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Firefox Bi-Weekly Meeting

Apr 30, 2024

General Topics / Roundtable

Friends of the Firefox team


Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Script to find new contributors from bug list

Volunteers that fixed more than one bug

  • Camille

  • gravyant

  • Itiel Joseph

  • Webster

  • Magnus Melin [:mkmelin]

  • Meera Murthy

  • Steve P

New contributors (🌟 = first patch)

  • Will be filled in after the meeting

General triage

  • We’ve updated the triage rotation scheduling folks for the next year. Check the updated calendar. If your slot is a bad month for you no problem, just find someone to switch with!

    • Contact Mossop, Gijs or mconley for questions.

  • Marco Bonardo, Luca Greco, Tim Giles, and Nathan Barrett are leading this month’s general triage

Project Updates


Add-ons / Web Extensions

Addon Manager & about:addons

  • Starting from Firefox 127, installing new single-signed add-ons is disallowed (while already installed single-signed add-ons are still allowed to run). This behavior is currently only enabled in Nightly (Bug 1886157) but it is expected to be extended to all channels later in the 127 cycle (Bug 1886160)

  • Fixed a styling issue hit by extensions options pages embedded in about:addons when the Dark mode is enabled (Bug 1888866)

WebExtensions APIs

  • As part of the ongoing work related to improving cross-browser compatibility for Manifest Version 3 extensions:

    • Customized keyboard shortcuts associated to _execute_browser_action command for Manifest Version 2 extensions will be automatically associated to the _execute_action command when the same extension migrates to Manifest Version 3 (Bug 1797811). This way, the custom keyboard shortcut will keep working as expected from a user perspective.

    • DNR rule limits have been raised to match the limits enforced by other browsers (Bug 1803370)

    • DNR getDynamicRules and getSessionRules API methods will be accepting the additional ruleIds filter as a parameter and improve compatibility with DNR API in more recent Chrome versions (Bug 1820870)

  • Improved errors logged when a content script file does not exist (Bug 1891502)

    • the error is now expected to look like Unable to load script: moz-extension://UUID/path/to/script.js

Developer Tools


  • Julian reverted a change a few months ago so DevTools screenshots are saved in the same location as Firefox screenshots (#1845037)

  • Alex fixed a Debugger crash (#1891699)

  • Nicolas fixed a visual glitch in the Debugger (#1891681)

  • Alex fixed an issue where Network request from iframe sent just before document destruction were not displayed in the Netmonitor (#1887852)

  • Nicolas replaced DevTools JS-based CSS lexer with a Rust-based version, using the same cssparser crate than Stylo (#1887638, #1892895)

    • This brought a ~10% performance improvement when displaying rules in the inspector (#1888607 + #1890552)

  • Thanks to :willdurand, we finally released a new version of the DevTools ADB extension used by about:debugging. The extension is now shipping with notarized binaries and can be used on recent macOS versions. (#1821449)

WebDriver BiDi

  • Thanks to gravyant who implemented a new helper Assert.isInstance to check whether objects are instances of specific classes (#1870880)

  • Henrik updated mozrunner/mozprocess to use "psutil" and support the new application restart mechanism on macos (#1884401)

  • Sasha added support for the a11y attributes locator for the browsingContext.locateNodes command (#1885577)

  • Sasha added support for the devicePixelRatio parameter for the browsingContext.setViewport command (#1857961)

  • Henrik improved the way we check if an element is disabled when using the WebDriver ElementClear command (#1863266)

  • Julian updated the vendored puppeteer version to v22.6.5, which enables new network interception features in Puppeteer using WebDriver BiDi (#1891762)

Desktop Integrations

Downloads Panel

Credential Management


Form Autofill

Lint, Docs and Workflow

  • No updates this week.

Information Management

macOS Spotlight

Migration Improvements

New Tab Page

  • Newtab Wallpapers have landed in Nightly and will be released as an experiment in en-US. If you’d like to enable wallpapers, set `browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.newtabWallpapers.enabled` to true.

  • Work continues on weather widget for newtab (borrowing logic from URL bar)

Nimbus / Experiments

Password Manager

PDFs & Printing


  • Thanks to Joseph Webster (:joe.scott.webster) for creating a brand new JWPlayer video wrapper (bug) and for adding more sites under this wrapper to expand PiP captions support (bug). New supported sites include:

      • Yahoo (Entertainment, Sports, Finance, News)

      • AOL

      • C-span

      • CPAC


      • Time


      • indy100

      • CNBC


Performance Tools (aka Firefox Profiler)

Privacy & Security

  • We’re working on a new anti-tracking feature: Bounce Tracking Protection. It works similar to the existing Cookie Purging feature in Firefox, but instead of a tracker list it relies on heuristics to detect bounce trackers.

    • It’s based on the navigational-tracking-protections spec draft in the PrivacyCG

    • Bug 1877432 first enabled the feature in Nightly in “dry run mode” where we don’t purge tracker storage but only collect telemetry. We’re looking to fully enable it in Nightly soon once we think it’s stable enough.

Profile Management (new this week!)

  • [jhirsch] We're getting underway with improvements to multiple profiles support in Firefox.

  • Eng discussion on Matrix: [#fx-profile-eng]

  • Product discussion on Slack: #fx-profile-management

  • Backend work in toolkit/profile behind a build flag (MOZ_SELECTABLE_PROFILES)

  • Frontend work in browser/components/profiles behind a pref (browser.profiles.enabled)

  • Metabug 1882882 (also mirrored to Jira)

  • Bugs landed so far:

    • Mossop added telemetry to record the version of the profiles database on startup and the number of profiles in it (bug 1878339)

    • Niklas added the profiles browser component (bug 1883143)

    • Niklas added profiles menu items to the app menu (bug 1883155)

  • Coming soon: Docs, final UX, and good-first-bugs

Reader Mode

  • Irene landed the first part of refreshed text formatting controls, check them out by toggling reader.improved_text_menu.enabled (bug 1880658)


Search and Navigation

Storybook/Reusable Components