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September 29, 2015

Meeting details



Q3 Goals

  • [DONE] Client support for system add-ons install and update (Tracking: 1183866)
    • In review; will land in 44
  • [AT RISK] Implement lightweight build, test, and release pipeline for go-faster (Tracking: 1184524)
    • Status?
    • Mitigation for risk is ship client support/hello addon via trains, starting in 44
  • [ON TRACK] Ship v1 of Firefox Experiments / Idea Town (Tracking: 1184527)
    • Status?
  • [ON TRACK] Security policy updates through new update service ("Balrog 2.0") (Tracking: 1184528)

Q4 Goals

  • Implement Hello UI as an add-on [DONE early!!!], and ship it via go-faster.
    • Ship via go-faster will be the new q4 goal
  • Convert another feature to system add-on (likely Pocket).
  • Ship Universal Search as a Firefox Experiment.
    • Still right?
  • Build out automation to begin shipping go-faster code updates.
    • Need people and time from RelEng, A-team, and l10n.
  • What else?


  • Any other updates per team:
    • Client integration (Mossop/rhelmer)
    • Build pipeline (JP)
    • IdeaTown (nchapman)
    • Updates (tarek)
    • Fennec (rnewman)

Roundtable and Q&A