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Today’s meeting leader is: harry

General Topics / Roundtable

  • [mconley] Please stop using preprocessor directives (%ifdef, %include) in our CSS

  • [harry] If you’re a frequent Searchfox user, I made a simple search engine add-on that adds a Searchfox keyword (@searchfox) and search engine one-off button.

Friends of the Firefox team


  • [harry] Amy Churchwell joins the Search & Navigation team today. She transferred internally from Marketing Engineering. Welcome Amy!

Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Fixed more than one bug

  • Masatoshi Kimura [:emk]
  • Michelle Goossens [:masterwayz]
  • Sonia
  • Tim Nguyen :ntim

New contributors (🌟 = first patch)

Project Updates

Add-ons / Web Extensions

Addon Manager & about:addons

  • Starting from Firefox 85, addons signed as privileged can be installed from a third party website without triggering the “third party addon install doorhanger” (and without having to add new “install” site permission for those hosts, e.g. as we had to do for - Bug 1681331
  • Fixed addon startup issue when an extension sideloaded in the profile is updated on disk (Bug 1664144)
  • Some more small about:addons cleanup from ntim (Bug 1678173, Bug 1678865, Bug 1678866). Thanks a lot ntim!!!

WebExtensions Framework

  • Ankush Dua contributed a fix for the devtools optional_permission (the devtools optional_permission can be used by extension, like ABP, that provides a devtools panel as a secondary feature of the addon) - Bug 1671579
  • Fixed content scripts applied to webpages loaded as subframes of an extension browserAction/pageAction popup when Fission is enabled - Bug 1680877
  • Fixed addon startup issue when webRequest is moved from permissions to optional_permissions in an addon update (regression from Bug 1624235) - Bug 1637059


Developer Tools

  • DevTools Fission M2 - Making DevTools Fission compatible DONE.


  • Marionette Fission - Making Marionette Fission compatible DONE



Form Autofill

Installer & Updater

  • We've just landed Bug 1553982, which aims to prevent starting an update while another Firefox instance is running (the cause of that about:restartrequired error page you may have seen). This is also an important prerequisite for the background updater.

    • 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Also just about to land is Bug 353804, which provides some support for downloading new updates when we already have an update downloaded but haven't installed it yet. That should prevent many cases of restarting to finish an update and then immediately being notified about another one.
  • Background updater work is also proceeding, with Bug 1676296 landing last week to support managing scheduled tasks in Gecko, and more development still also happening on the background task framework.


  • No updates


New Tab Page and Pocket

  • We’re running three experiments:

    • Newtab Pocket stories in AU and NZ

    • New signup/login CTA in the Pocket doorhanger

    • Testing some changes to newtab story personalization.



Password Manager

  •  :evilpie fixed Bug 1650645 Import logins from Keepass(XC)
  • Dimi fixed Bug 1677710 The password manager code triggers main thread sqlite disk I/O off of the gather-telemetry notification
  • And Bug 1678200 Remove or update probes expiring in Firefox 86: pwmgr.doorhanger_submitted#doorhanger_submitted
  • Thanks for Kenrick95 for fixing Bug 1678616 about:logins menu problem
  • 2021 Planning underway

PDFs & Printing

  • mstriemer put a Printing… message in the dialog and hid the popup dialog which showed progress, the cancel button on that dialog caused problems and it looked dated Bug 1679133
  • mstriemer hid the print setting that don’t relate to PDFs when a PDF is being printed Bug 1669725
  • mstriemer updated the form to be disabled when loading a printer’s settings. Sometimes loading a physical printer’s settings can take a few settings and changes could be lost in this time Bug 1676388
  • emalysz made a change to avoid updating the preview for some settings that can’t change the preview output Bug 1676199
  • sfoster added a paginator to the preview when it’s hovered to show current page, next/prev/first/last buttons Bug 1654684
  • emalysz added support for non-contiguous page ranges (ex: 1-3, 6, 7) Bug 499640
  • emalysz fixed an issue where the form could get disabled with custom margins interactions Bug 1674106


Performance Tools

  • No updates this week.




Search and Navigation

  • Fixed regressions related to Input Method Editor, in particular loss of the last token (Bug 1673669) and race conditions causing the wrong search engine to be used or Search Mode to be lost (Bug 1679697, Bug 1678647)
  • Introduced a new advanced preference to keep the Address Bar results panel open during IME composition. This provides a better experience for keyboard layouts that don’t open a picker panel. In the future we hope to be able to auto-detect that situation, but in the meanwhile, you can flip browser.urlbar.imeCompositionClosesPanel to false and test the alternative behavior (Bug 1673971)
  • From Firefox 85 it’s possible to disable tab-to-search on a per-engine basis, by unchecking a search engine in Search Preferences. That will both hide the shortcut button and disable tab-to-search for the engine. (Bug 1681512)
  • From Firefox 85 it’s also possible to disable tab-to-search globally by unchecking the Search Engines checkbox in the Address Bar Preferences, under Privacy & Security.
  • URL canonization ([about:blank www.*.com]) now uses https by default, the protocol can be customized through the browser.fixup.alternate.protocol advanced pref (Bug 1638215)
  • Work continued on the weather QuickSuggest experiment, but its release has been moved to January.
  • Region.jsm now can use a Geolocation monitor to update without hitting the network (Bug 1663501)
  • Fixed a bug where search engines were being re-added on startup after their removal, when using a language pack (Bug 1675624)


This week I learned

Meeting Leader Rotation

Add your name below if you want to be in the rotation of leaders:

  • harry
  • dthayer
  • jaws
  • mconley
  • emalysz
  • mtigley