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August 25, 2015

Meeting details


  • Larissa
  • Laura


Discuss Q3 goal updates per team:

  • Client integration (Mossop/rhelmer)
  • Build pipeline (mrrrgn)
  • Test automation (mbrandt or jgriffin)
  • QA (krupa)
  • IdeaTown (nchapman/jgruen/edwong)
  • Updates (tarek)
  • Fennec "OTA" updates
  • Fat Fennec (richard)
  • l10n (axel)

Roundtable and Q&A

  • PRD out
  • Metrics
    • What is IdeaTown doing? [jgruen]
    • Call for volunteers to develop guidelines
  • Branching models for discussion (here, and with RelMan/RelEng/DevServices):



  • Mailing list! If you're not on it, please add yourself:
  • Weekly status reports go to that list around Wednesday of each week and are archived on the wiki.
  • Please use our shiny tracking bugs to track your work: