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Actions from last meeting

  • None

General Topics / Roundtable

(tips/tricks/FYI, productivity improvements, industry news)

  • [mconley] Dead CPOW exceptions now come with stack information ( (this has been true for a few weeks, but I just got reminded)
  • [mconley] Intent to make Form Autocomplete popups use richlistbox's instead of trees
    • Bug 1296638 - Switch toolkit Form Autocomplete popup from using a <xul:tree> to using a <xul:richlistbox>
  • "Site Identity and Permission Panels” is now a component in the Firefox product
    • For issues relating to the site identity block in the location bar, site information panel (also known as "Control Center"), and prompts from sites that require additional permissions (such as geolocation, camera, and microphone).
  • [mrbkap] New nsIBrowser interface implemented by <xul:browser>
  • [felipe] Hotfix to be released today to re-enable updates to 48 ( )
  • [felipe] Remove Slow Startup notification? ( )
    • Gijs points out that this can be disabled with a pref flip
      • Also, Felipe, I think you reviewed this... .
  • [paolo] Add-ons tree on DXR is outdated (turns out bug 1280948 hasn't been fully FIXED yet)

Friends of the Firefox team

(Give a shoutout/thanks to people for helping fix and test bugs. Introductions)

  • Thanks to fx-desktop interns who all finished last week
    • Presentations at
  • Resolved bugs (excluding employees):
      • More than one bug fixed:
        • kevin for fixing and, two dead CPOW intermittents
        • Glenn
        • Jimmy Wang (:jimicy) -- (intern) presentation is this Thursday
        • Jorg K
        • Rakhi(:rakhisharma)
        • [:Towkir] Ahmed

Project Updates



  • Have not gone to 100% yet. Almost at 10% - the 48 release has been somewhat bumpy for non-e10s related reasons
    • We've been slowing our roll a bit because the e10s-enabled on release is skewed to new users, OS X, and Linux. Need to wait for Windows to catch up.
    • Go / no-go for upping to 100% occurs today.
  • Telemetry data suggests that the whitelist of extensions we identified for the 49 beta experiment are not introducing performance or stability regressions. Go / no-go on e10s enabling on release for users with those add-ons in 49 release is occurring today.
  • Add-ons rollout plan:
  • a11y / touchscreen support has landed in Nightly 51.
    • Most recent plan was to hold this on Nightly until 52, and then let it ride up the trains.
  • View Source and Print Preview have been fixed for users with dom.ipc.processCount > 1
    • If you're feeling adventurous, now might be a good time to start testing dom.ipc.processCount = 2. File bugs, and mark blocking e10s-multi
  • Thanks to jimicy, the Services item in the global menubar on OS X should now work with e10s enabled

Firefox Core Engineering

  • Still looking to land client-side stackwalking (stacks in crash pings) for Nightly/Aurora. Getting. So. Close. Want to uplift this as far as it can go.
  • Chutten's landing content process aggregation (email to fhr-dev, in case you didn't see it).
  • Starting to dig into Flash blocking.
    • How does this relate to click-to-play for Flash?
    • bug tree (work in progress):
    • Initially, it's a TestPilot experiment to see how close to complete blocking we can get, or if we have to whitelist some things, allow others, outright block others, etc. Click-to-play should still be an option if there is no non-Flash fallback content, but that's a detail for the production implementation, and that will be informed by the TestPilot experiment's data.
  • Need a little more review of symbolication server rewrite. Willkg already took a quick look. Anyone else care to? Python-based web service using tornado.
    • Maybe smacleod? mcote? Some of the MozReview people?
  • Investigating the feasibility of moving the sending of crash telemetry via separate executable, in order to send crash pings without requiring restart.

Go Faster

  • Work is underway to improve and simplify the shipping process for System add-ons & improve documentation/example code.

Platform UI and other Platform Audibles

  • Bug 1297475 - Provide a way for system add-ons to add handlers for nsIContentPermissionRequests
    • Worked with paolo to develop an API that seems to give us what we want
    • Bug 1292639 - [FlyWeb] Ask user permission before allowing navigator.publishServer
      • They have a patch that adds the FlyWeb permission prompt to nsBrowserGlue using the old system
      • FlyWeb team is highly motivated to get this in soonish, since blog posts are going out
        • Depending on how in-need-of-revision the patches in bug 1297475 are, this might have to land first.
        • FlyWeb team is aware of bug 1297475, and the plan is to back out their notification, and use the new API in the system add-on once it's ready.
  • Bug 1294502 - Combine e10s and non-e10s nsFormAutoComplete implementations
    • Has landed
    • Investigating regression: Bug 1298204 - Auto-complete on form fields does show some white lines or do not show up sometimes
  • Bug 1296638 - Switch toolkit Form Autocomplete popup from using a <xul:tree> to using a <xul:richlistbox>
    • WIP patch posted
    • Quite a few tests to fix
    • Need to follow-up with a11y team to make sure we're not breaking things (thanks Gijs)
  • Bug 1255843 - Develop a tool to measure resource usage of each subprocess
    • Screenshot:
  • Bug 1295214 - Entire UI randomly becomes janky (
    • If you've heard recent reports of the whole browser becoming janky after watching video on Nightly, it's probably this one (now fixed)
  • Bug 1287706 - Support "once" option for addEventListener
    • This has landed in 50!
  • Bug 1271497 - [META] IndexedDB v2
    • This has landed in 51!


  • Continuing the progress towards finishing the permissions redesign project after a couple of weeks of PTO.
  • Various download panel fixes: (1292566, 1292573, 1243445, 1287384, 1292345).

Quality of Experience

  • Many find toolbar issues were fixed for the new modal highlighting feature
    • Will be re-enabled this week, probably tomorrow.
  • Jared & Mike scheming and brewing plans for Firefox Themes
    • Watch your inboxes this week!
  • Popup panels on Linux & Windows non-standard themes now have proper drop-shadows
  • [paolo] Bug 1009116 - Redo resizing architecture of panelmultiview
    • I think we should talk to dholbert here
  • [gijs] bunch more automigration work landed, also got uplifted to beta, to do a funnelcake test with fx49.


  • Fixed a bug (1297941) in Places that affected Sync.
  • Fixed a bug (1293308) where the awesomebar results panel would not respect the system font.
  • More followup fixes for the one-off buttons in the awesomebar coming up.


This week I learned

  • [mconley] Integration.jsm
    • Deliberate object property shadowing with some niceties!
  • [mconley] ScopeExit.h
    • A better way to clean things up
  • [mconley] Check out the Web Animation API if you haven't seen it: - now available in 48