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October 6, 2015

Meeting details


  • Larissa
  • Laura
  • Sylvestre
  • Tarek
  • Nick
  • Matthew
  • Dave
  • Lara
  • Toby
  • Axel
  • Rob


Q4 Goals

(note that Larissa will add tracking bugs this week)

  • Ship Hello as a system add-on.
    • yes! in progress!
  • Convert another feature to system add-on (likely Pocket).
    • Laura to confirm with Mark Mayo
  • Launch IdeaTown and the first Experiment on it.
    • Nick: doing that internally in Q4. ("big launch" at Orlando)
  • Design and build out automation to begin shipping go-faster code updates.
    • scary, but we have a plan
  • Ship security updates separately from trains.


  • Build pipeline (JP/rhelmer)
    • what does the build part of a system addon look like
    • SF time week after next
  • IdeaTown (nchapman)
  • Updates (tarek)
    • client not landed yet - some pending reviews related to performances
    • we should have some news by the end of the week on this
    • working on the next topics in the meantime : signing/verification
  • Fennec (rnewman)
    • getting close to downloadable content being ready, we need to make some changes to the hyphenation code in gecko
    • engineer is also working on literally 6 other things at the same time

Roundtable and Q&A

  • Mossop's blog post:
  • Some MVP decisions for v1:
    • Updates not to be restartless. (We'll do user research - Laura discussing with Madhava and Bill Selman - to figure out where to go from here.)
    • Updates should not change strings, for v1.
    • We'll reuse existing build, l10n, and test infrastructure as much as possible.
  • Action: Laura to update the PRD to reflect current thinking