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July 21, 2015

Meeting details

  • Tuesdays @1630GMT/1230 EDT/0930PDT
  • Vidyo: ProgramManagement
  • IRC #gofaster


  • Jonathan
  • armenzg
  • Robert
  • Tarek
  • Dave T
  • John G
  • Matthew
  • Axel
  • jp
  • Ben Hearsum
  • edwong
  • billm


Roundtable and Q&A

Test Automation:

  • Jonathan and Matt: question: will Go Faster support all the versions of firefox? (ie nightly, D.E., Beta, Release)?
  • Krupa: hello writes their own tests in selenium
  • Selena: and node
  • Tarek: we have node tests that work on the server side API but I dont think there are end to end tests for Hello
  • Hello questions can be discussed at 12:30 (PDT) meeting today (Larissa notes Mark Banner will join these meetings going forward)
  • Rob: there is one end to end functional test in moz-central for hello that stands up a fake server
  • In summary, we need to plan for /expect some manual testing in the beginning for Hello

Client Side (Rob and Dave):

Build Pipeline (mrrgn):

  • Hello meeting set up today, goals are aggressive, we don;t have a hello add-on yet to make a test pipeline around yet. Meanwhile baseline pipeline work continues. Hopefully todays meeting will help us figure out where to put it (assuming balrog) and how we're going to get it there.
  • open question: we're going to use balrog, not AMO for this?

IdeaTown (John)

  • The mature UX spec is coming along! Coordinating with marketing and branding folks now. John is standing up web components for a basic splash/prelaunch site. (show us, when you're ready! :D)
  • FTE coming soon!

Updates (Tarek):