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Iteration 33.1 Performance Report

At the conclusion of Iteration 33.1:

  • Velocity Range: Team achieved a median velocity of 143 points with a 90% likelihood the actual velocity will fall between 66 and 307 in Iteration 33.2.
    • Median velocity increased by 17 points from the previous iteration to 143.
    • Minimum production capacity remained unchanged at 66 points.
    • Maximum production capacity increased by 18 points to 307 points.

  • Firefox Release 33 Production Forecast: 90% likelihood that between 132 and 614 points of work, with a median value of 286, can be completed over the two remaining iterations of the 33 release cycle.

  • Team completed 307 points across 85 bugs.
    • 307 completed points represents 57% of the work selected during the iteration.
    • Points completed increased by 18 points from the previous iteration to 307.

  • Team carried over 230 points across 50 bugs to Iteration 33.2.
    • 230 carry over points represents 43% of the work selected during the iteration.
    • Point carry over increased by 31 points from the previous iteration to 230.
    • Of the 230 points of carry over, 7 points are from resolved work awaiting QA verification and 223 points are from engineering/ux work still in production.

Full Query
ID Summary Assigned to Whiteboard
467442 Autocomplete popup should take into account for -moz-transform :Gijs (he/him) p=3 s=33.1 [qa!]
637608 Tab-strip overflow/scroll arrows seem to have inverted enabled/disabled state icons with some Gtk themes Dão Gottwald [::dao] p=2 s=33.1 [qa!]
754304 make in-content preferences linkable via URL Jared Wein [:jaws] (please needinfo? me) p=8 s=33.1 [qa!]
761566 Settings on about:home does not match string Firefox uses :Gijs (he/him) p=1 s=33.1 [qa!]
867317 Implement transition for showing and hiding toolbars Dão Gottwald [::dao] p=13 s=33.1 [qa!]
878020 Add inner shadows to the tab bar's scrollbox when overflowing Dão Gottwald [::dao] [Australis:P4+] p=13 s=33.1 [qa!]
908534 Opening one of the "about" pages in a new tab does not use the correct identity block :Gijs (he/him) [Australis:P-] p=13 s=33.1 [qa!]
924329 Reading wrapper-protected information using InstallTrigger :Gijs (he/him) [adv-main31-][embargo until bug 928415 is un-embargoed] p=2 s=33.1
934103 "TypeError: aUrl is undefined" when start-up with add-on SDK :Gijs (he/him) [good first bug][lang=js] p=1 s=33.1 [qa-]
941487 about:support TypeError: "Cu" is read-only @ chrome://global/content/resetProfile.js:7 :Gijs (he/him) p=1 s=33.1 [qa-]
963002 Adjust height of panel (subview) footer(s) Jared Wein [:jaws] (please needinfo? me) [Australis:P4] p=2 s=33.1 [qa-]
973292 Firefox counts the number of characters its translates Tim Taubert [:ttaubert] (inactive) [translation] p=5 s=33.1 [qa!]
975235 Send click pings for Directory Tiles (including which link, tile, other metadata) maxim zhilyaev [tiles] p=5 s=33.1 [qa-]
982656 'Restore Defaults' should place all 3rd party widgets in the palette Jared Wein [:jaws] (please needinfo? me) [Australis:P4+] p=3 s=33.1 [qa!]
983814 Australis - Windows 8 shouldn't use menuPanel-aero.png Tim Nguyen :ntim [Australis:P-] p=2 s=33.1 [qa!]
988323 Breakdown: Replace Sync Now button with a new Synced Tabs menu Zhenshuo Fang (:fang) - Firefox UX Team p=3 s=33.1 [qa-]
989991 Add animation to PanelUI-popup Neil Deakin p=13 s=33.1 [qa!] [fixed by bug 994117]
991907 checkEmailStatus in FxAccounts.jsm doesn't handle errors Tim Taubert [:ttaubert] (inactive) p=5 s=33.1 [qa-]
995599 services xpcshell tests go beyond localhost Mark Hammond [:markh] [:mhammond] p=5 s=33.1 [qa-]
996053 make nsISessionStore's setTabValue, setWindowValue and setGlobalValue take arbitrary JS values but throw for non-strings, for consistency with SessionStore.jsm Dão Gottwald [::dao] p=1 s=33.1 [qa-]
