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Iteration 40.1 Performance

Iteration Production Goal

  • Team failed to achieve the IT 40.1 production goal of 182 points and completed 172 points.
  • The production goal for IT 40.2 is 182 points.


Release Production Goal

  • Given the 172 points completed in IT 40.1 the team is currently behind by 10 points in achieving the Release 40 production goal of 545 points.


Velocity Range

  • Team achieved a median velocity of 163 points in IT 40.1 with a 90% likelihood the actual points completed in IT 40.2 will fall between 81 and 265.


Completion Rate

  • 95% of IT 40.1 point target completed which fell into the 'success' range.


  • 32% of Release 40 point target completed to date.


Completed Work

Full Query
ID Summary Status Assigned to Fx points
706103 Replace chrome copy of files by overrides RESOLVED Dão Gottwald [::dao] 8
901952 Clear Recent History - Everything does not clear RSS live bookmark history: visitedness stays until restart VERIFIED Chirag Bhatia ---
936061 [Session Restore] restoreWindow() should only restore a single window RESOLVED Roy Li 5
936092 [e10s] Support link, shortcut, content, and file drag and drop RESOLVED Olli Pettay [:smaug] [away July 4-8] ---
989307 Make FUEL warn deprecation to the console on first usage RESOLVED Sushrut Girdhari (sg345) 1
1009465 opened files (using "Open with") are no longer set read only VERIFIED Ganesh Sahukari ---
1016312 Intermittent browser_fullscreen-window-open.js | Timeout: 'test_open'. RESOLVED Tim Taubert [:ttaubert] (inactive) 1
1043612 Persist the size of resizable in-content subdialogs VERIFIED Jared Wein [:jaws] (please needinfo? me) 3
1067042 [e10s]bookmarking an e10s tab results in a blank name VERIFIED Bill McCloskey [inactive unless it's an emergency] (:billm) ---
1072350 PDF Viewer "find in page" integration does not work for e10s VERIFIED Gabor Krizsanits (INACTIVE) ---
1076775 Implement History.removeVisitsByFilter RESOLVED David Teller [:Yoric] - still alive but not very active 8
1088180 [e10s] after dragging tab to new window, links with target blank open in tabs in old window instead of current window RESOLVED Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) 8
1094252 e10s - fix browser_locationBarCommand.js and browser_locationBarExternalLoad.js to work on e10s RESOLVED Neil Deakin 3
1094886 distribution.js should use the new Bookmarks.jsm API RESOLVED Tim Taubert [:ttaubert] (inactive) 5
1094888 smart bookmarks creation in nsBrowserGlue should use the new Bookmarks.jsm API VERIFIED Marco Bonardo [:mak] 3
1105360 Only enhance tiles that are explicitly enhanceable VERIFIED Marina Samuel [:emtwo] 5
1105490 Remove old ToS generation code, once new ToS have rolled out and old links are obsolete RESOLVED Mark Banner (:standard8) 2
1109728 Intermittent browser_devices_get_user_media.js | popup WebRTC indicator visible - Got false, expected true RESOLVED Florian Quèze [:florian] 3
1110887 With e10s, plugin crash submit UI is broken RESOLVED Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) ---
1125237 [UX] [ReadingList] Design Spike: Define V2 of reading list RESOLVED Michael Maslaney [:mmaslaney] ( 13
1126107 Intermittent browser_devices_get_user_media.js | WebRTC indicator hidden - Got true, expected false RESOLVED Florian Quèze [:florian] 3
1131409 Implement FxA OAuth for reading list engine and integrate with about:accounts RESOLVED Mark Hammond [:markh] [:mhammond] 5
1131579 [e10s] Re-enable browser_visibleFindSelection.js RESOLVED Neil Deakin 1
1132301 [User story] As a desktop client user I want to share a conversation URL through my favorite social network so it's easy to share VERIFIED Mike de Boer [:mikedeboer] 8
1133981 [e10s] Stop sending unsafe CPOWs after the findbar has been closed in a remote browser VERIFIED :Gijs (he/him) 3
1136217 [ReaderMode][UX] Identify a list of critical RM parsing and style changes changes RESOLVED Michael Maslaney [:mmaslaney] ( 5
1136526 Replace silhouetted versions of Firefox logo with unbranded logo VERIFIED Jared Wein [:jaws] (please needinfo? me) 3
1136797 Trigger direct Firefox download from the "Non supported browser page" VERIFIED Mark Banner (:standard8) 1
1137211 Font panel in reading view should disappear when clicking on the margins VERIFIED Blake Winton (:bwinton) (:☕️) 2
