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July 28, 2015

Meeting details

  • Tuesdays @1630GMT/1230 EDT/0930PDT
  • Vidyo: ProgramManagement
  • IRC #gofaster


  • larissa
  • axel
  • dave
  • john
  • jonathan
  • bhearsum
  • tarek
  • jp
  • margaret
  • rnewman
  • mfinkle
  • ben
  • laura
  • lmandel
  • rhelmer


  • welcoming Fennec!
    • Hi Margaret, mfinkle, and rnewman!
    • Fat Fennec is a related project we will coordinate with.
    • Primary concern is making the download smaller but also some of the pulling out of bits for Go Faster will benefit fennec too
    • ACTION: Fennec people need to talk to: Mossop, about the updater, and Tarek, about static data updates
    • Looking at using A/B testing as a way to *also* ship features faster using staged rollout

Discuss Q3 goal updates per team:

  • Client integration (Mossop/rhelmer)
    • Plan for client integration is on the list and under discussion, looking good, bugs and immediate work will begin now and its realistic to get it done in Q3
    • Is Fennec possible in Q3? Yes, but not installing on demand yet, maybe that too. It should mostly just work with the plan we have. Open issue that because gecko doesn't run as long in fennec the updates currently dont always happen and we might need to lift that to a java service later. That is NOT scope for Q3. Could use notifications for updates, later.
  • Build pipeline (mrrrgn)
    • loop/hello folks are building a test version
    • using AMO for hosting
    • if hello needs some help with resources for the test add-on we might ask rob
    • recommendation that the add-on sticks with stable APIs/the SDK
  • Test automation (mbrandt or jgriffin)
    • hello folks have existing unit tests and mochitests but almost no functional tests, they suggest we not couple that with go faster for now.
    • matt - bunch of work also happening offline. krupa working on a document around testing principles for go faster - criteria for using the pipeline, suggestions, etc.
  • IdeaTown (nchapman/jgruen)
    • John - unexpected press this weekend, John is putting finishing touches on the splash site, Nick and John are working on what the stack looks like for the first "real" version. Working with legal and iterative privacy notice issues.
  • Updates (tarek)
    • security team is implementing client side
    • needs to talk to rstrong about the desktop side
    • bugs are progressing (thanks!)
    • if we want to integrate other types of updates (bulkier things) we may need to revisit how we'd implement that in balrog, what we talked about before was oriented to the using the setting service. Will set up a meeting to discuss (if you need help from Larissa with that, ping me)

Media coverage on Idea Town:

Roundtable and Q&A

  • Release orchestration (partial releases, rollbacks)
    • need to determine requirements for this, we get some of it for "free" by using Balrog. We can throttle there but not A/B test. We will build and include the up to date versions of the addons in every 6 week main build, too.
  • A/B testing on Fennec: in mobile we're doing it differently from desktop - we bundle all the code and then use remote controls to select a code path for users until one is a clear winner. while the concepts and philosophy will be the same, the mechanism will be different. One difference is that fennec a/b testing may be opt-out. The Thursday meeting will include that, if you want in, tell mfinkle
  • We will need to do manual testing for Hello for now because we dont have automated functional testing.


  • Larissa to set up mtg with Laura, Axel, Mark Banner, Margaret, about l10n and test addons using hello as the example
  • Everyone to remember that if press asks you about Go Faster or Idea Town you refer them to Alex Shapiro
  • Laura (with Larissa's support) to look at existing architectural documents and move them toward a PRD


    • Weekly status reports will be going to that list around Wednesday of each week and archived on wiki.
  • Please use our shiny new tracking bugs to track your work: