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Actions from last meeting

  • None

General Topics / Roundtable (tips/tricks/FYI, productivity improvements, industry news)

Friends of the Firefox team (Give a shoutout/thanks to people for helping fix and test bugs. Introductions)

  • Resolved bugs (excluding employees):
    • More than one bug fixed:
      • André Bargull
      • Kaffeekaethe
      • Sourav Garg [:jordan]
      • Stefan [:stefanh]
      • Tomislav Jovanovic :zombie
    • New Contributors
      • Kaffeekaethe
      • Sourav Garg [:jordan]

Project Updates



Firefox Core Engineering [</nowiki>]

  • We are going to begin prompting users of FF45 to upgrade (as part of orphan remediation). Two weeks after 50 is released, we will do the same with FF46. Currently, our orphans (> 3 versions back) account for 4.9% of our audience.
  • Looking into including frame pointers on release. Initial stages.
  • (everything else is old news, covered in previous meetings)
  • Telemetry crash rates:

Form Autofill

Platform UI and other Platform Audibles


  • The screen sharing whitelist has been removed in 52. Users can now authorize screen sharing for any website from a revamped permission prompt that displays a preview of the shared contents and warns loudly in the more risky cases (1284877, 1284878, 1315737).
  • The notification prompt redesign should land in elm some time later this week. Add-on prompts will be fixed in elm before merging to m-c, plugin prompts will be followup work.
  • Insecure login field contextual warning
    • Landed:
      • [seanlee] Bug 1217162 - Implement Contextual Feedback on Insecure Passwords
        • Disabled behind security.insecure_field_warning.contextual.enabled for now
    • In Progress:
      • [seanlee] Bug 1289913 - Show autocomplete UI on password fields ( )
      • [jkt] Bug 376668 - Show password manager autocomplete UI on first focus instead of on second focus (i.e. when the user types)
      • [timdream] Bug 1314478 - Make Contextual Warnings show up for all username fields
      • [daleharvey] Bug 1120037 and bug 1311301 - autocomplete bugs with autofocus

Quality of Experience

New theming API

  • continuing to experiment/explore with some prototypes, demos for MozHawaii
  • waiting on a product requirements doc to get plans more concrete by MozHawaii
  • patch in progress to allow for changing toolbar icons. authors will just need to set one line in their manifest for each icon, specifying the path to the new icon to use
    • will probably require SVG icons to allow for scaling in toolbars and menupanel, as well as lodpi and hidpi
  • Demo: <tuck>
  • On Cedar now.


  • Enabling automigration again for beta 51

Reader Mode [evanxd]

  • (patch under review) Bug 1173823 - Reader View ignores <base href="...">
  • (figuring out the performance issue) Bug 1315490 - 2.33 - 3.82% tps (linux64, windows8-64) regression on push ef3d294a1cf6 (Wed Nov 2 2016)
  • (preparing patch for review) Bug 1310075 - Tests for


  • A big number of small patches that optimize our SQLite layer has landed (764573, 835796, 1310152, 1313021, 1313309, 1313310).
  • Fixed a number of corner-case bugs around search keywords, one-off searches and result selection with Ctrl-Click (1314643, 1227734, 1310737, 1312018, 1299428, 1296366, 1313969).
  • SHIELD study for unified search is in QA's court right now, hoping to ship it soon.
  • More ESLint goodness: no-unused-vars is now enabled for browser/ (local scope only).


Storage Management

  • The V1 UX specs is locked down
  • The overall meta bug: Bug 1147820 - [meta] Improve Storage

Front-end Implementations [Fischer]

  • (WIP) Bug 1309123 - Show persist-storage permission request notification
  • (patch under review) Bug 1313003 - Add Site Data section into Network of Advanced of about:preferences

Content Handling Enhancement

Download Panel [rexlee]

  • (patch under review) 1301384 - Unify the spacing and the progress bar styling in the Downloads Panel across platforms
  • (checking reviewer's feedback) 1269954 - Pop out download starting notification when a new download request is triggered

Download Dialog Removal [alphan]

  • Keep confirming project scope with UX team, PM Peter Dolanjski, and Paolo

RDF Replacement [alphan/eden]

  • (patch under review) 1287664 - Revise helperApp.js and(/or) enhance nsIHandlerService API based on the result of bug 1287661
  • (preparing patch for review) 1287660 - New implementation of nsIHandlerService for the JSON backend

Project Mortar (PDF)

  • (reviewing) bug 1313295, moving codebase from a private repository to m-c
  • [Evelyn] study/design event dispatching flow in nested frame architecture
  • [Luke] PDF UI integration - jump pages, page view fitting

This week I learned

  • [mconley] initialProcessData
  • [macOS] mach clobber && caffeinate mach build
    • caffeinate prevents Mac from sleeping until the command finishes. Handy if you're building while on battery.
    • Also handy for presentations! -disumÂ
  • (Just finished converting this vimeo thing, so putting it here):