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Actions from last meeting

  • Invite Nick Nguyen to talk about ideas for the Spring release
    • MattN was traveling and forgot to do this and also thought it is probably too early in the process.
      • [jaws] i caught up with Nick and he said that there are ideas but no plans yet for the spring release. he will attend the next fx-desktop meeting and go over them then, in 2 weeks

General Topics / Roundtable

(tips/tricks/FYI, productivity improvements, industry news)

Friends of the Firefox team

(Give a shoutout/thanks to people for helping fix and test bugs. Introductions)

  • Resolved bugs (excluding employees):
    • More than one bug fixed:
      • Iaroslav Sheptykin
      • Jacek Caban
      • Tim Nguyen [:ntim]

Project Updates



Go Faster


  • Link clickers clicking their own links now open in Firefox
  • Visual refresh now _almost_ complete in Nightly


  • New team starting to work on (Push) Notifications
    • MattN, Kit, & Jared
  • [jaws] Background: The Push API is almost ready to be released, will allow sites to request Push permissions and they could then use them to show web notifications using Push
    • Much of the work covers:
      • Redesigning the notification to include origin and settings button
      • Adding management UI to about:preferences
      • Allowing notifications to "requireinteraction" before dismissing



Windows 10

  • Edge migration stuff:
    • still in touch with MS folks over History & homepage migration
    • everything else is landed on Nightly (including minimal history implementation from typedURLs in the registry), much of it uplifted to 41/42
  • Theme work to tidy up the last issues is still ongoing.

Quick Team Update

  • Tim Taubert has moved to the platform security team. His reports will now report to Panos.

This week I learned…

  • [mconley] I've seen this trick used by bz and ehsan a few times - if you're debugging the native code, and you need to set a breakpoint that's normally hit very often (ex: Element::DispatchEvent), and you only want it to break after some JS that you call, set a breakpoint at js::math_sin, and call that before your special JS code. Then, when you hit that breakpoint, set up / enable your other breakpoints. Voila!
  • [kitcambridge] UNIFIED_SOURCES are concatenated together, then compiled. If one source file doesn't include a required header, but another one does, and they're merged into the same unified file, everything will build fine. If you add a new source file, it affects how they're merged, so you can get unrelated breakages.