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Iteration 34.2 Performance Report

At the conclusion of Iteration 34.2:

  • Velocity Range:
    • Team achieved a median velocity of 235 points with a 90% likelihood the actual velocity will fall between 110 and 292 in Iteration 34.2.
    • Median velocity increased by 22 points from the previous iteration.
    • Minimum production capacity increased by 22 points from the previous iteration.
    • Maximum production capacity decreased by 15 points from the previous iteration.

  • Firefox Release 34 Production Goal:
    • Team has completed 534 points of work out of the 573 point goal in the first two iterations of the 34 release cycle.
    • 90% likelihood that between 110 and 292 points of work, with a median value of 235, can be completed in the remaining iteration of the 34 release cycle.

  • Completed Work:
    • Team completed 242 points across 80 bugs.
    • Represents 68% of the work selected during the iteration.
    • Completed work decreased by 50 points from the previous iteration.

  • Carry Over Work:
    • Team carried over 112 points across 28 bugs to Iteration 34.3.
    • Represents 32% of the work selected during the iteration.
    • Carry over work decreased by 84 points from the previous iteration.

  • Iteration 34.2 - Completed Work:

Full Query
ID Summary Assigned to Fx points
803812 "Restart to Update" button label in about dialog is vague Alli (Aria) Grant 1
887865 Use a mozIStorageAsyncConnection in for GetIsVisitedStatement Marco Bonardo [:mak] 3
962007 Accesskeys don't let you activate the click-to-play "Allow Now" and "Allow and Remember" buttons :Gijs (he/him) 1
972237 <100% page zoom breaks Click to Play on flash objects in iframes Biru Mohanathas [:poiru] 5
988959 [UX] Breakdown: Favicons for all about pages Sevaan Franks [:sevaan] 3
990322 [New Tab Page] Don't show multiple thumbnails from the same eTLD+1 Dão Gottwald [::dao] 5
991427 formatSearchContextItem does not handle surrogate pairs correctly Andrea Bartolucci 5
994708 Record in FHR the submission rate for plugin/content crashes Biru Mohanathas [:poiru] 8
1000625 Split up general in-content styles from in-content preferences.css Valentin Tsatskin [:vt] ---
1002439 browser_bug248970.js is almost perma fail when run by directory on osx opt Marco Bonardo [:mak] 5
1003053 Panel Subview anchor arrow is hidden under Linux Aleksandr Seleznev 2
1003931 Right click option on bookmark menu not behaving properly Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) ---
1007864 [UX] Improve bookmarks sidebar Sevaan Franks [:sevaan] 2
1009816 Firefox desktop: openh264 updates: check, download, install Brian R. Bondy [:bbondy] 13
1010628 Implement de-duping/merging multiple link providers for Directory Tiles Dão Gottwald [::dao] 8
1013064 Enable password sync with FxA and master password Neil Deakin 5
1026561 The New Tab Page should be smarter about showing more tiles when on large screens Ed Lee :Mardak 2
1029148 store "current search engine" configuration outside of prefs Florian Quèze [:florian] 8
1032958 Investigation: Reset Migration wizard no longer skips the first step to choose a browser :Gijs (he/him) 2
1032970 maxStartTime is incorrectly disabling experiments which have already started Qeole 3
1034381 Enhance previous searches in awesomebar dropdown by removing URL :Paolo Amadini 8
1036192 Breakdown: Desktop client needs ability to view contacts Mike de Boer [:mikedeboer] 3
1037091 Add gear button with doorhanger configuration of newtab page Ed Lee :Mardak 8
1037162 [UX] Improve design for screen and device sharing permissions (Currently slow to respond) Philipp Sackl [:phlsa] (Firefox UX) please use needinfo 13
1039881 use an empty directory tiles data source pref for beta 32 Ed Lee :Mardak ---
1040267 [UX] Decide on a style for the search engine selection dropdown Sevaan Franks [:sevaan] 3
1040282 [UX] Design Spike: sponsored indication for enhanced and directory tiles Aaron 5
1041181 Investigate repeated & redundant GMPInstallManager log lines Brian R. Bondy [:bbondy] 2
1041667 Fix positioning of the global webrtc sharing indicator if there are multiple screens Florian Quèze [:florian] 1
1041685 show hidpi icons in the mac global webrtc sharing indicator Florian Quèze [:florian] 2
1041687 replace place holder screensharing icons with final icons Florian Quèze [:florian] 2
1041788 Unable to close tab after slow script warning at chrome://browser/content/tabbrowser.xml:1989 Tim Taubert [:ttaubert] (inactive) 2
1041846 Measure impact of recent organic search improvements Blake Winton (:bwinton) (:☕️) 3
1042161 Handle OpenH264 updates for long-running sessions Georg Fritzsche [:gfritzsche] 3
1042163 Visual issues with the global indicator for screen/device sharing Florian Quèze [:florian] 1
