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Actions from last meeting

  • None

General Topics / Roundtable

(tips/tricks/FYI, productivity improvements, industry news)

  • [RyanVM] Softvision bug triage efforts underway
  • [MattN] about:permissions was removed in bug 933917
    • If you see any remaining references on SUMO/MDN/etc., please correct them.
  • [MattN] US Thanksgiving is Thursday and Friday
  • [MattN] Are there any topics we should discuss in Orlando?
    • Removing XUL! Do we have a concrete plan / set of stages / goals ? If not can we come up with this?
    • Explanations about great-or-dead process - who decides what's next up, how do we consult the community as a whole, etc. etc.
    • More infrastructure like eslint / automated syntax checking on checkin
      • [MattN] even just setting up .eslintrc locally will be a good start
    • What will Go Faster change for Firefox browser development?
    • Is Firefox ready for Netflix's new video codec?
  • [MattN] JS syntax highlighting for JSM files was added to MozReview (new reviews only?) and today! (bug 1157502)

Friends of the Firefox team

(Give a shoutout/thanks to people for helping fix and test bugs. Introductions)

  • Jeff Griffiths' product responsibilities increased to include Hello, Best of Web, and Push.
  • Adam Roach is now architect-in-residence across the Firefox engineering organization.
  • Huge thanks to Gijs for jumping on the Heartbeat issue (bug 1226136, but there's more backstory)
  • Resolved bugs (excluding employees):
    • More than one bug fixed:
      • Giorgio Maone
      • Sebastian H. [:aryx][:archaeopteryx]
      • Tom Zhang
      • rthyberg
      • simplyblue24

Project Updates



  • Only show about:tabcrashed for current tab (puts other tabs into unrestored state) - bug 1209689
  • Windows Taskbar tab previews - bug 1096804
  • ImgCache
  • Started work on performance: bug e10s-perf
    • Telemetry experiment for beta:
      • 43: 7.5%
      • 44: higher

Go Faster

Demos in Mozlando Planning for H1 2016

  • Go Faster: System addons infrastructure complete. Documented, simple, easy to ship/update, easy to localize. Teams outside go-faster building system add-ons
  • Go Faster: Staged rollout of a system addon, with a/b testing, able to ship to a specified % of users
  • Go Faster: Measurement infrastructure in place. Telemetry for go-faster addons. Capture usage (Q1) and errors (Q2)
  • Go Faster: String delivery and updates are decoupled from trains. Go faster updates can contain string changes.
  • Idea town launch: Release opt-in platform that allows us to perform controlled tests of new high-visibility product concepts in the general release channel of Firefox
  • Idea town locale expansion: Expand Idea town beyond en-US
  • Idea town metrics dashboard: Metrics dashboard to aid experiment authors in making decisions


  • Much work done on moving to an add-on (meeting with l10n folks as we speak)
  • New User Journey work, an experience focused around browser sharing, in its final stage
  • Large refactor, replacing navigator.mozLoop god-object with RemotePageManager landed.
    • Necessary for running chat windows in e10s mode
    • Media team now able to reproduce insta-crash in e10s mode



  • Telemetry
  • Favicons in notifications
  • Windows transparency should land this week
  • Will enable rounded corners, shadows, and nice animations


  • Insecure passwords over HTTP followup work is ongoing.
  • Secure connection error page improvements:
    • notification infobar instead of modal cert dialog for weak crypto overrides
    • better visual alignment between about:certerror and about:neterror for weak crypto errors


  • Some followup work from the search hijacking mitigations and putting the finishing touches to the unified search and URL bar telemetry experiment that will run in January.

Windows Quality

  • Panorama and about:permissions removals, changing default window size for new profiles, Windows 10 migrator/importers breakage, onscreen keyboard fixes, onboarding