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Friends of the Firefox team


  • mcheang is introducing James Teow (Search team)!

    • Background as a designer, transitioned to software developer, excited to be here on the Search team!

Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Volunteers that fixed more than one bug

  • Arpit Jain [:osBins]
  • Claudia Batista [:claubatista]
  • Jonas Jenwald [:Snuffleupagus]
  • Masatoshi Kimura [:emk]
  • Shane Hughes [:aminomancer]

New contributors (🌟 = first patch)

General triage

Project Updates

Add-ons / Web Extensions

Addon Manager & about:addons

  • Mkaply added support for the “sitepermission” addon type to the enterprise policy settings - Bug 1741909

WebExtensions Framework

  • Fixed crash on content scripts calling “Cache::Put” with a fetch Response that belong to an expanded principal - Bug 1753810
  • As part of the ongoing ManifestVersion 3 work:

    • Bug 1753308 - changes to AddonTestUtils and ExtensionTestUtils test helpers to make it easier to write tests for the non-persistent background scripts (event pages or background service workers)

      • NOTE: as part of this change the legacy pref “extensions.webextensions.background-delayed-startup” has been removed
    • Bug 1748548 - Added persistency to privacy and browserSettings API events (so that an extension non persistent background page or background service worker will can be respawned when these events are being fired)

Developer Tools

  • CSS Property Value: Colin Cazabet added the ability to increase/decrease a CSS property value (e.g. dimensions) by dragging the mouse over the CSS property value (bug)
  • Like with ArrowUp/Down, you can use Alt / Shift to change the speed of the increase screenshot

  • DevTools Context Menu: Emilio fixed an issue with context menu popup in DevTools when the toolbox was zoomed (bug)
  • Compatibility panel: The MDN browser data is moving to RemoteSettings to allow us to update it outside of the release cycle (bug) We are also planning to use RemoteSettings for list of devices in the RDM mode to support migration to GCP.

(screenshot in the docs)

  • Console performance: We are making progress on the virtual viewport, fixing remaining functional issues before trying to make it pass the tests (bug). This should make the Console panel significantly faster. We are also working on other performance improvements related to: logpoints and conditional breakpoints, using mutable map (to avoid expensive Map ctor), etc.
  • Debugger: Working on fixing zombie breakpoints, to collect as many STRs as possible (bug). We are also expanding our test coverage to cover more user scenarios and avoid regressions.

    • ochameau already fixed a very visible issue that was impacting the debugger in the Browser Toolbox (bug)

Documentation for contributors is also available there:

Form Autofill

Password Manager


Performance Tools (aka Firefox Profiler)

  • Sanitize the data from non-active tabs while sharing for web developers (github #3881).

The new sanitization option that shows up when the preset is “web developer”

  • “DllLoad” markers are visible on all threads and everywhere now when Firefox is loading some DLLs on Windows (not only on early startup) (Bug 1524625). Example profile

Example “DllLoad” marker

Example “Awake” marker

  • “Rust API for the Firefox Profiler” blog post is out. Take a look at it if you would like to learn more about the API and some of the implementation details.
  • French locale is 100% translated now and it's enabled on Firefox Profiler (github 3885).

Search and Navigation

  • Drew and Daisuke have started on a new “Best Match” feature for Firefox Suggest in various bugs (Bug 1755057)
  • Mandys work on Search Engine Removal has landed and last of its bugs being finished up (Bug 1755740)
  • Dao has started work on improving the visibility and consistency of focus rings across all platforms (Bug 1756002)

Web Payments

  • browser/components/payments and all the front-end code and references for this feature have been removed. This was browser UI to support the w3c PaymentRequest and BasicCard standards that we decided not to ship. It has been in tree but disabled ever since.

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