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Today’s meeting leader is: jaws

General Topics / Roundtable

  • Firefox 57 has been released! 🎉🎆🎉🎆🎉🎆🎉🎆🎉🎆
  • [mconley] Martin Stránský [:stransky] from RedHat has landed patches that allow us to (finally!) draw tabs in the titlebar on GNOME! Controlled by widget.allow-client-side-decoration pref for now.

Friends of the Firefox team

(Give a shoutout/thanks to people for helping fix and test bugs. Introductions)

  • More than one bug fixed:
  • Aditya Bharti
  • Tim Nguyen :ntim
  • Tooru Fujisawa [:arai]
  • New contributors (🌟 = First Patch!)  

Project Updates


Activity Stream

  • Running 2 experiments on release channel with 1% new and 2% existing get Tiles
  • Added tippy top rich icon service to show icons that are better quality but only advertised by the site to iOS devices (including twitch to avoid thumbnailing…)
  • Investigating background thumbnailing issues leading to twitch high CPU / MEDIA_ERR_SRC_NOT_SUPPORTED for youtube/twitch(/netflix?) for 57 users
  • Turned on Pocket local personalization by default which takes the generic story feed and adjusts the ordering based on client-side computation of history / impressions
  • Preparing for 59 MIT-licensed React 16 update and other dependency greening

Browser Architecture

  • Sync and storage team have completed a roadmap review, look for more details in our next newsletter.
  • Running mochitest-plain in headless mode is now supported on Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Use the “--headless” flag with “./mach test” to try it out.
  • XBL removal is proceeding. No more XBL bindings in mobile!
  • We have two meetings in Austin you should attend if you’re interested.

Firefox Core Engineering

  • Bug 1409148 - The Flash Click-to-Play UI has been restyled to match Photon styling (landed for 58):
  • Support for CFI-based stackwalking has finally landedand stuckin 59. This affects only the minidump analyzer (and related tests) but will improve the quality of stacks especially for 64bit, and so we’re requesting uplift to 58beta.
  • Performance optimizations for import/migration are progressing and hope to land in 59.
  • “Mozilla Firefox” -> “Firefox” rename riding on 58, assuming QA gives it a green.

Form Autofill

  • MVP
  • Implemented the credit card updating mechanism (including the door hanger and deduplication rules)
  • Fixed more compatible issues related to credit card expiration date (QVC, Sears, AliExpress, etc)
  • Fixed a UI issue of the suggestion dropdown footer
  • Fixed a few regression bugs
  • Enabled Credit Card Autofill on Fx58 beta 5 (for users using en-US build and located in the US)
  • Ready to increase the availability of Address Autofill on Fx57 from 1% to 20%
  • Quantum release continues to get better! \o/
  • V2
  • [L10N] Made accesskeys in the door hangers localizable
  • [L10N] Fixed a UI issue in preferences after localization
  • [Clear Button] Feature complete and landed
  • [Clear Button] Fixed an issue that the suggestion dropdown falsely uses cached result even the input value has been changed
  • [CA/DE Support] Implemented a parser of libaddressinput for knowing which address fields in preferences should be visible in different countries
  • [Section Support] Refactored FormAutofillHandler to support multiple section mechanism
  • [Others] Fixed some minor issues related to ProfileStorage


  • Please install the hooks if you haven’t already.
  • Working mozreview support coming soon.





  • Sam is working on extracting/polishing some of the SVG utilities we bodged together for the SVG animation work. Includes some SVGO plugins.



Search and Navigation

Address Bar & Search


Sync / Firefox Accounts

  • You can now pass a `{ mozErrors: true }` option to `fetch` and `Request` in chrome code to access the underlying `nsresult` code if the request fails.
  • Thom fixed an issue where many sent tabs or bookmark repair responses would overflow the Sync client record size, causing all syncs for that client to permanently fail.
  • We’re working with Emily Toop from the Browser Architecture team on a prototype for new storage and sync. We’ll have a demo ready for Austin!

Test Pilot

  • We did an intense sprint to Photonize the website where we touched a huge percentage of the code, changing the styles and rearranging the directory structure of our react components so things are better componentized. The site was ready the day before the 57 launch, and it took a ton of effort from everybody.
  • This sprint is focused on updating our dependencies which are very out of date, and cleaning up some old cruft.

Web Payments

  • Made the dialog contents hackable from file: URIs for quick iteration
  • Implemented the first Custom Element (currency-amount)
  • Finishing up the store for dialog state that Custom Elements will listen to
  • Starting to implement the UX spec

Meeting Leader Rotation

Add your name below if you want to be in the rotation of leaders:

  • mconley
  • johannh
  • MattN
  • kitcambridge
  • jaws
  • bsilverberg
  • RyanVM
  • mikedeboer
  • felipe
  • 6a68