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February 16, 2016

Meeting details




  • Hello (Ian/Mark)
  • Build + tools (lonnen/rhelmer/bhearsum)
  • Test Pilot (formerly IdeaTown) (wil)
  • Updates (tarek)
  • Fennec (rnewman/mfinkle)
  • l10n (Pike)
  • Anyone else

Roundtable and Q&A

  • Release management and system add-ons - Ian?


  • 2016 H1 strategic initiatives:
  • System add-ons
    • System addons infrastructure complete: Documented, simple, easy to ship/update, easy to localize. (Q2)
    • Staged rollout of a system addon: With a/b testing (Q2)
    • Measurement infrastructure in place: Telemetry for go-faster addons (Q2)
    • String delivery and updates are decoupled from trains (May tweak the wording here slightly, but essentially l10n work to support Go Faster) (Q2)
  • Test Pilot
    • Test Pilot launch: Release opt-in platform that allows us to perform controlled tests of new high-visibility product concepts in the general release channel of Firefox (Q2)
    • Test Pilot metrics dashboard: Metrics dashboard to aid experiment authors in making decisions (Q2)
  • Q1 goals:
    • Ship Hello as a system add-on and update it
    • OneCRL via Kinto into production
    • Fennec fonts installed on demand (DLC) via Kinto
    • Scope and prototypes for rollout and telemetry systems
    • Test Pilot locale expansion - Nick/Wil
    • Test Pilot launch - Nick/Wil