgan - needs to talk to hello folks about how to ship it. Trivial best case is a no-op type add-on, could use Crash Me Now as a test
    • jonathan - we need to establish what systems we want to test on
    • (Laura) sylvie wants to know about the impact on IT (probably none just yet aka no hardware)
    • are we supporting every platform? We are supporting for sure osx, windows and linux. (versions?) windows10 is a question for now.
    • Action: Laura to follow up and determine what we're definitely supporting.
  • IdeaTown:
  • nchapman - (breaking up) and jgruen - there is an "IdeaTown Master Plan": now looking for Q3 shipping goals - setting up IdeaTown as its own thing above and beyond experiments. Planning for a teaser midway through the quarter and actual shipping add-ons by end Q3.