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Friends of the Firefox team

Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Script to find new contributors from bug list

Volunteers that fixed more than one bug

  • Janvi Bajoria [:janvi01]
  • sayuree
  • Shane Hughes [:aminomancer]

New contributors (🌟 = first patch)

General triage

Project Updates

Add-ons / Web Extensions

WebExtensions Framework

  • As part of the ongoing ManifestVersion 3 (MV3) work:

    • New unified extensions toolbar button: William Durand has started to work on the new unified extensions UI - Bug 1777481 / Bug 1778722 / Bug 1780782

      • The new unified toolbar button is meant to replace the browserAction toolbar buttons but it does not cover all the features that are currently provided by the browserActions toolbar buttons yet. The new toolbar button is currently only enabled when the “extensions.unifiedExtensions.enabled” preference is explicitly set to true in about:config.
      • A huge shout out to both Itiel and James Teh for the great support they provided in the reviews for the unified extensions button!!!
    • Event Pages (non persistent background pages): In Firefox >= 104, the event page will not be terminated if there is an active connection to a native app through the native messaging APIs (browser.runtime.connectNative and browser.runtime.sendNativeMessage) - Bug 1770696

    • New web_accessible_resources manifest field syntax: In Firefox >= 104, in the “matches” properties of the web_accessible_resources entries in the manifest_version 3 format supports the “<all_urls>” host permission string - Bug 1776841

WebExtension APIs

  • In Firefox >= 104, restricted schemes (eg. “resources” or “chrome” schemes) are allowed in scripting.registerContentScripts API when called from a (MV2) privileged extension - Bug 1756758
  • Fixed a bug with browser.extension.getViews and preloaded browserAction popup pages - Bug 1780008
  • Starting from Firefox 104, the history WebExtensions API will use internal PlacesUtils.history async API

    • Some extensions (e.g. DownThemAll! add-on) were calling the history API during startup and so this fix will also result in a startup performance improvement for Firefox users that have extensions using this API and blocking web requests triggered during the Firefox startup.

    • Huge shout out to Emilio for investigating and fixing this issue!!!

Developer Tools


  • Many thanks to arai for helping us with instant evaluation issues (bug & bug).

    • Those patches will prevent the following expression to be instantly evaluated as the user is typing

      • [1, 2, 3].map(alert)

  • We finally added the Evaluation Context Selector in the Browser Console

    • Easily evaluate expression within a Content Process

    • screenshot

  • We fixed a bug for logPoint in the Browser Toolbox where the logs would only appear if the “Show Content Messages” setting was checked (bug)

    • Thanks Tim and Mike for the bug reports!

  • Julian fixed an issue with debugging addons + reloading (easily triggered when using webext to write your extension) (bug)

    • Uplifted to ESR

  • Bomsy worked on a couple things in the Netmonitor we should improve memory usage and performance

    • Network monitoring is now disabled in the Browser Toolbox until the user selects the Netmonitor (bug)

    • We now properly clear data when the request list is cleared (bug)

  • Ochameau is still making progress on Debugger source tree stability and performance (bug, bug, bug and bug, showing decent performance improvement to the Browser Toolbox: DAMP results)

WebDriver BiDi

ESMification status

  • ESMification is underway! We have 73 .sys.mjs files and 1287 jsm files, ~5.6%
  • Assuming you don't have anything complex, Standard8 recommends no more than an hour to do both the .jsm -> .sys.mjs conversion and to convert imports to use .sys.mjs directly using scripts.

    • Recommend pushing to the try server to check for issues as well.

    • There are example bugs that have already landed shown on areweesmifiedyet.

    • If you're working on a bug, add [esmification-timeline] to the whiteboard so that it gets added and everyone can see.

  • Known issues you might hit:

  • There’s an #esmification Matrix room for questions and coordination
  • Check out this walkthrough to see how to do one of these conversions.

    • Most of the grunt-work is automated with `./mach esmify`!

Resources links:

Lightning talk slides on how to do ESMification:ESMification

  • [mconley] Once you’ve done a few of these and gotten used to it, this is a great opportunity to file good-first-bugs and walk new contributors through the process!

    • Put [lang=js] in the whiteboard, and your Bugzilla email address in the Mentors field, and then be ready to pounce if anybody asks a question in the bug.

Lint, Docs and Workflow

PDFs & Printing