1042204 Control the enhancement of history tiles with a pref Ed Lee :Mardak 3
1042519 Characters followed by a single dot as a location bar input point to a server error page :Gijs (he/him) 2
1043627 Only re-initialize nsSearchService on locale change in Fennec Richard Newman [:rnewman] ---
1044602 about:newtab tiles look different than anything else in the browser Ed Lee :Mardak 1
1045008 Manage search Engine option in new tab is not working (broken) if search bar is removed Alex Bardas :alexbardas 1
1045421 XPCShell failures started up across multiple trees with test_crash_manager.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 0), see following log: Gregory Szorc [:gps] 1
1045682 automate translation quota tracking Florian Quèze [:florian] 5
1045769 Adjust new tab whitespace: whitespace sizing, positioning of undo box Ed Lee :Mardak 3
1045792 Extended Design Spike: New Feature Promotion Mechanisms Sevaan Franks [:sevaan] 5
1045927 UI Tour: Add ability to highlight Loop icon in browser chrome Blair McBride [:Unfocused] (UNAVAILABLE) 1
1046079 Exception running bootstrap method uninstall on TypeError: this._s is null Gregory Szorc [:gps] 2
1046644 Honor OpenH264 autoupdate pref for the initial GMP install check Brian R. Bondy [:bbondy] 3
1046693 Gear on new tab page blurry Manish Goregaokar [:manishearth] 2
1047130 Implement desktop backend to login to FxA via OAuth for Loop Matthew N. [:MattN] 8
1047354 [UX] Unified design for autocomplete/suggest dropdowns Michael Maslaney [:mmaslaney] ( 3
1047393 entering square brackets in location bar crashes [@ nsDefaultURIFixup::KeywordURIFixup(nsACString_internal const&, nsDefaultURIFixupInfo*, nsIInputStream**) ] :Gijs (he/him) 2
1047457 [UX] Needs an icon for Unblock contacts menuitem Michael Maslaney [:mmaslaney] ( 1
1047600 bug 982428 regressed using //foo to go to an intranet site :Gijs (he/him) 3
1048103 Loop icon uses the wrong color scheme/shadowing on Windows 7 Jared Wein [:jaws] (please needinfo? me) 1
1048137 Page title color is poor contrast in New Tab Page Ed Lee :Mardak 1
1048148 Reduce rounded corners and glow on tiles Ed Lee :Mardak 1
1048198 SearchBar Search Suggestion is no longer able to disable Jared Wein [:jaws] (please needinfo? me) 2
1048375 browser_aboutHome.js intermittently causes external requests to Florian Quèze [:florian] 2
1048513 location bar: In Private Browsing mode Firefox shouldn't save browser.fixup.domainwhitelist. entries Alex Bardas :alexbardas 2
1048526 Create a test server for /fxa-oauth/params Matthew N. [:MattN] 2
1048530 Create a Loop test server for exchanging an OAuth code for a token Matthew N. [:MattN] 2
1048555 [UX] Design Spike -- Co-browsing scenarios with Loop Darrin Henein [:darrin] 13
1048558 [UX] Front end redesign for status tool Blake Winton (:bwinton) (:☕️) 13
1048563 Breakdown: define instrumentation needs for in-product promotion experiments Javaun Moradi [:javaun] ---
1048664 Fallback to /favicon.ico if an imageDocument is too large to use as a tab icon Matthew N. [:MattN] 1
1049545 Intermittent browser_urlbarSearchSingleWordNotification.js | Were expecting to get a notification (and more) :Gijs (he/him) 1
1049727 Attempt to submit forensics data after notification removal Gregory Szorc [:gps] 3
1050683 UnifiedComplete is missing nsIAutoCompleteSearchDescriptor Marco Bonardo [:mak] 1
1051830 Unexpected in-the-middle completion in the urlbar (e.g. "go >>") Marco Bonardo [:mak] 5
1052409 toolkit/mozapps/extensions/test/browser/browser_openH264.js | leaked 2 window(s) until shutdown [url = about:addons] Tim Taubert [:ttaubert] (inactive) 1
1052750 Intermittent browser_urlbarSearchSingleWordNotification.js | Test timed out | Found a browser window after previous test timed out Alex Bardas :alexbardas 2
1053182 Breakdown: Implement visual changes for OS X Yosemite :Gijs (he/him) 5
1053245 A string of numbers entered in the address bar prompts user with infobar asking if they'd like to go to the number :Gijs (he/him) 1
1053315 FHR stops reporting if it fails to initialize Gregory Szorc [:gps] 1
1053357 Search terms with multiple spaces are displayed with plus signs in the location bar :Paolo Amadini 1
1053836 latestLogs implementation in Experiments async shutdown instrumentation may be broken Benjamin Smedberg 2
1053937 Visiting localhost prevents later tiles from being shown Ed Lee :Mardak 2
1053948 System JS : WARNING resource://gre/modules/FxAccounts.jsm:64 - assignment to undeclared variable AccountState Mark Hammond [:markh] [:mhammond] 1
1054411 cache2 automation: browser_keywordSearch.js tries to connect to with cache2 enabled Matthew N. [:MattN] 1
1054712 Duplicated logic for HiDPI favicon rendering on tabbrowser and search bar Bernardo Rittmeyer [:rittme] 1
1077320 not login system 1

81 Total; 81 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);