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Actions from last meeting

General Topics / Roundtable

(tips/tricks/FYI, productivity improvements, industry news)

  • volunteer list for running the meeting
    • [mikedeboer]
  • [mconley] In order to improve integration, I've added a Context Graph section and extended an invitation to ckarlof's team to this meeting.
    • (They're in a work week this week, so I'll be reading some bullets from them)
  • [mconley]
    • Want to help out johannh and myself? It's easy! Add links to stuff (bugs, wiki pages, etc), and make sure to give folks credit where it's due.
    • Also, if you have 10 minutes after the meeting, it'd be lovely if some of us could jockey and figure out what the "headlines" should be.
  • [jaws] certificate change:
  • [jaws] Firefox Telemetry survey, please fill out:
  • [mconley] Discussion about Cu.import / require / modules:!topic/
    • Yoric opened
  • [MattN] The Taipei Development Center will be adding their project updates from now on
  • [jaws] Firefox Self-Repair renamed to SHIELD is being converted to a system add-on
  • [florian] The browser_parsable_css.js test now checks missing references to image files (Bug 1302570) and will soon check toolkit files too (bug 1221383)

Friends of the Firefox team

(Give a shoutout/thanks to people for helping fix and test bugs. Introductions)

  • Resolved bugs (excluding employees):
      • More than one bug fixed:
        • Tomislav Jovanovic :zombie
        • Tooru Fujisawa [:arai]
      • New Contributors
        • Filipe removed Cortana support from Firefox in
        • adamg2 helped clean up part of the Telemetry API in
        • kxnikx helped to make some of our CSS variables more clear in
        • Amal Santosh helped to fix an error in the CSS for about:networking in

Project Updates


Context Graph

  • Goals for 2016
    • Activity Stream (first Context Graph product experience):
      • Ongoing work as Test Pilot experiment
      • Performing SHIELD study against original about:newtab for validation
      • Aiming to be in nightly as system addon by Q1 2017
      • Hoping to ship in Android and iOS as well, but the time frame might be slightly different
    • Consistent Sync Experience:
      • Review Sync services state and propose incremental improvements
      • Device registration and push support
      • Refine FF for iOS bi-directional sync  
      • Validate consistent sync experience across desktop and mobile
    • New Mobile Experience:
      • Identify key problem areas to pursue
      • Prototypes
      • MVP definition and market/competitive analysis
      • Validating with users at each step
      • More details about new mobile experience initiative 
  • For on-going projects and team updates: 

=== E10s === 

  • With Firefox 49 out the door, e10s is now enabled to users on the release channel by default if they have no add-ons, or only these add-ons:
  • e10s has been temporarily disabled for users with a ru-* locale due to
    • Bug to re-enable:
  • Bug 1300411 - user reports excessive load spinning when switching tabs with e10s in 48.0.2 release (
    • Still analyzing Telemetry data to get a sense of how many users are seeing this
    • has been filed to disable e10s for users on release that see the spinner too much
    • has been filed to gather stacks from the content process when the spinner is shown for a long time
    • billm got in before the uplift, which allows us to interrupt JS to paint, which is helping.
    • Many tab-switch timing Telemetry probes have been made opt-out (
  • Bug 1241459 - [e10s] A crashed background tab does not give option to submit (
    • A plan for dealing with crashed background tabs has been figured out with phlsa:

Firefox Core Engineering

  • Aggregation of content process Telemetry in the main process ( has landed
    • and spawned:,, and
  • Symbolication server ( rewrite will need testers, feel free to add your name here: 
    • mconley
  • Ongoing work:
    • looking into cause of orphaning (
    • researching uptake of FF44 orphan remediation (via system add-on) (
    • Flash blocking & UI test definition (, but bug tree to be revised)
    • creation of content process crash ping, crash ping-based dataset, and non-Gecko method of sending crash pings as soon as possible (starting to capture startup crashes)

Form Autofill

  • System add-on stub landed in bug 1303469
    • No longer plan to use a bootstrap.js/WebExt hybrid because the only thing we were hoping to use WebExtensions for isn't supported: bug 1304021
  • Kickoff workweek was last week
    • Summary post on our new mailing list:
    • UX spec was revised
    • Discussed success metrics
  • LukeChang is working on profile storage
  • SChung is working on gathering info from forms to send to the parent and being able to fill the form with profile data
  • MattN is figuring out the integration with autocomplete and preferences

Go Faster

  • FF 49 simplified the releasing process, we no longer have to re-publish identical version of all add-ons already in FF when releasing just one updated add-on.
  • Work continues towards simplifying the out-of-cycle shipping process
  • Working on clarifying long term bootstrap / WebExtension / Hybrid plans for system add-ons

