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General Topics / Roundtable

  • [mconley] Firefox::General triage duty rotation
  • [mconley] See a Firefox performance issue in Bugzilla? Set [fxperf] in the whiteboard so that the front-end performance group can triage it. We’ll make sure the right people see it.

Friends of the Firefox team

For contributions from October 19th to November 1st 2021, inclusive.

Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Fixed more than one bug

  • Itiel
  • jbarson
  • Leslie
  • Mathew Hodson
  • onuohamiriam44
  • onuohaoluebube05
  • Oriol Brufau [:Oriol]

New contributors (🌟 = first patch)

  • Tanju Brunostar fixed an issue where “www.” was prepended to non-URLs like “.de”, leading the user to the wrong place.
  • 🌟Simon Farre removed an unnecessary split() in
  • 🌟secret.okra-0z (sadie) fixed a contrast issue on the new tab page.
  • 🌟Rashelle added a context menu item for Picture-in-Picture windows to move them to the Left (Right) side of the screen.
  • 🌟Raquel Vargas fixed an inconsistently-sized border in the findbar box.
  • 🌟Piotr Henryk Dabrowsk added IDs to h2 tags in about:support for easy access with URL fragments.
  • 🌟Onuoha Oluebube fixed three bugs:
    • Bug 1733422 - SessionStore.getClosedWindowData should always return an object
    • Bug 1737301 - Remove osfile.jsm usage from browser/base/content/test/performance/ tests
    • Bug 1737304 - Remove osfile.jsm usage from browser/base/content/test/tabcrashed/browser_aboutRestartRequired_buildid.js test
  • 🌟Miriam Onuoha fixed three bugs:
    • Bug 1735163 - [Monochromatic Themes] The 'Why' button from the ETP panel does not have the theme hover color
    • Bug 1737306 - Remove osfile.jsm usage from browser/components/downloads/test/
    • Bug 1738232 - Stop using the second argument to ChromeUtils.import in password manager tests
  • lesore0789 (Leslie) fixed four bugs:
    • Bug 1737054 - HCM hover state on shield/lock does not match page actions
    • Bug 1736699 - Remove extraneous comment in FormAutofillHeuristics.jsm
    • Bug 1723679 - [de][Clear Recent History Modal] Selection Button is not aligned with other items
    • Bug 1434245 - Use defineLazyModuleGetters more often with PlacesUtils
  • Lebar changed a string in downloads context menus from “Open Containing Folder” to “Show in Folder” on non-Mac platforms.
  • 🌟Kz04px separated the play and mute tab menu icons and functionality.
  • 🌟Jon Barson removed the Persona section from about:telemetry and included non-default ports in site permission prompts.
  • Shaoting Huang improved contrast in the Enhanced Tracking Protection panel in high contrast modes.
  • 🌟Onyinye Ezike fixed an error in the DevTools Netmonitor “Copy as cURL” output.
  • 🌟Alessia Vanni fixed an intermittent failure in browser_net_url-preview.js
  • 🌟Angelina fixed a layout issue in DevTools Netmonitor.

Project Updates

Add-ons / Web Extensions

Addon Manager & about:addons

  • John Bieling contributed a fix to about:addons to ensure that about:addons “Languages” category listview will be pointing the user to the language section on when all langpacks has been uninstalled and the about:addons Languages category listview is the currently selected view - Bug 1737875

WebExtensions Framework

  • Fixed an intermittent issue on opening unpacked extensions’ browserAction popups - Bug 1735899 in Firefox 95
    • This issue was actually related to a pre-existing issue, only revealed after we fixed Bug 1706594 (and it was triggered by a stale preloaded stylesheet cached entry, which was stuck in the loading state because of a pre-existing bug in RemoteLazyInputStream::Close)
  • Mathew Hodson got rid of the remaining uses of “ChromeUtils.import(..., null)” in the WebExtensions framework internals - Bug 1531368 (and Bug 1733851, Bug 1733871, Bug 1733883, Bug 1733886).
  • Tomislav landed a fix for a regression related to the sender.url value sent along with the messages sent from a content script using the WebExtensions messaging APIs - Bug 1734984 (originally introduced from Bug 1729395)

WebExtension APIs

  • dw-dev contributed a fix for the “browserSettings.zoomSiteSpecific.set” WebExtensions API method (which ensures that the controlled browser setting is going to be reset as expected when an extension using this API is uninstalled) - Bug 1735047

Downloads Panel

  • We enabled the new downloads experience on Nightly only! (not shipping or on beta with 95)
    • If you have questions, please see the public explainer doc.
    • If you see issues, please use one of the links in that doc to file a bug.
  • Work is ongoing on the issues that people are finding on Nightly
  • Ava, this past summer’s outreachy intern, is also continuing to work on download spam protection.


Form Autofill

Desktop Integrations (Installer & Updater)

Lint, Docs and Workflow

macOS Spotlight

  • Firefox now supports sending webpages via Handoff: when you have a page open in Firefox on your Mac, you will see a prompt to open that page on your other nearby Apple devices (bug 1525788).
  • Starting in Firefox 94, watching fullscreen video on Mac will consume significantly less battery power (meta 1653417).
  • Fonts are now rendered correctly on non-English systems running macOS 12 (bug 1732629).
  • Content process startup is 30-70% faster on Mac (bug 1467758).
  • Fixed a performance issue affecting users with pinned tabs in fullscreen mode. UI jank occurred when the user moused to the top of the screen to reveal the menu bar (bug 1701929).
  • Users with M1 Macs can now import bookmarks from Safari on startup (bug 1735140).

Password Manager


Search and Navigation

  • Daisuke fixed telemetry for the New Tab Page search field hand-off to the Address Bar, so that search counts are appropriately counted - Bug 1732429
  • Harry fixed the search mode indicator colors in high contrast mode - Bug 1735643
  • Thanks to all the contributors from the community:
    • Simon Farre contributed a patch improving performance of some tokenization in the address bar. Bug 1726853
    • Tanju Brunostar contributed a patch fixing searches for “.de” or “.com” in the address bar trying to visit a page instead of searching - Bug 1724473
    • Leslie contributed a patch fixing high contrast hover state of the shield/lock icons - Bug 1737054

This week I learned

  • [mtigley] I learned you can set preferences in browser.ini. This sets preferences before the application launches.
    • [mconley] Yes! Very handy for preferences that are only read once at startup
  • [kpatenio] Can also apparently set prefs using --setpref with ./mach run