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Actions from last meeting

  • None

General Topics / Roundtable

(tips/tricks/FYI, productivity improvements, industry news)

  • Preparing for the retirement of fx-team
  • How to handle eslint warnings
  • [jaws] Call for mentored student project

Friends of the Firefox team

(Give a shoutout/thanks to people for helping fix and test bugs. Introductions)

  • Resolved bugs (excluding employees):
      • More than one bug fixed:
        • Allasso Travesser
        • Sebastin Santy [:seban]

Project Updates


  • Testers wanted for native messaging in nightly (connectNative)
    • Original PSA:


  • Still appear to be go for 48! TWO WEEKS
    • Reminder: it's going to be a slooooooooowwww, uber-cautious rollout
  • aklotz has a try build that should have touchscreen support:
  • If you're feeling adventurous, try upping dom.ipc.processCount to something sane (maybe <= 10 for now) and looking for bugs to file as blocking e10s-multi
    • Here's the list of pre-existing e10s-multi bugs:
    • Specifically, print preview and view source being busted is known and well understood.
  • Reminder for people who've had e10s disabled by a11y - you can force enable with browser.tabs.remote.force-enable

Firefox Core Engineering (+ team formerly known as "performance engineering")

  • Beginning work on Plugin/Flash blocking (landing in 2017)
    • Does this  mean pluginProblem.xml might go away? (Pretty please? :-) )
  • still stabilizing symbolapi.m.o
  • still working on client-side stackwalking (now in conjunction with Socorro team)
  • still working on some aggregation stuff (child/content process)
  • ^ add-ons with e10s

Go Faster


  • No public updates today

Platform UI and other Platform Audibles

  • Bug 1273351 - Get rid of permission requirement for PointerLock API
    • Landed and appears to have stuck
    • QA is currently banging on the tires.
  • Tanvi from Content Security is interested in improving Password Management in Firefox Desktop
    • While waiting for final H2 planning to settle, going to try to take out a few bugs
    • Bug 1189618 - Update the style of the password manager autocomplete popup
      • WIP screenshot
    • Currently attempting to add minimal support for SVG filters in XUL trees so I can set a colour on the key icon
      • Failing that, will have to ask for a new set of icons. :(
  • Bug 513159 - [Linux/Gnome] Drawing in the Title Bar for the new Firefox theme
    • acomminos from the gfx team is now working on this
    • Blocked by Bug 1283299 - Implement client side decorations on GTK 3.20+ which has patches waiting for review
  • Bug 1151468 - Add accessibility inspection functionality to our DevTools
    • Mock-up:
    • Intern project in the pipe - she has an implementation, and she's writing tests now.
      • Patch likely up end of week or early next week.
    • Presentation:
  • Heads up - during Release Triage, we spotted: Bug 1279285 - [New Tab Page] thumbnail service opens a popup
    • Going to see if mlayzell (who wrote regressing patch) can address this.
  • Print Preview Simplification from HP has been enabled by default
    • Bug 1285607 - Enable Simplify Print Feature by default
    • Bug 1287587 - Add more telemetry probes for gathering data on the Simplify Page feature for Print Preview


  • Implementing control center v2. Visible changes in the identity block:
    • permission prompts are now anchored to the identity block (the 'carrot' is gone), bug 1267617
    • we display icons for blocked permissions, bug 1206252

Quality of Experience

  • More work done on the Windows 10 start tile, should be getting HiDPI images out soon
    • If you are on Windows 8 or 10, please pin Firefox 
  • UITour panels now have tighter and balanced margins and padding
  • Teams in Taipei are beginning to ramp up on videocontrols and in-content preferences QX clusters
  • Mike deBoer has been investigating perf issues with the new find-in-page implementation
  • Sloooowly continuing work on automigration. We now have a funnelcake running against release to help with initial impact assessment.
  • Full-screen window control buttons on win8/win10 about to not look terrible! (bug 965322 - they look like vista/win7 atm, but shouldn't)
  • Close to having a zoom indicator, need to figure out how to handle history dropdown arrow along side zoom indicator's slide out icon


  • One-off buttons in the awesomebar almost ready, will land once Drew is back.


This week I learned

  • [MattN] is worth (re-)reading if dealing with running JS in page scope without wrappers
  • Market news: