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Actions from last meeting

  • None

General Topics / Roundtable

(tips/tricks/FYI, productivity improvements, industry news)

  • [MattN] Looking into options for form auto-fill (multiple fields at once). Currently in proposal/planning stages.
  • [mhoye] Engineering onboarding sessions begin today. Join #engineering-onboarding to participate.
  • [RyanVM] New Firefox QE data engineers

Friends of the Firefox team

(Give a shoutout/thanks to people for helping fix and test bugs. Introductions)

  • Resolved bugs (excluding employees):
      • More than one bug fixed:
        • Geoff Lankow (:darktrojan)
        • Rakhi(:rakhisharma)

Project Updates



  • PSA - With e10s enabled, initial browser in new windows will soon be remote by default
  • Shipping to 1% of our release channel target population, starting today! Looking for saturation by Friday.
  • (URL is erroneous, this is for July 29)

Firefox Core Engineering (+ team formerly known as "performance engineering")

  • Reminder:
  • Symbolapi.m.o is being rewritten (temporarily? unless it's performant enough). (Rewrite will include the current ability to use local symbol files.)
  • Client-side stackwalking:
    • pushed out slightly -- moving minidump analyzer to its own executable, launched by the crashreporter.
    • we are using the crash ping as the transmission vehicle. Post-submission data analysis determination is the next focus.
    • still aiming for FF50 uplift (Nightly/Aurora only, regardless of version).
  • Plugin/Flash blocking:
    • still in definition phase (determining heuristics, UI, messaging, etc)
    • setting up TestPilot approach
  • Telemetry work (I can add more on that if people want more -- it's about dashboards, data, and aggregation changes; dunno how much interests/affects platform)

Go Faster


  • Activities winding down
  • Passing on system add-ons & process knowledge to other areas.
  • Most of the team working on activity stream at least in the short term.
  • mixedpuppy is cleaning up Social API

Platform UI and other Platform Audibles

  • [Tim Chien (no audio/video)] Date/time input in-flight; Front-end UI panel WIP (HTML-based) to be posted this week for feedback (who should review this?)
    • bug 1283381 - still empty, should have something tomorrow
  • mconley and jaws are going to be mentoring a project to update and upgrade the styling and interactions around <select> dropdowns
    • Bug 1091592 - Implement improved style for <select> dropdowns
  • PWA on Fennec work by daleharvey is proceeding apace - concentrating on theme-ing the toolbar based on the web manifest
  • Bug 1189618 - Update the style of the password manager autocomplete popup
    • Going to replace the XUL tree-based autocomplete popup with a richlistbox one instead to get the styling
    • In the process of refactoring and deduplicating the e10s and non-e10s Autocomplete mechanisms


  • [MattN] Captive portal code has been put behind a Nightly-only pref as there are some MVP issues to finish and Nihanth has been on vacation after his internship ended.
  • [MattN] Finalizing short-term password manager priorities to prepare for more contributors
  • [MattN] New "Password Manager: Site Compatibility" component for pwmgr issues specific to certain sites
  • In the control center panel, the permission dropdowns have been replaced with 'X' buttons (bug 1203292)

Quality of Experience

  • New work starting soon:
    • Dao working on long-awaited fixes to theme bugs in Windows high-contrast mode (A11Y, bug 1016556)
    • Mike and Jared will be creating a plan for replacing XUL themes
  • [Tim Chien (no audio/video)] Ray Lin is working on video control visual fresh and de-XUL, in-flight
  • [Tim Chien (no audio/video)] Fischer Liu has swept in-content pref bugs and picking on low-hanging fruits.
  • Mike de Boer is continuing work on the new dimmed and highlighted find toolbar
    • Follow along in the meta-bug for when it gets enabled again
  • jaws is working on un-janking our panel animations
          • zoom controls in location bar are getting real close to complete
  • HiDPI images for Windows 10 start tiles is in review now
  • (Gijs on PTO, still working on automigration)
  • Dao working on updates to last-used-order CTRL-Tab tab switching
    • Now discoverable in about:preferences
    • The awesomeness of this feature made me all teary-eyed.
      • woooooow


  • One off buttons in the awesomebar panel ready to land, will be behind a Nighly-only pref to give us time to handle feedback
  • Short-term fix for hi-res favicons ready to land. Long-term fix still being worked on.


This week I learned

  • [mconley] Blob URLs can now be shared between processes and work properly
    • So if you need to pass images or files between processes, don't serialize to a Data URL. Use a Blob URL.
      • (if they're not shared over the message manager, how's the data get across processes?)
        • Details are in
        • [mconley] I'm guessing there's some shmem magic going on, but I honestly haven't looked.