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Actions from last meeting

  • None

General Topics / Roundtable

(tips/tricks/FYI, productivity improvements, industry news)

Friends of the Firefox team

(Give a shoutout/thanks to people for helping fix and test bugs. Introductions)

Resolved bugs (excluding employees): More than one bug fixed:

  • Iaroslav Sheptykin
  • Johann Hofmann
  • Philip Chee
  • Tooru Fujisawa [:arai]

Project Updates



Go Faster

  • Progress was made on making Hello into a system extension


  • New user journey (direct calls, contacts removed, auto-tab-sharing to be turned on, still at risk))
  • e10s-support



  • Notification options are complete and working on e10s for XUL (non-native) and OS X
  • Management interface simplification landed

In progress:

  • Fixing XUL transparency issues
  • Change in permission notification upon upgrade – push uses the same permission as web notifications
  • Other polish issues and bug fixes – stabilizing for shipping in Fx44



  • Bug 1203167 is close to landing (search hijacking countermeasures)
  • Testing a prototype add-on to unify url+search bar, with the goal to launch a telemetry experiment soon

Windows 10

This week I learned…