998934 Whitelist Sync marketing page to allow ability to link directly to about:accounts?action=signup Mark Hammond [:markh] [:mhammond] p=5 s=33.1 [qa-]
1000253 Background tabs with persistent device permissions can access devices without the user noticing Florian Quèze [:florian] [adv-main30-] p=5 s=33.1 [qa!]
1001871 Sidebar close button is offset to the left Dão Gottwald [::dao] p=3 s=33.1 [qa!]
1003461 Shift + Switch to Tab no longer respected Marco Bonardo [:mak] p=5 s=33.1 [qa!]
1007300 Rendering of the "Not Now" menu item in popup notifications is messed up Dão Gottwald [::dao] p=1 s=33.1 [qa!]
1007725 Story Breakdown - Initial business case and viability of Direct Payments through Firefox Javaun Moradi [:javaun] p=8 s=33.1 [qa-]
1007726 Story Breakdown - Initial business case for 64 bit Fx on Windows Desktop Javaun Moradi [:javaun] p=8 s=33.1 [qa-]
1008148 Use AsyncShutdown for PageThumbsStorage.wipe() David Teller [:Yoric] - still alive but not very active p=0 s=33.1 [qa-]
1010402 Clickable area of sync datatypes too large Bernardo Rittmeyer [:rittme] [good first bug][mentor=mconley] p=0 s=33.1 [qa!]
1011397 [Australis] [UX] Apply doorhanger styling to search engine dropdown Zhenshuo Fang (:fang) - Firefox UX Team [ux] p=3 s=33.1 [qa-]
1012530 Reorder child nodes when swapping document state :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) p=8 s=33.1 [qa!]
1012535 Handle "service unavailable" errors Florian Quèze [:florian] p=5 s=33.1 [qa!]
1013051 "Comparable link missing required property: frecency" error showing up in console constantly Drew Willcoxon :adw [tiles] p=3 s=33.1 [qa-]
1014558 [UX] Test out a few different variations of how to show the data. Blake Winton (:bwinton) (:☕️) [heatmap:phase1] [ux] p=8 s=33.1 [qa-]
1014567 [UX] Figure out where to put the final data. Blake Winton (:bwinton) (:☕️) [heatmap:phase2] [ux] p=3 s=33.1 [qa-]
1015525 Translation FHR should record the state of the translation prefs Mike de Boer [:mikedeboer] p=3 s=33.1 [qa!]
1015527 Back/Forward navigation shouldn't break the Translation UI Florian Quèze [:florian] p=5 s=33.1 [qa!]
1015619 Reduce browser.slowStartup.timeThreshold from 45 to 40 seconds Dão Gottwald [::dao] p=1 s=33.1 [qa-]
1015794 Sync generates warning "mutating the [[Prototype]] of an object will cause your code to run very slowly;..." Mark Hammond [:markh] [:mhammond] p=1 s=33.1 [qa-]
1016084 [UX] Design Spike: Bookmarks Bar Share Sevaan Franks [:sevaan] [ux] p=13 s=33.1 [qa-]
1016085 [UX] Design Spike: about:home Share Sevaan Franks [:sevaan] [ux] p=13 s=33.1 [qa-]
1016138 Add telemetry probe for master password usage Mark Hammond [:markh] [:mhammond] p=1 s=33.1 [qa!]
1016419 Implement showing lightweight themes in customization mode :Gijs (he/him) p=13 s=33.1 [qa!]
1016543 Breakdown: Windows HiDPI support for Firefox front-end Justin Dolske [:Dolske] p=5 s=33.1 [qa-]
1016548 Breakdown: Finish OS X HiDPI support for Firefox front-end Justin Dolske [:Dolske] p=5 s=33.1 [qa-]
1016953 renaming old uncompressed backups changes their extension to .jsonlz4 even if they are uncompressed Althaf Hameez [:ahameez] p=0 s=33.1 [qa-]
1017560 Choosing the same language will modify the state of Show Translation button Florian Quèze [:florian] p=1 s=33.1 [qa!]
1018913 Customization mode favicon not showing anymore Tim Taubert [:ttaubert] (inactive) p=1 s=33.1 [qa!]
1019885 Saved password exceptions dialog shows "[object Object]" :Paolo Amadini p=1 s=33.1 [qa!]
1019989 ContentSearch should pass images as shared ArrayBuffers instead of data URI strings Drew Willcoxon :adw p=3 s=33.1 [qa-]
1019990 about:newtab preloader should load content.js Drew Willcoxon :adw p=2 s=33.1 [qa-]
1019991 about:newtab should lazily build its search panel popup Drew Willcoxon :adw p=2 s=33.1 [qa-]
