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Iteration 38.3 Performance

Iteration Production Goal

  • Team surpassed the iteration production goal of 165 points and completed 219 points.


Release Production Goal

  • Team surpassed the release production goal of 495 points for Release 38 and completed 568 points.
  • The production goal for Release 39 is 390 points with a 90% likelihood the actual points completed will fall between 193 and 603.


Velocity Range

  • Team achieved a median velocity of 156 points with a 90% likelihood the actual points completed will fall between 77 and 241 in Iteration 39.1.


Production Growth

  • The team's production range experienced a 20-point contraction in comparison to the Q1 baseline:
    • Minimum production capacity increased 4.1% (3 points).
    • Median production capacity decreased 8.2% (14 points).
    • Maximum production capacity decreased 3.6% (9 points).


Completion Rate

  • 133% of iteration point target completed which surpassed the 'success' range.
  • 115% of release point target completed which surpassed the 'success' range.


Completed Work

Full Query
ID Summary Status Assigned to Fx points
494210 dialog.width entity should not be shared between the two sanitize dialogs RESOLVED Stefan Plewako [:stef] 2
896688 Remove state machine from nsSearchService initialization RESOLVED Roy Li 2
921935 Breakdown: [e10s] re-enable tests disabled due to focus related failures RESOLVED Neil Deakin 5
1022581 Category icons in about:preferences aren't legible when using black-on-white High Contrast mode VERIFIED Richard Marti (:Paenglab) 3
1030137 Drag to scroll using touch input is broken with e10s on desktop VERIFIED Jim Mathies [:jimm] ---
1034296 Action dropdown in Application pane does not open when session restored RESOLVED :Gijs (he/him) 3
1044597 in-content preferences: resized dialogs should not push buttons into overflow VERIFIED (Away until Sept 26) Jared Wein [:jaws] (please needinfo? me) 3
1047040 Implement UI for link clickers to prompt users to grant access to microphone/camera when applicable (rooms) RESOLVED (Away until Sept 26) Jared Wein [:jaws] (please needinfo? me) 3
1047586 Unable to interact with in-content preferences after changing minimum font size to a very large value RESOLVED :Gijs (he/him) 5
1047603 [e10s] Non-remote tabs and chrome in e10s windows do not handle target="_blank" or links properly. RESOLVED Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) ---
1059219 Add Copy/Paste/Cut context menu for input type=number VERIFIED Neil Deakin 2
1069962 Add support for Gravatar avatars in the Contacts List VERIFIED Mike de Boer [:mikedeboer] 5
1071558 Middle and right click on search suggestions perform the search in the same tab on about:home/newtab VERIFIED shreyas 3
1073095 nsPermissionManager.cpp references a browser path by default in kDefaultsUrlPrefName RESOLVED Magnus Melin [:mkmelin] ---
1081856 e10s: Javascript links in custom about: and chrome:// pages don't work (summary: comment #2) VERIFIED Dave Townsend [:mossop] 2
1081891 [e10s] Calling webNavigation.loadURI with url that trigger unknownContentType.xul dialog change the tab title to its address VERIFIED Dave Townsend [:mossop] 5
1098517 Fix hiding of FxA UI when loop.fxa.enabled is false RESOLVED nithin[:lazybug] ---
1099426 Use shorter brandShortName for Firefox Developer Edition RESOLVED :Gijs (he/him) 2
1100653 Fix browser_bug710878.js to work on e10s RESOLVED Neil Deakin 3
1102015 e10s - browser_bug427559.js RESOLVED Neil Deakin 2
1102511 [UX] Do something sensible when many search engines are installed RESOLVED Ash Grigas 5
