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November 17, 2015

Meeting details


  • Laura
  • mbrandt
  • telliott
  • nchapman
  • andym
  • jgruen
  • Apologies: rhelmer, phrawzty, Mossop, Larissa (gone!), tarek


2016 planning

Draft initiatives for H1:

  • Go Faster: System addons infrastructure complete. Documented, simple, easy to ship/update, easy to localize. Teams outside go-faster building system add-ons
  • Go Faster: Staged rollout of a system addon, with a/b testing, able to ship to a specified % of users
  • Go Faster: Measurement infrastructure in place. Telemetry for go-faster addons. Capture usage (Q1) and errors (Q2)
  • Go Faster: String delivery and updates are decoupled from trains. Go faster updates can contain string changes.
  • Idea town launch: Release opt-in platform that allows us to perform controlled tests of new high-visibility product concepts in the general release channel of Firefox
  • Idea town locale expansion: Expand Idea town beyond en-US
  • Idea town metrics dashboard: Metrics dashboard to aid experiment authors in making decisions

Mozlando signups

  • No signups as of today - please sign up!


  • Client integration (Mossop/rhelmer)
  • Build pipeline (JP/rhelmer/phrawzty)
    • Figured out signing (AMO API) and hosting (s3) this week (woot)
    • Ideatown has issues with AMO needing auth for download of private add-ons - nchapman to file a bug for andym who says this should be simple to fix.
    • Running shared notes -
  • IdeaTown (nchapman)
    • Working on branding - plan to launch in minimal public markets initially and grow from there
    • Q1 en-US, Q2 more locales
    • Working on the idea pipeline
  • Updates (tarek)
    • Tarek can't make it today, but good progress
    • "Updates are moving forward, Mark Goodwin is making good progress on the onecrl integration and the good news is that it looks like I can be useful on the client-side this quarter and help him - so doing that. The server is now available on stage *and* prod behind the CDN as we planned, so it's just a matter of switching the client to it whenever everyone feels comfortable. We should have a cool demo for mozlando, where I'll show live updates applied on Firefox with a simple code snippet (our Kinto integration in Firefox) - that should give some ideas to Firefox devs."
  • Fennec (rnewman)
    • This meeting clashes with the mobile meeting always. Look at a different time in Q1 (maybe same time, different day)
    • mfinkle updates: "Fennec downloadable fonts is super close to landing. Files are on the cdn. Hiccup on gzip-ness, but that should be fixed soon"

Roundtable and Q&A

  • Productive l10n discussion last week!
    • notes
    • summary - use l20n. it is awesome and the best thing since sliced bread
  • Andy will make a way for system addons and ideatown addons to not need review on AMO (yay)
  • Nick proposes we get some web extensions hacking time in Mozlando