1137603 WebRTC sharing notifications fail to open from the global indicator when the Hello window has been detached VERIFIED Florian Quèze [:florian] 2
1138630 Replace the »update arrow« unicode stuff with a proper image RESOLVED Tim Nguyen :ntim ---
1138941 We should display a better string when we've failed to obtain the camera and video devices VERIFIED Mark Banner (:standard8) 3
1139743 Cache and revoke oauth tokens. RESOLVED Mark Hammond [:markh] [:mhammond] 5
1140777 [UX] Review and revisit integration of mixed content blocking in control center RESOLVED Ash Grigas 8
1142514 Add ability to view conversation context information from the conversation window RESOLVED Mike de Boer [:mikedeboer] 5
1142522 Implement transition from roomName to encrypted context VERIFIED Mark Banner (:standard8) 8
1142525 Implement adding context to conversations when a new conversation is started VERIFIED Mark Banner (:standard8) 2
1144422 Text colour doesn't revert when unhovering a persona VERIFIED :Gijs (he/him) 2
1144774 Add to reading list button is blurry VERIFIED Florian Quèze [:florian] 2
1144797 Add a utility jsm into the scope of ContentTasks RESOLVED Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) 1
1145809 reader view footer area VERIFIED Blake Winton (:bwinton) (:☕️) 3
1146773 Unify the code paths for adding an item to the reading list (location bar + reader mode) RESOLVED Jared Wein [:jaws] (please needinfo? me) 5
1146834 Uint8Array.slice does not exist in Fx37 so context decryption will fail RESOLVED Mike de Boer [:mikedeboer] 1
1146921 Disable or hide window sharing on Windows XP and Mac OS 10.6 - webRTC doesn't support sharing on these old OS's VERIFIED Mike de Boer [:mikedeboer] 3
1147156 Re-enable e10s by default for Nightly users who may have disabled it RESOLVED :Felipe Gomes (needinfo for replies!) 2
1147281 Unify popup notification icon CSS in browser/themes/shared/ to reduce duplication RESOLVED Manraj Singh [:manrajsingh] ---
1147337 Reader View bounces back or loading white page when escaped characters exists in URL VERIFIED :Gijs (he/him) 1
1147440 Improve the transition of the Add to Reading List URL Button VERIFIED Blake Winton (:bwinton) (:☕️) 1
1147444 Improve the transition when deleting an item from the Reading List VERIFIED Blake Winton (:bwinton) (:☕️) 2
1147479 Improve the transition when adding an item from the Reading List VERIFIED Blake Winton (:bwinton) (:☕️) 2
1147487 21% Linux tsvgr_opacity regression on fx-team PGO (v.39) on March 21, 2015 from push d6f1397b3563 RESOLVED :Gijs (he/him) 3
1147554 13% win7 non main startup file IO bytes on fx-team (v.39) on March 22 from push b5bfda73ba54 RESOLVED Drew Willcoxon :adw 2
1147609 Loop standalone should be able to handle the room name embedded in context or as a separate value RESOLVED Mark Banner (:standard8) 3
1147702 Use a @2x Toolbar.png on Windows for basic hidpi support RESOLVED Dão Gottwald [::dao] 5
1148016 Without the signing warnings present we should pref off the changes in bug 1139656 RESOLVED Dão Gottwald [::dao] 1
1148024 In-content preferences: long text in privacy pane doesn't wrap VERIFIED :Gijs (he/him) 1
1148050 Type Control Visual Improvements RESOLVED Blake Winton (:bwinton) (:☕️) 2
1148462 When "Reading List" is disabled (browser.readinglist.enabled = false) CTRL+ALT+R should not open its sidebar. VERIFIED Jared Wein [:jaws] (please needinfo? me) 2
1148562 If I right-click the Reader Mode button (in URL bar), the page enters Reader Mode VERIFIED :Gavin Sharp [email:] 1
1148701 React to Backoff and Retry-After headers from Reading List storage servers RESOLVED Mark Hammond [:markh] [:mhammond] 5
1148748 [e10s] Re-enable browser_urlbarRevert.js RESOLVED Neil Deakin 1
1148807 Method moveToAlertPosition in dialog.xml should check if opener is not null. RESOLVED :Gijs (he/him) 1
1148859 Uplift to 38 Suggested tiles: Affiliate Release VERIFIED 5
1149021 Suggested tile with just an image shows a thumbnail instead RESOLVED Ed Lee :Mardak 5
1149105 Various sync failures including "Failed to add a new item from server record: Error: The item must have a url" RESOLVED Drew Willcoxon :adw 3
1149136 Incorrect hover styling displayed for the article remove button available in the Reading List sidebar VERIFIED Blake Winton (:bwinton) (:☕️) 1