1103315 [UX] hard to differentiate multiple engines with the same icon with only a tooltip RESOLVED Ash Grigas 5
1105048 CTP UI doesn't show up on incoming Google Hangouts call in an e10s window RESOLVED :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) 8
1105967 Typing fast in address bar and pressing enter leads to missing end characters VERIFIED Blair McBride [:Unfocused] (UNAVAILABLE) 8
1107194 [UX] Improve searching through the context menu RESOLVED Ash Grigas 5
1107609 Task.spawn like functionality but executed on content process RESOLVED Steven MacLeod [:smacleod] 3
1108302 Menulists in the in-content preferences have too much padding at the start of their contents RESOLVED (Away until Sept 26) Jared Wein [:jaws] (please needinfo? me) 1
1109636 [UX] Improve the search panel when suggestions are disabled RESOLVED Ash Grigas 5
1111147 [EME] Implement context-menu changes for DRM content VERIFIED :Gijs (he/him) 3
1111153 [EME] Show a notification bar when EME content cannot be played VERIFIED :Gijs (he/him) 5
1113090 Change e-mail text to make it more obvious that you don't need Firefox to click the link VERIFIED Mike de Boer [:mikedeboer] 2
1113896 UITour: Hello panel isn't closing on icon click after being opened using showMenu("loop") VERIFIED Mike de Boer [:mikedeboer] 2
1115333 Make nsGlobalWindow's window.opener code on a chrome window return null if the opener is non-privileged/content RESOLVED :Gijs (he/him) 8
1115421 Simplify download annotations handling in the Library RESOLVED :Paolo Amadini 5
1115983 Keep only minimal state information in the DataItem RESOLVED :Paolo Amadini 3
1116176 Create DownloadsHistoryDataItem and HistoryDownload objects RESOLVED :Paolo Amadini 3
1117139 Move code controlling the "download.xml" binding to a common place RESOLVED :Paolo Amadini 3
1117141 Remove DownloadsDataItem RESOLVED :Paolo Amadini 3
1120735 Implement desktop reader mode controls VERIFIED :Margaret Leibovic ---
1120888 Telemetry: Record the reasons auto-fill doesn't occur in a histogram RESOLVED Matthew N. [:MattN] 5
1121973 Remove the unneeded FrameState structure from the stack capture code RESOLVED :Paolo Amadini 2
1123517 [ReadingList] Implement basic sidebar that lists unread ReadingList items VERIFIED Blair McBride [:Unfocused] (UNAVAILABLE) 8
1123620 remove the one-time intro popup for the new searchbox UI RESOLVED Florian Quèze [:florian] 2
1123771 XUL textbox[type=search] claims the <image> in it is a button even without the searchbutton attribute RESOLVED :Gijs (he/him) 3
1123910 "about:reader" URL in location bar isn't user-friendly RESOLVED :Margaret Leibovic ---
1124271 Clicking the reader mode button in an app tab opens reader mode in a new tab VERIFIED Matt Hammerly [:mathu] ---
1124400 [ReadingList] Add section to bookmarks popup for reading list items and actions VERIFIED Florian Quèze [:florian] 8
1124888 Telemetry: Record the number of times we don't fill credentials because of a formSubmitURL mismatch RESOLVED Matthew N. [:MattN] 3
1125116 Remove keywords support from Bookmarks.jsm RESOLVED Marco Bonardo [:mak] 3
1125233 [UX] [ReadingList] Define UI for reading list accounts integration RESOLVED Markus Jaritz [:designakt] (UX) 8
1125618 Revise NetUtil.jsm API for creating channels and fetching data while providing load info RESOLVED :Paolo Amadini 3
1125636 Update about:config to use the new Project Chameleon style RESOLVED Richard Marti (:Paenglab) ---
1126109 [breakdown] ReadingMode and ReadingList integration RESOLVED Blair McBride [:Unfocused] (UNAVAILABLE) 5
1126115 [breakdown] Fetch and store page summaries for ReadingList items RESOLVED Blair McBride [:Unfocused] (UNAVAILABLE) 5
