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A key result for 2017 is to "Create a verification chain following patch review, packaging, and delivery of system add-ons."

This Wiki page will give information and updated status on the progress of that effort.

Review, Package, Signing and Delivery

This part of the process is mostly manual, and can be tracked in the Go Faster process documentation. The Morgoth project will also be incorporating some of this.

Verifying delivery

Verified uptake 2017Q1

rhelmer worked on a diagnostics add-on (Bug 1307568) and reached 88% of Firefox 51.0.1 users within 10 days of releasing the update.

These queries were vetted by rvitillo and other members of the Telemetry team.

Firefox 52 Beta has a new feature which allows restartless system add-on updates, the diagnostics add-on reached ~70% of users within 2 days of release, and ~90% within 10 days.

Initial estimates on uptake 2016Q4

The current uptake as of 2016Q4 appears to be 55% percent as detailed in

See this Google Document for more information and analysis:

Add-ons in re:dash

Georg put together this query to view installed add-ons:

Open bugs

  • Bug 1307568 - Understand how fast a system add-on update gets delivered to users
  • Bug 1308251 - Add-on installs and updates broken by security software
  • Bug 1323547 - [tracking] track uptake of all Firefox update mechanisms