Platform UI and other Platform Audibles

  • [timdream/scottwu] Date/time input (meta bug 888320)
    • First patch (bug 1283384) is being work on based on the feedback.
    • Visual design to be finalized (bug 1069609)
  • [mconley] daleharvey has added fallback URLs for the GMP downloader if AUS goes down at
  • [mconley] A patch to switch the autocomplete popup from a <xul:tree> to a <xul:richlistbox> is ready for review:
    • Keeping an eye on the work going on with Form Autofill to make sure we integrate properly
  • [mconley] Will start working on Contextual Feedback on Insecure Passwords shortly (
  • [mconley] Added a new API for system add-ons to prompt the user for permissions in
    • See PermissionUI.jsm for documentation
  • [jaws] select dropdowns are moving forward.
    • new designs are being implemented now, should have a first pass at new styling implemented by friday.
    • e10s/non-e10s code merging is in progress
    • search within select dropdowns being implemented too
    • Expect a leap forward after this weekend, as we're having a hack weekend in Michigan


  • Prepared demo builds of control center v2 and with the redesigned permission panels with/without 'X' for user testing, and to demo to Product
  • Working on a new "Temporary Blocked" permission state (Bug 1206232) to prevent permission spamming
    • This means that the default "Allow" and "Block" buttons on permission notifications will remember the choice for tab lifetime (or until the user navigates away)
    • (Except for WebRTC prompts that will only remember 'Block')
  • The screen sharing permission prompt will soon show previews (bug 1284877)

Quality of Experience

  • Many improvements to the experience in high-contrast mode on Windows
  • Running automatic data migration from other browsers experiment on beta to get telemetry information on how to proceed
    • Also going to be running as part of an onboarding funnelcake against 49 release
  • Improvements to the performance/smoothness of arrow panels and specifically the 'main' menu panel
  • Students being mentored to work on improving the styling/functionality of <select> dropdowns.
  • Work has started on fixing some issues with "Reader Mode" in Firefox
  • "Modal" find highlight is turned on again and many performance improvements have landed. Work is ongoing to improve perf and functionality (hint: scrollbar indicators!) further
  • Deeper investigations in to possible new theming API. Meeting with Product, Add-ons, and UX teams. No API yet, still figuring out what it would allow.


  • Still fixing awesomebar regressions and improving responsiveness
  • Will likely retire the Universal Search Test Pilot experiment to focus on things we can do with Cliqz


  • Connecting to non-production servers (like stage or custom sync/fxa servers) should only take one preference instead of nine
  • Work on syncing search plugins beginning
  • Bookmark validation info should be reported in sync ping for a small number of nightly users
  • Sync ping almost integrated with rest of telemetry data pipeline
  • Progress on a number of bookmark sync quality bugs (many of which are aimed at allowing bidirectional bookmark sync on iOS)

= Video control visual update

  • [timdream/Ray Lin] (bug 1271765) Front-end patch complete and blocked on a layout patch: need to fix nsVideoFrame::GetVideoIntrinsicSize so it could understand HTML layout too.
  • [timdream/Ray Lin] Future plans includes adding integration tests on the UI, convert android video control also to HTML, and split the shared desktop/fennec binding. See

Storage Management

  • The meta bug:
  • The API standard:
    • The platform DOM team is implementing related APIs
  • The ongoing UX proposal:
    • Plan to merge  the 'offline web content' section with the new 'site data'
  • Bug 1286717 -  Expose persist() method to StorageManager
    • Now can test persistent storage permission prompt with the test patches

Content Handling Enhancement

Dialog Removal ( )

  • UX designer and code reviewer Paolo seem to reach agreement. Paolo will file relevant meta-bugs with more details by early this week.
  • +1 !
Download Panel
  • Solving 6 summary section bugs reported by SoftVision
    • Resolved INVALID 4 bugs
      • 1302070 - Windows 7 (Aero) Theme - Open Downloads Folder button contains separator and is not properly highlighted
      • 1303032 - On arabic build "Open Downloads Folder" case is bigger than Download Panel 
      • 1303289 - Download Panel color doesn't change if you download malicious or uncommon files
      • 1303007 - Dropmarker options are not translated
    • Checking remaining 2 bugs
      • 1301658  - High Contrast Theme - both options are highlighted in the downloads dropmarker
      • 1301708 - Inconsistent number of clicks when dismissing the downloads panel + dropmarker
        • [seanlee] popupshowing and popupshown events are triggered twice at second click on dropmarker in Windows platform.
  • [seanlee / Rex Lee] New design of Main Menu (working on these)
    • 950058 - Split each download item so that all of the right part of it activates the action 
    • 1289139 - Use SVG for the button icons in the Downloads Panel
    • 1282664 - Redesign the right-click menu for each item in downloads panel
Protocol Handler Registration Flow ( )
  • Discussing UX spec with Gijs and Paolo

For detailed progress please refer to 9/26 project meeting minutes:

This week I learned

  • [mconley] --artifact builds on try for Linux64&#55357;&#56879;
  • [MattN] XPCOMUtils.defineLazyPreferenceGetter
  • [mconley] UIforETW:
  • [seanlee]