1126250 Show one-off buttons when clicking the magnifying glass VERIFIED Florian Quèze [:florian] 3
1126264 [UX] [Polaris] Design Spike: User education when turning on Tracking Protection RESOLVED Ash Grigas 8
1126533 [breakdown] UITour work for Reading List / Reading Mode RESOLVED Justin Dolske [:Dolske] ---
1126756 Cleanup UITour <browser>s without <tab>s RESOLVED Matthew N. [:MattN] 3
1127621 Checkboxes not visible on about:welcomeback RESOLVED Tim Nguyen :ntim ---
1127867 Use the new back-end property to get the size of downloads asynchronously RESOLVED :Paolo Amadini 3
1127927 [e10s] Save Page As... doesn't work VERIFIED Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) 3
1128126 Addon permissions exposed to man-in-the-middle attacks RESOLVED Blair McBride [:Unfocused] (UNAVAILABLE) 3
1128237 In-content preferences SubDialog is cut off on WXGA(1366x768) monitor VERIFIED :Gijs (he/him) 5
1128480 Download fails while e10s is disabled and the original download page is changed VERIFIED :Gijs (he/him) 5
1128724 "Print" reader mode theme name is confusing VERIFIED :Margaret Leibovic ---
1129106 Load about:reader in the child process RESOLVED Abdelrahman Ahmed [:abdelrahman] ---
1129401 Can't copy URL by right click it the first time VERIFIED Florian Quèze [:florian] 1
1129597 Unable to edit keyword VERIFIED :Gijs (he/him) 3
1129896 Address review comments for the Downloads front-end refactoring VERIFIED :Paolo Amadini 3
1129978 Replace custom addVisits() functions in the code base with the one in PlacesTestUtils.jsm RESOLVED Tim Taubert [:ttaubert] (inactive) 1
1130132 add telemetry comparing system and geoIP based location for Windows RESOLVED Mark Hammond [:markh] [:mhammond] 1
1130746 [Mac][10.10] Window controls missing in full screen mode VERIFIED Markus Stange [:mstange] ---
1131458 ReaderMode button in the URLbar isn't accessible VERIFIED :Margaret Leibovic ---
1131570 Implement tab-source-service provider that shares the active tab RESOLVED Mike de Boer [:mikedeboer] 3
1131581 Show a dropdown menu when the screen share button is clicked in the conversation window VERIFIED Mike de Boer [:mikedeboer] 3
1131584 Add option to screen share dropdown to share tabs VERIFIED Mike de Boer [:mikedeboer] 3
1131729 [breakdown] [ReadingList] investigate Implementation of account promotions RESOLVED Blair McBride [:Unfocused] (UNAVAILABLE) 5
1131829 promiseUtils.resolveOrTimeout should be removed. RESOLVED Mark Hammond [:markh] [:mhammond] 1
1132030 browser_webapi.js is going to permafail when Gecko 38 merges to Aurora VERIFIED Dave Townsend [:mossop] 2
1132031 browser_bug410900.js fails when in-content prefs are disabled (late 38 beta, potentially late 37 beta if bug 1012223 gets uplifted) RESOLVED :Gijs (he/him) 2
1132882 Standalone Local video should slave to the remote video size and position, not the window width VERIFIED Mark Banner (:standard8) 3
1133141 [e10s] EventTargetParent events cause unnecessary CPOW traffic RESOLVED Dave Townsend [:mossop] 2
1133493 mozLoop should supply window IDs whilst tab sharing is active RESOLVED Mike de Boer [:mikedeboer] 5
1133583 EME error notifications should pass the window to which they apply RESOLVED :Gijs (he/him) 1
1134530 Breakdown: Support per-sites recipes for capturing and filling the user's login credentials RESOLVED Matthew N. [:MattN] 5
1135133 Loop-client extraction script should support pulling from different repositories/branches RESOLVED Mark Banner (:standard8) 1
1135375 Update inContent prefs default on 38 branch for shipping on release RESOLVED :Gijs (he/him) 1

87 Total; 0 Open (0%); 56 Resolved (64.37%); 31 Verified (35.63%);