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General Topics / Roundtable

  • [mconley] [fxperf] whiteboard tag reminder

    • Tag your bugs with [fxperf] in the whiteboard if you have perf bugs that you want the perf team to triage!

  • [sfoster] We’re removing preprocessor use from CSS in bug 1659444, please don’t add any more

    • Hurray for CSS adding enough features to be able to do this

Friends of the Firefox team

Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Script to find new contributors from bug list

Volunteers that fixed more than one bug

  • Claudia Batista [:claubatista]
  • Mathew Hodson
  • Shane Hughes [:aminomancer]

    • Really great work in Downloads and Themes!

New contributors (🌟 = first patch)

General triage

Project Updates

Add-ons / Web Extensions

Addon Manager & about:addons

  • Mark Striemer fixed an accessibility issue related to screen readers behavior on the about:addons page “More Options” menu associated with each add-on card - Bug 1750799

WebExtensions Framework

  • In Firefox 98, cached images loaded from a moz-extension url are explicitly cleared between addon updates (and temporary addon reloads), instead of being wrongly loaded from the stale cached data - Bug 1746841

WebExtension APIs

  • Richa Sharma contributed a new “contextual identities” (also known as “containers”) related additions to the Extension APIs: the userScripts API now allows to register user scripts that match only documents loaded in a specified set of containers (given an array of the userContextId to match) - Bug 1738567
  • As part of the ongoing ManifestVersion 3 work, William Durand landed in Firefox 98 more bits of the new “browser.scripting” API:

    • scripting.insertCSS - Bug 1736579

    • scripting.removeCSS - Bug 1736580

    • Support array of files in scripting.executeScript - Bug 1736576

    • Support target.allFrames in scripting.executeScript - Bug 1736574

    • Allow scripting.executeScript to run the content script in about:blank pages and sandboxes frames - Bug 1739643

  • Starting from Firefox 98, only webRequestBlocking listeners will make an addon to start sooner during the browser startup - Bug 1749871

Developer Tools

  • Oriol fixed the rendering of Arrays with RTL characters (bug)
  • Greg Tatum added UI in the Browser Toolbox to toggle Fluent pseudolocalization bidi / accented (bug)


  • The compatibility panel will ride the train after being enabled on Nightly/DevEdition for a while. It provides useful information on CSS properties, using MDN compatibility data (bug)


  • “Ignore line” context menu entry added in the debugger editor gutter when devtools.debugger.features.blackbox-lines is true (bug). Also, there is better “Ignore source” icon and editor background colors for ignored lines (bug)


  • Event listeners for a given node can now be disabled from the Inspector Event Tooltip, in the markup view (bug). Also, The "event" badge style is updated when at least one event is disabled to remind the user that something was changed (bug)


  • Auto-open devtools for tabs opened via (behind devtools.popups.debug) (bug). On a page where you already have DevTools opened, if a new tab is created via, the toolbox will automatically move to the new tab, with the new document selected in both the iframe picker and the context selector


  • Lodash was removed from the tree after replacing all its callsites in the debugger (bug)

Downloads Panel


  • No updates

Form Autofill

  • No updates

Reader Mode (MSU Capstone project)

Desktop Integrations (Installer & Updater)

  • No updates

Lint, Docs and Workflow

macOS Spotlight

  • No updates

New Tab Page

  • No updates

Nimbus / Experiments

  • No updates


  • No updates

Password Manager

  • No updates

PDFs & Printing



Performance Tools

  • No updates


  • Private browsing windows will be themed dark for compatible themes

    • The feature is still WIP and can be enabled via the browser.theme.dark-private-windows pref

    • Enabled for the default theme in light mode and other light themes which expose darkTheme data, such as Alpenglow.

  • Hannah is working on deprecating the cookie lifetime policy.

    • Currently controlled by a checkbox in about:preferences#privacy
      “Delete cookies and site data when Nightly is closed”

    • It will be replaced by the sanitize-on-shutdown mechanism

    • We will keep supporting exempting sites from getting cleared, but we’re looking to remove support for adding sites *to be cleared* explicitly

Search and Navigation



  • [mconley] Reminder: FOSDEM 2022 is the weekend after next, and is free to (virtually) attend! Lots of great talks from Mozilla and others.

This week I learned

  • [mconley] You cannot just use an <a> link in the browser UI. If you’re going to add a link to anything in the browser UI, you’ll want to use a <label is=”text-link”> to exercise this machinery instead.

    • Anybody know the history behind that?

  • [mtigley] I spent some time debugging a failing assertion in Stencil code and I learned that sometimes there will be areas of the codebase where the right decision isn’t always obvious (no one is familiar enough with it) and you just need to make a proposal on how to fix it, even if you’re not an expert.

    • [mconley] 100%. Attrition, forgetfulness, changing environment - lots of ways we might not have information on how to proceed on certain things. Doesn’t mean we can’t change that stuff - just need to do our best to think it through with any experts (if any exist!) you can find. And if you can’t find any, chances are you’re becoming the expert. :)