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October 20, 2015

Meeting details


  • Larissa
  • Laura (apologies, in transit to MTV)


2016 planning

(Non-verbal update from laura) This week some of you have been pulled in to describing your various parts of Go Faster for 2016 planning. In this sprint we list out our planned deliverables, assumptions, and risks for the first half of next year. I'll be in touch over email. Note: in communications, we are bucketed under "Modernize Firefox Engineering" along with e.g. de-xulinization. Ping me with any questions. The deadline for this sprint is Thursday, yes, this Thursday, as we must present to leadership at 8.30 Friday. It's going to be like this every week between now and Orlando.

Brownbag reminder

Mozlando updates =

  • A Go-Faster demo session is scheduled at Mozlando. If you are leading a subproject, or otherwise have something Go-Faster related to present, assume a 5-10 minute presentation. Shiny visuals and demos strongly encouraged.
  • Do we want to have any other group discussions? Let me know and I'll get them added.

Q4 Goals

  • Are these the complete stable set now?
    • Ship Hello as a system add-on.
    • [DROPPED] Convert another feature to system add-on (likely Pocket) (Q4 is short.)
    • Launch IdeaTown and the first Experiment on it.
    • Design and build out automation to begin shipping go-faster code updates.
    • Ship security updates separately from trains.


  • Client integration (Mossop/rhelmer)
  • Build pipeline (JP/rhelmer)
  • IdeaTown (nchapman)
  • Updates (tarek)
  • Fennec (rnewman)

Roundtable and Q&A