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Actions from last meeting

  • None

General Topics / Roundtable

(tips/tricks/FYI, productivity improvements, industry news)

  • [past] mentored bugs (and regular bugs too) would benefit from a brief comment that describes what needs to be done
    • [MattN] No empty bug descriptions please
  • [mconley] mozconfigwrapper is great if you use multiple mozconfigs (like one for debug, one for opt, etc)
  • [MattN] enable the "fsmonitor" extension in your hgrc for much faster status results
      • I still have hgwatchman installed. Do I need to do anything?
    • mach mercurial-setup
  • [Gijs] Bugzilla component for Control Center work
    • Seems there's pretty broad consensus on fx-dev, so I'll probably file a bug for this by EOB unless I hear objections.
  • Report your development frustrations via `mach rage`
    • Although this is likely to be renamed in the future to something less rage-y
      • Are the rage-isms publicized? Id est, where does this feedback go?
  • [timdream] Question: should we triaging Limi's papercut into QX?
    • (found this bug because I found and really think it should be addressed in QX project)
    • There's also a "papercut" keyword! :-)
  • [mconley] Signed add-ons workaround?
    • Being tracked:  
    • For development I use about:debugging#addons (Load Temporary Add-on)
  • [jaws] eslint coding style
    • eslint commit hook
      • [mqext]
      • mqcommit = auto
    • sublimetext has eslint plugin
      • I think this is still relatively up to date:
      • as do vim, emacs, etc.

Friends of the Firefox team

(Give a shoutout/thanks to people for helping fix and test bugs. Introductions)

  • Resolved bugs (excluding employees): 
      • More than one bug fixed:
        • Tooru Fujisawa [:arai]

Project Updates


  • [mconley] Bug 1263011 - [tracking] Create WebExtension Experiments
    • This seems to be a framework for experimenting with WebExtension APIs, and was blocking the native.js API


  • We are now rolling out to 10% of eligible release population
    • Assuming no surprises
  • There's a bug on central/aurora where the initial browser would crash in some situations. Fixed in (thanks mikedeboer!)
  • Otherwise, all quiet. There was a fireside chat yesterday with dbryant, elan, Asa and jst:
  • Initial add-ons experiment data on 49 coming in tomorrow.
  • See for more details

Firefox Core Engineering

  • (
  • ^ Now, with install & update also
  • Rewrite of symbolapi.m.o is almost ready for code review and Ops integration (and testing before replacing the current server)
    • (volunteers for testing would be great)
  • Client-side stackwalking (Nightly, Aurora) is blocked on upstream breakpad merges
  • Flash-blocking is slow starting; need to define Test Pilot experiment
  • (and we're hiring: senior windows specialist, junior platform devs)

Go Faster


  • Hello removed from FF 49 & later. A Go Faster update has just been posted to warn Hello users in 48 that it will be removed.

Platform UI and other Platform Audibles

  • [mconley] A patch is up to combine the e10s and non-e10s nsFormAutoComplete implementations ( )
  • [mconley] Now working on replacing the <xul:tree> based AutoCompletePopup with a <xul:richlistbox> based one (for easier styling) ( )
  • Heads up - Bug 1289974 - [Presentation WebAPI] provide a trusted UI for device selection on Firefox ( )
  • Bug 1186948 - remove Flash from navigator.plugins when it's click-to-play ( )
    • part of the Flash blocking project is to prefer fallback content for a Flash element; should help that a bit
  • Bug 1289802 - replace "install flash" content with click to play UI when flash is click to play ( )


  • [MattN] Landed: Login capture code runs upon page navigation if there are formless password fields present
  • [saadq] In progress: Broadening password fill suggestions shown in the context menu to include eTLD+1 subdomains
    • Intern presentation on Thursday
  • [johannh] Control center and permission prompts are now captured by mozscreenshots on Nightlies
  • the first round of permission prompt UI changes has now landed in the elm branch
  • A/V streaming or permissions being used will now be visible from an animated indicator in the URL bar (or site favicon in the case of background tabs)
  • TP/DNT changes landed in 51 and will be uplifted to 50.

Quality of Experience

  • Findbar modal highlighting improvements (UX & perf)
  • XUL theme replacement project kicked-off
    • More noise and explanation coming soon!
  • Dao's been killing it on fixing high-contrast (A11Y) theme bugs (1016556)
  • Dao also working on getting Control-Tab shippable and exposed in prefs (505404)
  • Katie just landed new zoom indicator in url bar (565718)
  • Jared fixed a bunch of eslint bugs (enabling more checks)
  • Background windows on Windows 10 will now grey out the entire tab label to make background windows more obvious (bug 1172890)
    • To be clear, that's "grey out the entire label" not "fade out rather than ellipsis", right? ( )
      • yes, not "fade out rather than ellipsis"
  • Gijs is back from PTO!


  • Landed one-off search buttons in the awesomebar for consistency among all of our search entry points.
  • Lots of followup work after these changes and the redesigned panel UI that shipped in 48.
  • Landed the short-term improvements for hi-res favicons. As the cached favicons expire the experience should start to improve in Nightly.
  • about:searchreset will be disabled in 48 to give us time to collect more data through new telemetry probes and dashboards and a Shield study.