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  • Dial-in: Audio-only conference# 91337
    • People with Mozilla phones or softphones please dial x4000 Conf# 91337
    • US/Toll-free: +1 800 707 2533, (pin 4000) Conf# 91337
    • US/California/Mountain View: +1 650 903 0800, x4000 Conf# 91337
    • US/California/San Francisco: +1 415 762 5700, x4000 Conf# 91337
    • US/Oregon/Portland: +1 971 544 8000, x4000 Conf# 91337
    • CA/British Columbia/Vancouver: +1 778 785 1540, x4000 Conf# 91337
    • CA/Ontario/Toronto: +1 416 848 3114, x4000 Conf# 91337
    • UK/London: +44 (0)207 855 3000, x4000 Conf# 91337
    • FR/Paris: +33 1 84 88 37 37, x4000 Conf# 91337
    • Gmail Chat (requires Flash and the Google Talk plugin): paste +1 650 903 0800 into the Gmail Chat box that doesn't look like it accepts phone numbers
    • SkypeOut is free if you use the 800 number
  • #fx-team for backchannel
  • "Firefox" Vidyo Room

General Topics

  • It's release day!
  • A warning that your OS X Mavericks build may stop/slow when the computer is locked/inactive

Friends of the Firefox team

Give a shoutout/thanks to people for helping fix and test bugs.

  • Firefox 25 New Contributors
  • Thanks to Amod (:greatwarrior) for improving SessionStore by fixing bug 758138! (ttaubert)
  • Thanks to Felix H. Dahlke for working on multiple Australis related bug (bug 898783 and bug 879982) along with other non-Australis related bugs. (jaws)
  • Thanks to Tareq Khandaker for cleaning up a Popup Notification test to share more code in bug 927680 (MattN)

Project Updates


  • Windows XP TART results are now neutralized with the final blow from bug 921038
  • mconley is working with jrmuizel to reproduce and debug the OS X TART regression now (that's the last one).
  • Bug tracking:
    • Need to do a triage this week of the P3/P4/P5 bugs as they are now dwarfing the P1/P2 counts.


Foreground thumbnailing

  • feedback+'ed, working on new patch: bug 809056 - reduce thumbnailing impact when there are no thumbnail service consumers

Background thumbnailing

  • Landed patch on 27 to enable on beta and release (see bug 927688). Decided not to uplift to Aurora/26. It'll just ride the trains from starting from 27.
  • in patch-review cycle: bug 902755 - Deadlock in mozilla::ipc::GeckoChildProcessHost::LaunchAndWaitForProcessHandle after turning on new tab page thumbnails
  • filed: Bug 929742 - FX_THUMBNAILS_BG_CAPTURE_DONE_REASON_2 not showing up in dashboard


  • bug 899276 - Don't collect/save private tabs
  • bug 919835 - e10s support for state collection (sync) landed on inbound
  • bug 930202 - Restoring during async collection can cause problems
  • bug 930901 - Clean up and modularize SessionStore code a little more
  • bug 930967 - Make tabs broadcast its state asynchronously when it changes
  • bug 928335 - Restore Previous Session menu option is still enabled after Restoring Previous Session
  • bug 928630 - Selected tab loads about:home when restoring a session
  • bug 929849 - Tabs won't close (on BSD and PowerPC)

Places API asyncification

Social API


  • bug 922756 Windows process sandboxing landed (bbondy)
  • bug 919835 Session Restore landed on inbound (billm)
  • bug 930967 Follow-up improvements to session data collection (ttaubert)
  • bug 931534 back/forward dropdowns using cpows (billm)
  • bug 931421 Enable useGlobalHistory for docshells in the child process (billm)
  • bug 897061 Form autocomplete in progress (felipe)
  • bug 932142 Tracking bug for browser-chrome e10s work (markh)
  • bug 930788 Video DownloadHelper compat investigation (evilpie)
  • bug 930787 AdBlock Plus compat investigation (billm)

UX Updates


  • please use "feature" keyword on anything that is a new feature or even a major rework/refactoring of existing features.
  • I've been heavily triaging Fx27 fixed bugs with verifyme or [qa-]. If you feel I incorrectly marked a bug [qa-], please remove that whiteboard note, then add the verifyme keyword with comment for steps to reproduce.
  • rotating to Anthony Hughes for Fx28 on Nightly.

Stand ups

Suggested format:

  • What did you do last week?
  • What are working on this week?
  • Anything blocking you?

Please keep your update to under 1 minute!


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