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Actions from last meeting

  • None

General Topics / Roundtable

(tips/tricks/FYI, productivity improvements, industry news)

    • source code? ? ?
  • Dropping support for Visual Studio 2013
  • New clipboard (cl) test job
  • Readable Bug Statuses in Bugzilla are live
  • Generating Visual Studio project files by default
  • Some more investigation into how we can use SVG for primary UI icons has been going on in
    • It looks like fixing may address the perf issues.
  • [mconley] You can now r- patches in MozReview
  • [mconley] MozReview theme changes in the pipe. Example:
  • [dmose] this (underscribed, but.. :-) session in London may be of interest to folks here:

Friends of the Firefox team

(Give a shoutout/thanks to people for helping fix and test bugs. Introductions)

  • Welcome Saad Quadri from Rutgers University as a summer intern mentored by MattN based in MV. Got his first patch landed on day 1!
  • Resolved bugs (excluding employees):
      • More than one bug fixed:
        • None :(
          • [MattN] Are we doing less to encourage volunteers to take another bug? I know personally I've been "busier" with deliverables and mentoring other employees instead.
            • [Gijs] I wonder if the other employees/interns thing does tie into it and this is a delayed effect of the "arrival" of some of those folks. Maybe mhoye has more ideas?
            • [MattN] Perhaps it's also correlated with college/university schedules e.g. people were busy with exams

Project Updates



  • [mconley]: We're tentatively on track to ship to a non-zero segment of our release channel users for 48. See Asa's blog post:
  • [mconley]: The e10s is slowly starting to dissolve. A team fronted by mrbkap and gabor are working on the multiple content process project
    • According to blassey, all e10s bugs under your component are going to become your responsibility soon, so prepare yourselves.
      • The e10s team has done an initial prioritization using the P flags in Bugzilla.
      • Speaking for myself [mconley], not going away on e10s bugs. Happy to clean up things that are my messes, and definitely happy to consult.
        • (and we're still having weekly triages)

Go Faster


  • Work on Akita, adding off-line/pinboard support, continues.  Find one of us in London for an early demo.

Platform UI

  • (Mostly here to call out audibles so we stay in sync)
  • A reminder to sign up for for "Intent to Blah" email from this team, to stay notified about what we're working on
  • Also,
  • Work has started on removing the PointerLock permission request, in favour of something like the fullscreen notification on how to escape
      • [Gijs] um, interesting. What's the security story there?
        • [mconley] dveditz seems cool with it so long as we make it clear how to get out - see: and following comments
  • FlyWeb UI (hidden behind dom.flyweb.enabled) landed and bounced. Will likely land again shortly once a perma-orange is sorted.
    • It's a standard multiview panel listing devices. Should start in the customization palette by default.
    • Packaged as a system add-on, so it should stay out of your hair
    • Bug:
  • Printing simplification (hidden behind print.use_simplify_page for now) uses ReaderMode to optionally strip content away from a print job
    • Work is mostly being done by some folks from HP, with me reviewing.
    • Waiting to hear back from shorlander for UX feedback
    • Bug:


  • Preliminary work for the new permission management experience started landing.
  • Firefox 49 will send the DNT signal when Tracking Protection is enabled.
  • Bug 667233 - HTTP passwords are used on the HTTPS version of the same domain when signon.schemeUpgrades=true
    • You will get prompted to save a duplicate HTTPS login until bug 1127579 flips the pref on by default

Quality of Experience

  • Getting ready to land
  • Whole-word find is getting close - waiting on very busy Ehsan - who's doing this? mikedeboer
  • Bugs blocking shipping of Emoji font resolved - will hopefully land soon
    • ?
    • ?
  • Work on auto-migration in-progress
  • Adding telemetry to UI for setting the default browser


  • Hijacking remediation prompt landed in Fx49 (bug 1203168)
  • Ongoing work to add one-off buttons at the bottom of the awesomebar panel
  • Some RTL fixes for the searchbar and the search fields in about:home / about:newtab


  • About Sync is now on AMO: