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Actions from last meeting

  • None

General Topics / Roundtable

(tips/tricks/FYI, productivity improvements, industry news)

  • Firefox architects
  • DevEdition theme:
  • 48-hour backouts for major (>10%) Talos regressions
  • [jaws] Audio-muting per tab is now on desktop Firefox and tracking Firefox 42. Please try out the feature and file any bugs that you see. You may need to update Flash to the latest Beta version.
  • [gijs] you can now see XBL stylesheets in the browser toolbox (and the web toolbox for chrome/about in-content pages). There might still be duplicates (see bug 1195461 ) but things should generally Work.
  • [mconley] Apparently, I can set breakpoints and debug on OS X with XCode in an opt build?
    • [Gijs] I thought we could always do this? Did something change?
      • I guess I just always thought I needed a debug build for this.
    • you get a star! ⭐
      • \o/
        • ~\⭐/~

Friends of the Firefox team

(Give a shoutout/thanks to people for helping fix and test bugs.)

  • Resolved bugs (excluding employees):
    • More than one bug fixed:
      • Chris Rafuse [:crafuse] (Loop team)
      • David Critchley [:dcritch] (Loop team)
      • Fernando R. Sela [:frsela] (Loop team)
      • Giovanny Gongora [:gioyik]
      • Marina Rodríguez [:mai] (Loop team)
      • Nihanth Subramanya [:nhnt11]
      • Steffen Wilberg
      • Tim Nguyen [:ntim]
      • YF (Yang)

Project Updates


Go Faster

  • Implementation proceeding
  • Working on agreement around how the client will talk to a server


  • Working on a visual refresh of the entire UI - desktop & standalone.


  • Control-center/identity block follow-ups.
  • Tracking protection on by default in PB windows on Dev Edition
    • The about:privatebrowsing landing page is wicked awesome
  • Password manager highlights (Backlog: )
    • Completed:
    • Working on:
      • Password Import from IE/Windows/Edge (Bug 682069/Bug 1192035)
      • Context menu in text/username fields to fill
      • Bug 1121291 – Remove "Show Passwords" button from password manager, add ability to show password for single logins
      • <form>-less capture
      • Bug 667233 – HTTP passwords should be used on the HTTPS version of the same domain
      • Bug 1189618 – Update the style of the password manager autocomplete popup


  • A few blocking bugs left before we can turn on on Aurora
  • Allow setting search engine defaults by geoip

Windows 10

  • [dolske] 40 shipped, good feedback. Focus of upcoming work is Edge migrators, metrics around new features, finishing theme polish.
  • [jaws] On-screen keyboard has landed for tablets on Firefox 42 on Windows.
    • If you have a tablet or touch-capable device we would appreciate your testing. If you have a touch-friendly laptop, you can disable some of the hardware checks in about:config by toggling ui.osk.detect_physical_keyboard and ui.osk.require_tablet_mode
    • There are plans to support non-tablet mode by default in the future, but only when we have more time to invest in the physical keyboard detection code.
  • [gijs] Edge migration!
    • favourites migration from Edge now on Nightly! Will uplift assuming QA doesn't find issues
      • still excludes reading list in Edge - seems to be in some ESE database, might be Work to get it out
    • no idea where history is! Shot off email to MS asking for help.
    • passwords team is working on password migration
    • not started on settings, form data, cookies, homepage URL yet.