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= August 18, 2015

Meeting details


  • Larissa
  • Laura
  • Axel
  • Jonathan
  • Tarek
  • bhearsum
  • margaret
  • mbrandt
  • edwong
  • rnewman
  • telliott
  • mossop
  • sylvestre
  • krupa


Discuss Q3 goal updates per team:

  • Client integration (Mossop/rhelmer)
    • much distraction from security bugs (mossop)
    • working on hello addon, pdf.js or shumway will work for pipeline testing and he can provide a zippy to anyone who needs one(rhelmer)
  • Build pipeline (mrrrgn)
    • still on PTO
  • Test automation (mbrandt or jgriffin)
    • need support from the release pipeline for treeherder
  • QA (krupa)
    • test plan in active development almost ready to share
  • IdeaTown (nchapman/jgruen)
  • Updates (tarek)
    • security settings:
      • server-side: working on notifications
      • client-side: mark's back this week
  • Fennec "OTA" updates
    • designing the client-server interaction (draft should be ready this week)
  • Fat Fennec (richard)
    • Margaret and I have two folks working on pulling different threads: sebastian on fonts, jonalmeida on hyph.
    • rnewman will be working with tarek on the client-server spec as soon as iOS is out the door.
  • l10n (axel)
    • "its more like figuring out if there are goals, than naming the goals"
    • the closer we can keep to the normal firfox tooling the better, for l10n

Roundtable and Q&A

  • PRD out for review!
  • l10n strategy discussion
  • How do we avoid having many branches for system addons? We may limit the channels they are applied to or test and then turn them off to channels they dont work in - likely only beta and release. how do we then not exclude dev edition?


  • mbrandt/larissa/krupa circile back on QA
  • Work with krupa to get a draft of the test plan in circulation to the group for review and comment
  • Toby help Axel with l10n strategy
  • Please read the PRD and write comments! If you need a link, ask Larissa


  • Mailing list! If you're not on it, please add yourself:
  • Weekly status reports go to that list around Wednesday of each week and are archived on the wiki.
  • Please use our shiny tracking bugs to track your work: