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Actions from last meeting

  • Skipping in 2 weeks (MozAloha); mconley running in 4 weeks.

General Topics / Roundtable

(tips/tricks/FYI, productivity improvements, industry news)

Friends of the Firefox team

(Give a shoutout/thanks to people for helping fix and test bugs. Introductions)

Project Updates


(read only, very bad internet for andym today. I blame the weather)

Context Graph

  • Activity Stream desktop has released a Shield study. The goal is to optimize for user engagement before becoming the default about:newtab experience


Firefox Core Engineering []

  • Content process crash pings has landed \o/ (bug 1293656).
  • Stability (wrt crashes) dashboard has moved to
  • Disabling potentially unused dashboards from t.m.o (such as broken ones). Please file an issue if you need one that is now dark (bug 1324526).
  • We’re going to push for encouraging users of 43-47 to update to current (exact date TBD, but before the end of this month).
  • Aiming for a Shield study of Flash defaulting as click-to-play in Q1 (FF52) prior to releasing that later in 2017.
  • Updating Installer UI (bug 893505).

Form Autofill

  • Discussed plans and architecture diagrams for the upcoming M1 work
  • Discussed with Web Payments team about shared storage/UI
  • Landed initial frame script loaded via our bootstrap.js. Code is behind a pref.
  • In review: Bug 1304634 - Support populating autocomplete results from form autofill code

Go Faster

  • [bsmedberg] There’s a small problem with system add-ons. For out-of-band updates, we’re seeing low uptake rates (60% of the population gets the update). Be aware if you’re shipping things oob, you might not get to large parts of the population. We’re not planning on using these things for hotfix / chemspill reasons. ddurst believes rhelmer owns this. (bug 1307568)

Platform UI and other Platform Audibles

  • jjong landed Bug 1286182 - Implement the layout for <input type=date>
    • Disabled behind dom.forms.datetime and dom.forms.datetime.timepicker
  • MSU students have finished up their semester - see this update, along with their excellent final video presentation
    • Bug 1300784 - Combine e10s and non-e10s <select> dropdown mechanisms
      • A blocking bug autolanded yesterday, this will hopefully land today (preffed off)
    • Bug 1309935 - Add ability to find within select dropdown when over 40 elements
      • Waiting on new patch


  • Captive Portal detection is now riding the trains and is scheduled to ship in 52 (bug 1313706).
  • When a captive portal is detected in 53, cert error pages will describe the actual problem and provide a link to log in to the captive portal (bug 989197)
  • More polish work for captive portal detection to follow.
  • Editing the location bar will now hide any notification icons that pertain to the currently visible page to avoid confusion about the properties of the page about to be visited (bug 1300755)
  • Work on the redesigned permission prompts continues and the changes are on track to ship in 53.
  • [MattN] Please test the insecure login field warning as it’s ready for Nightly testing but needs automated tests updated before enabling for everyone: security.insecure_field_warning.contextual.enabled=true; signon.autofillForms.http=false

Quality of Experience

  • Student-run project to update preferences UI and remove inconsistencies
    • Meta bug:
    • Specs are attached to the meta bug, UX team in Taipei completed user research and user testing of different organization to get a more productive UI
    •  !!! →→→→ Most of these can be filed as good-first-bugs if you are looking to mentor a bug ←←←←
  • Theme API
    • Work will begin in Q1 to start implementing the Theme API in mozilla-central
    • Community outreach soon to communicate the planned API
    • Will schedule a couple short meetings with some Firefox front-end engineers to discuss implementation and ask for feedback on internal API
  • Onboarding 51 funnelcake


  • Marco posted a first set of WIP patches towards a long-term fix for hi-res favicons (bug 977177). Coordinating with the Activity Stream team on supporting their use cases as well.
  • Drew posted a first draft of a new awesomebar results API for add-ons that need to replace everything (bug 1257550).
  • The SHIELD study for a unified URL and search bar is still ongoing. The results are expected some time in January.
  • Getting ready to launch another search-related Test Pilot experiment in January.


Video control visual update (bug 1271765)

Storage Management

Content Handling Enhancement

Download Panel (sean/rex)

RDF Replacement (alphan)

  • Bug 1287660 - revising patch based on Paolo’s suggestion in Hawaii

Protocol Handler Registration (eden)

  • Bug 1270416 - revising patch based on Gijs’s suggestion

Project Mortar (PDF)

This week I learned