1149230 In-content preferences: missing padding between labels and learn more links in Advanced -> Data Choices panel RESOLVED Jared Wein [:jaws] (please needinfo? me) 1
1149261 Improve the Reader View Close Button VERIFIED Blake Winton (:bwinton) (:☕️) 2
1149277 Increase the Line-Height in Reader View from 1.44 rem to 1.6 rem RESOLVED Blake Winton (:bwinton) (:☕️) 1
1149302 Error when adding an item to reading list VERIFIED Drew Willcoxon :adw 3
1149403 Better logging and error handling for ReadingList module RESOLVED Mark Hammond [:markh] [:mhammond] 2
1149465 [UX][Breakdown] Figure out changes to be made for Windows 10 VERIFIED (Currently slow to respond) Philipp Sackl [:phlsa] (Firefox UX) please use needinfo 13
1149488 PlacesUtils.keywords.fetch should be able to fetch by url RESOLVED Marco Bonardo [:mak] 3
1149520 Reader mode toolbar repaints during font size change RESOLVED Blake Winton (:bwinton) (:☕️) 3
1149548 keyword search from the location bar is now case sensitive - previously wasn't. RESOLVED Philip Chee 1
1149649 Design Polish Updates for the Reader View Footer RESOLVED Blake Winton (:bwinton) (:☕️) 1
1149680 Include Firefox channel in tiles fetch RESOLVED Marina Samuel [:emtwo] 2
1149682 Filter suggested tiles to only allow non-sponsored content RESOLVED Marina Samuel [:emtwo] 5
1149869 Repeatedly adding and removing an item from reader mode causes duplicate items to appear in the sidebar VERIFIED Mark Hammond [:markh] [:mhammond] 2
1149880 sidebar.js's UpdateActiveItem handler may report unhandled promise error RESOLVED Mark Hammond [:markh] [:mhammond] 1
1149896 console reports "Sending message that cannot be cloned. Are you trying to send an XPCOM object?" as reading-list items are added. RESOLVED Mark Hammond [:markh] [:mhammond] 2
1150006 Get rid of "-aero" file name suffixes RESOLVED Dão Gottwald [::dao] 5
1150273 turn on React linting in eslint RESOLVED Mark Banner (:standard8) 2
1150476 Unordered lists are displayed as ordered lists RESOLVED :Gijs (he/him) 1
1150501 Change 'Share my Tabs' to 'Share your Tabs' in conversation window dropdown VERIFIED Mike de Boer [:mikedeboer] 1
1150632 Extend eslint to Loop's .jsm files RESOLVED Mark Banner (:standard8) 2
1150843 Get rid of *-aero.css overrides except for browser-aero.css RESOLVED Dão Gottwald [::dao] 3
1150867 Get rid of the browser-aero.css override RESOLVED Dão Gottwald [::dao] 3
1151077 Desktop reading list sync module should batch its POST /batch requests RESOLVED Drew Willcoxon :adw 3
1151252 In-Content Preferences → Content → Default font: all entries are blank, list too narrow VERIFIED :Gijs (he/him) 2
1151521 Gracefully handle non-JSON error responses RESOLVED Mark Hammond [:markh] [:mhammond] 2
1152104 'Learn more about DRM' context menu only working on click, not on enter or when accesskey pressed RESOLVED :Gijs (he/him) 1
1152245 Receiving a call whilst in private browsing or no browser windows open can stop any calls to contacts being made or received RESOLVED Mark Banner (:standard8) 2
1152296 Move roomStore.js from content/shared/js to content/js RESOLVED Mark Banner (:standard8) 1
1152327 ReadingListUI.init() should be called from delayedStartup, not onLoad RESOLVED Jared Wein [:jaws] (please needinfo? me) 1
1152391 appVersionInfo should use UpdateChannel.jsm to fetch update channel information RESOLVED Mike de Boer [:mikedeboer] 1
1152703 Some sync errors prevent future syncs until restart RESOLVED Mark Hammond [:markh] [:mhammond] 2
1152817 Reader View fails on article pages of the German Heise Online IT news site RESOLVED :Gijs (he/him) 3
1152947 Remove unnecessary expiresIn parameter when creating rooms RESOLVED Mark Banner (:standard8) 2
1153016 Break browser/base/content/content.js into shared and tabbrowser specific pieces RESOLVED Shane Caraveo (:mixedpuppy) ---
1153147 Replace "newer than XP" (aka "aero") overrides with XP-only overrides RESOLVED Dão Gottwald [::dao] 2
1153209 Windows XP uses Windows 8 style icons in toolbar RESOLVED Dão Gottwald [::dao] 1
1153243 Badged SDK button icons aren't sized correctly RESOLVED Dão Gottwald [::dao] 2
1153268 toolbar.customization.usesheet doesn't seem to be used anymore, could be removed. RESOLVED :Gijs (he/him) 1
1153534 Remove old currSize parameter deletion for Loop's rooms now the loop-server no longer supplies it RESOLVED Mark Banner (:standard8) 1

105 Total; 0 Open (0%); 70 Resolved (66.67%); 35 Verified (33.33%);