1020245 calling openPreferences from utilityOverlay.js with a paneID doesn't work for in-content preferences if the preference tab isn't opened yet Hernán Rodriguez Colmeiro (:peregrino) [translation] p=0 s=33.1 [qa!]
1020422 Clickable area of some in-content preferences too large Bernardo Rittmeyer [:rittme] p=2 s=33.1 [qa!]
1020440 Create DOM interfaces and stub for the requestAutocomplete method and events Brian Nicholson (:bnicholson) p=2 s=33.1 [qa-]
1020803 Intermittent browser_968447_bookmarks_toolbar_items_in_panel.js | Uncaught exception - Panel did not hide within 20 seconds. | Found an unexpected browser window at the end of test run :Gijs (he/him) p=2 s=33.1 [qa-]
1020871 [UX] Make the requestAutocomplete dialog feel more privileged (e.g. overlap chrome) (Currently slow to respond) Philipp Sackl [:phlsa] (Firefox UX) please use needinfo [ux] p=3 s=33.1 [qa-]
1021002 Nightly test experiment logging doesn't show failures due to incompatible extensions: because the jsfilter isn't working! Georg Fritzsche [:gfritzsche] p=5 s=33.1 [qa!]
1021060 Testing framework for requestAutocomplete on Desktop :Paolo Amadini p=5 s=33.1 [qa-]
1021110 Icons in about:newtab's search panel should be high-res (2x DPI) on high-res displays Drew Willcoxon :adw p=2 s=33.1 [qa!]
1021969 mozMediaStatisticsShowing property shouldn't be content-exposed :Gijs (he/him) p=2 s=33.1 [adv-main31+]
1022002 Cu.cloneInto cloneFunctions should create argument-cloning forwarders :Gijs (he/him) p=1 s=33.1 [qa-]
1022003 Remove ObjectWrapper.jsm :Gijs (he/him) [fixed-in-inbound][Memshrink:P3] p=2 s=33.1 [qa-]
1022025 mozIsCasting and mozAllowCasting properties shouldn't be content-exposed :Gijs (he/him) p=2 s=33.1 [qa+]
1022214 Remove the obsolete mTabstripCloseButton property Shashank VRSN Sabniveesu [good first bug][lang=xul][mentor=dao] p=0 s=33.1 [qa-]
1022413 Update list of languages supported by automatic translation :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) p=1 s=33.1 [qa-]
1022640 the Translation UI disappears when tearing off a tab Florian Quèze [:florian] p=5 s=33.1 [qa!]
1022725 Create a mock httpd.js Translation provider for tests Mike de Boer [:mikedeboer] p=8 s=33.1 [qa-]
1023311 translation.manifest needs to be packaged :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) p=2 s=33.1 [qa!]
1023957 Disable the in-content preferences for Firefox 32 Jared Wein [:jaws] (please needinfo? me) p=1 s=33.1 [qa!]
1024496 Right inner shadow displayed in the absence of overflowing tab bar Dão Gottwald [::dao] p=1 s=33.1 [qa!]
1024741 [UX] Style update for the notification bar Michael Maslaney [:mmaslaney] ( [Australis] [ux] p=5 s=33.1 [qa-]
1024757 Translation opportunity FHR should include languages not in the supported list :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) p=1 s=33.1 [qa!]
1024812 Exceptions in hawkclient will cause sync to silently hang Mark Hammond [:markh] [:mhammond] p=2 s=33.1 [qa-]
1025195 switchToTabHavingURI should have an option to ignore URL hashes when looking for already opened tabs Jared Wein [:jaws] (please needinfo? me) p=2 s=33.1 [qa-]
1025483 Autocompletion of passwords doesn't cause an 'input' event to be fired :Gijs (he/him) p=1 s=33.1 [qa-]
1025956 Missing toolbarbutton-dropdown-arrow@2x.png file Florian Quèze [:florian] [translation] p=1 s=33.1 [qa!]
1026298 Add Wikipedia logo to search plugin so about:newtab can use it Drew Willcoxon :adw p=1 s=33.1 [qa!]
1026300 Add Twitter logo to search plugin so about:newtab can use it Drew Willcoxon :adw p=1 s=33.1 [qa!]
1027024 Never translate 'language' disappears when close/open translation infobar using a expired key Florian Quèze [:florian] [translation] p=1 s=33.1
1027303 Certain image URIs in search plugins break ContentSearch Drew Willcoxon :adw p=2 s=33.1 [qa-]
1028612 Options for jsfilter sandbox unused :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) p=1 s=33.1 [qa-]

82 Total; 82 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);