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Meeting details



Q3 Goals

  • [DONE] Client support for system add-ons install and update (Tracking: 1183866)
    • In review; will land in 44
  • [AT RISK] Implement lightweight build, test, and release pipeline for go-faster (Tracking: 1184524)
    • Status?
    • Mitigation for risk is ship client support/hello addon via trains, starting in 44
  • [ON TRACK] Ship v1 of Firefox Experiments / Idea Town (Tracking: 1184527)
    • Status?
  • [ON TRACK] Security policy updates through new update service ("Balrog 2.0") (Tracking: 1184528)

Update from Tarek: Server-side I think we're pretty much done at this point, to cover the needs of the first version of the security settings client.

In terms of timeline I've talked with several folks and I just want to reiterate here the plan:

  1. The goal is to land in Firefox 44.
  2. Once Mark is ready to ship v1 in Firefox (sometimes in the next 2/3 weeks) it'll be shipped behind a flag to deactivate it, so the existing OneCRL client still works. It will also have a way to configure the Kinto endpoint in about:config
  3. We'll deploy a test server then in coordination with Travis' team, and starts to QA the new client with Nightly in coordination with Stuart's team.
  4. Once everyone is happy, and we're getting good at qa/deploy cycles - with all the standard staging procedures rolling, we'll toggle the flag so all nightlies use the new thing
  5. If nothing bad happens, we'll let it bubble up in 44
  6. We'll iterate on introducing notifications (balrog) / signing on the client side - maybe the notification part will be ready on time for 44. In the interim, the client simply fetches once every 24h.

Q4 Goals

  • Implement Hello UI as an add-on [DONE early!!!], and ship it via go-faster.
    • Ship via go-faster will be the new q4 goal
  • Convert another feature to system add-on (likely Pocket).
  • Ship Universal Search as a Firefox Experiment.
    • Still right?
  • Build out automation to begin shipping go-faster code updates.
    • Need people and time from RelEng, A-team, and l10n.
  • What else?


  • Any other updates per team:
    • Client integration (Mossop/rhelmer)
    • Build pipeline (JP)
    • IdeaTown (nchapman)
    • Updates (tarek)
    • Fennec (rnewman)

Roundtable and Q&A