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Actions from last meeting

  • Investigate who can use @supports -moz-bool-pref("bacon.enabled") from bug 1259889
      • This only works for UA stylesheets, not author ones:
      • A follow-up was filed for usage from chrome author stylesheets:

General Topics / Roundtable

(tips/tricks/FYI, productivity improvements, industry news)

  • [MattN] PSA: only includes opt-in payloads
    • E.g. compare fx_migration_entry_point on and
  • [MattN] Related, somewhat old news: Telemetry data can be queried with SQL at
    • Employees can "Log In with Google". Not sure about access for non-employees.
    • Example:
    • fhr-dev list and #telemetry can help if there are questions
  • [MattN] I made various improvements to
    • Descendants of P-/M- are again hidden when M-/P- are hidden
      • This is useful for excluding subtrees from a project
  • Discussion about GTK3 regressions on firefox-dev. Main takeaway is that backwards incompatible GTK changes were in version 3.20 so that's why we're seeing new issues.
  • [past] RFC: backspace should go back on all platforms, including Linux
  • [mconley] A restyling of MozReview is underway. Screenshots are in
    • Also, close to being able to r- stuff - see
  • [mconley] I'm doing a talk on Reading and Interpreting Gecko Profiles (for make better glorious faster Firefox) in London. Timeslot and other details soon.
  • [paolo] For those with Mana access, complements the page
  • [mconley] Platform is piloting a UI Team. daleharvey and I are tasked with taking some of the platform load off of you fine folks.
    • [Tim] Front-end in Taipei would probably work on some of these if the Platform work happens in Taipei.
  • [Pike] updates from the l10n team: flod's your point of contact,

Friends of the Firefox team

(Give a shoutout/thanks to people for helping fix and test bugs. Introductions)

  • Resolved bugs (excluding employees):
      • More than one bug fixed:
      • Nobody :-( Find mentored bugs at

Project Updates


  • Pref to use unsigned add-ons was removed in 47


  • [mconley] Preliminary 47 beta experiment data has come in.
    • For the beta 1, there was an APZ-related crash that was dominating the charts, and a fix was uplifted for beta 2.
    • For beta 2, we now know that the e10s (content+main) crashy-ness is about at 2x that of non-e10s (thumbnail+main).
      • Preliminary data suggests that 85% of the extra content process crashes for e10s are intentional shutdown crashes
      • Work for investigating and mitigating these crashes is being handled in
  • [mconley] I'm working on making the initial <xul:browser> in <tabbrowser> remote by default if gMultiProcessBrowser is true (right now, we just do an immediate remoteness flip)x
    • WIP patch appears to be having a fantastic impact on a number of our Talos benchmarks for at least OS X and Win 8:
      • This comparison is showing improvements against non-e10s, not against pre-existing e10s. So we're going to be beating non-e10s on these benchmarks.
    • Hoping to have this thing cleaned up and landed late this week or early the next.
  • [mconley] Other notable patch is in which will prompt users on pre-release channels to submit un-submitted crash reports for the past week or so.
  • [felipe] experiment running at 50% sampling
    • blocked from gtk 3.20 due to top crash
    • hopefully will keep running during the entire cycle

Go Faster


  • No Hello team present today.
  • Working towards changes to sharing to focus more on async sharing.
  • 1.3.x release going to beta users this week hopefully.


  • Polish work in error pages, private browsing, audio permissions and downloads.
  • Current focus is on permission management (Control Center v2) and captive portal detection.

Quality of Experience

  • Refinements to "Recently bookmarked" feature, will now ride the 49 train (bug 1250203, bug 1267939, bug 1248268)
  • No more userTypedClear. New private tab and error pages no longer clears location bar during load (bug 1241085, bug 1267289)
  • Firefox Refresh
    • No longer restricted to the selected/default profile (bug 1265368)
    • Now advertised to users who uninstall the reinstall Firefox (bug 1095739)
  • Reader view can now alter margin widths (bug 1151200) and line heights (bug 1269521)
  • Curly quotes (and apostrophes) everywhere. Patches introducing straight quotes will fail an automated test if introduced (bug 1268159)
  • Findbar improvements, including whole word search (bug 269442), highlighting (384458) and hi-dpi icons (bug 896304)
  • Reader view now remembers where you have scrolled too (in both session restore & bfcache) (bug 1153393 & bug 1269996)


  • Many awesomebar/places performance improvements (bugs 1262887, 907001).
  • Fixes for followups of the awesomebar results UI refresh.