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Today’s meeting leader is: mstriemer

General Topics / Roundtable

Friends of the Firefox team

For contributions made from March 23, 2021 to April 6, 2021, inclusive.


Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Fixed more than one bug

Fixed more than one bug

  • Anshul Sahai
  • Claudia Batista [:claubatista]
  • Falguni Islam
  • Itiel
  • Kajal Sah
  • Michelle Goossens
  • Tim Nguyen :ntim

New contributors (🌟 = first patch)

Project Updates

Add-ons / Web Extensions

WebExtensions Framework

  • Starting from Firefox 89, Extensions content scripts will be able to use dynamic import to load JS modules from its own moz-extension urls (Bug 1536094). Thanks to evilpie for working on fixing this long standing enhancement request!

    • NOTE: the docs have not been updated yet, refer to the new test cases landed as part of Bug 1536094 to get an idea of how to use it in extension content scripts.

  • Changes to devtools API internals related to the ongoing DevTools Fission work (Bug 1699493). Thanks to Alex Poirot for taking care of the extension APIs side of this fission-related refactoring.
  • Photon related WebExtensions::Frontend work from Gijs and :prathiksha to WebExtensions context menu items on MacOS (Bug 1699828) and install confirmation panel (Bug 1701046, Bug 1701048, Bug 1701062)
  • Allowed sandboxed extension sub frames to load their own resources (Bug 1700762)
  • Fixed a non critical regression related to the error message for a browser.runtime.sendMessage call to the extension id for an extension that isn’t installed (Bug 1643176):

    • NOTE: non-critical because the regression was hiding the expected error message behind a generic “An unexpected error occurred” message, but under conditions that were already expected to return a rejected promise

  • Small fission-related fix related to a errors logged while navigating to a url loaded in different process a content process iframe attached by a content script (Bug 1697774)

    • NOTE: the issue wasn’t actually introducing any breakage, but that is an expected scenario in fission and it should be handled gracefully to avoid spamming the logs

WebExtension APIs

  • webNavigation API: part of the webNavigation API internals have been rewritten in C++ as part of the Fission related changes to the WebExtensions framework (Bug 1581859). Thanks to Kris Maglione for his work on this fission-related refactoring

    • NOTE: let us know if you do notice regressions in behavior that may be related to the webNavigation API (e.g. D110173, attached to Bug 1594921, it has been fixed a regression related to webNavigation events related to the the initial about:blank document emitted more often than the previous “frame scripts”-based implementation)

  • tabs API: Fixed a bug that was turning hidden tab’s URLs into “about:blank” when an hidden tab is moved between windows while an extension has registered a tabs.onUpdated listener that uses a url-based events filter (Bug 1695346).

Addon Manager & about:addons

  • Fixed regression related to the about:addons extensions options page modals (Bug 1702059)

    • NOTE: In Firefox 89 WebExtensions options_ui pages will keep using the previous tab modal implementation, which is helpful in the short run to allow our Photon tab prompts restyling to ride the train as is, in a followup we will have to do some more work to look into porting these modals to the new implementation

  • Bug 1689240: Last bits of a set of simplifications and internal refactoring for the about:addons page initially contributed by ntim (plus some more tweaks we did to finalize and land it). Thanks to ntim for getting this started!

Developer Tools


Form Autofill

Installer & Updater


Messaging System

New Tab Page

  • No updates



Password Manager

PDFs & Printing

  • No update


  • Doug Thayer fixed a bug where skeleton UI was breaking scroll inertia on Windows.
  • Doug also tracked down UB issue originating from our usage of LZ4 from startup cache.
  • Emma Malysz is continuing work on OS.File bugs.
  • Florian Quèze is fixing tests and cleaning up old code.
  • Mike Conley has enabled processes priority manager in Fission so the Fission team can use it for out of process subframes.

Performance Tools

  • Enabled the new profiler recording panel in dev edition (thanks nicolas from devtools team).
  • Added Android device information inside the profile data and started to show it in the profile meta panel.

You can see that information under the “platform” section inside metadata panel

  • Fixed the network markers with service workers. Previously it was common to use “unfinished” markers. More fixes are coming.


New network markers that belong to service worker

  • Removed many MOZ_GECKO_PROFILER ifdefs. Less places to potentially break on Tier-3 platform builds.
  • You can now import Android trace format to Firefox Profiler analysis UI. Just drag and drop the .trace file into, it will import and open it automatically.
  • Added new markers:

    • Test markers (in TestUtils.jsm and BrowserTestUtils.jsm)

    • “CSS animation”

    • “CSS transition”



Search and Navigation

  • Searching for strings like “seti@home” or “folding@home” should now search by default, unless “home” is a known local host - Bug 1693503
  • Fixed flickering of some specific results in the Address Bar - Bug 1699211, Bug 1699227
  • New tab search field hand-off to the Address Bar now uses the default Address Bar empty search mode instead of entering Search Mode for the default engine - Bug 1616700
  • The Search Service now exposes an “isGeneralPurposeEngine” property on search engines, that identifies engines searching the Web, rather than specific resources or products. This may be extended in the future to provide some kind of categorization of engines. - Bug 1697477
  • Re-enabling a WebExtension engine should re-prompt the user if it wants to be set as default search engine - Bug 1646338
  • Proton work, moving behind the main pref this week.


This week I learned