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Actions from last meeting

  • Next meeting master is: jaws

General Topics / Roundtable

(tips/tricks/FYI, productivity improvements, industry news)

  • [mconley] moz://a now sends the user somewhere - landed in 53, approved to uplift to 52.
  • [MattN] - scheme = https in mochitest .ini files
  • [mconley] UX is having a Photon meeting in Toronto. I’m keeping my eyes and ears open.
  • [felipe] Firefox 51 released
    • Zoom indicator
    • Improved e10s tab-switching
    • Whitelist of ~700 addons for e10s
      • Not manually tested, but automatically tested to see if they would break Firefox itself
  • [felipe] Firefox 52 will be an ESR
    • First ESR with e10s
  • [felipe] ESLint updates from Mark Banner on firefox-dev and on Jared’s blog
    • No-undef coming up
  • [florian] More scripted tree-wide cleanups, covered by eslint rules:
      • .parentNode.removeChild -> .remove (bug 1334831)
      • getComputedStyle's second parameter is optional (bug 1334199)
      • ownerDocument.defaultView -> ownerGlobal (bug 1334156)
      • addEventListener(eventName, function handler() { removeEventListener(name, handler); ... } -> use {once: true} (bug 1331599)

Friends of the Firefox team

(Give a shoutout/thanks to people for helping fix and test bugs. Introductions)

Project Updates


Activity Stream

  • Activity Stream add-on 1.3.0 released today
  • Activity Stream planned to land in Firefox 56 (about:newtab, about:home)
  • MVP
    • Preparing for second Shield experiment to improve ‘top site’ engagement
    • Identified and planned MVP features for release
    • Launching Experimenter to control A/B experiments and manage their dashboards and results
  • Graduation
    • Export scripts/processes for m-c
    • Integration testing
    • L10n, I18n, RTL
    • A11y
    • Talos
    • System add-on, Go Faster
    • Release Drivers (processes, communication)
    • Security and Privacy (reviews)
    • about:home

Electrolysis (e10s)

Firefox Core Engineering

  • Crash stacks are collected in crash pings, now in 53. (Part of the larger effort to get early & often information from the client side.)
  • pingSender is landing (for crash pings only, for now) -- to send pings immediately.
  • Seeking to run Shield study on Flash use in 52 release.
  • Solved watershed issue (thank you, releng!) for 44.1b (bugs 1334220 and 1277925), so stuck users should start successfully updating. (No relation to other stuck users, like 43.0.1.)
  • XPCOM symbols are no longer exported for 53+ (see dev.platform thread)
  • The Mozilla SDK no longer built

Form Autofill

(Team meetings next week in Taipei. Chinese New Year holiday going on now 🎆🐓) Resolved

In Progress

Go Faster

Platform UI and other Platform Audibles


Quality of Experience

  • Ability to search <select> dropdowns with 40+ <option> elements has landed (preffed off behind dom.forms.selectSearch)
    • This was work by tmaklebust and beachjar, both MSU students from last semester, and new contributors!
    • Some Twitter buzz
  • New Theming API patches are landing
    • Jaws implemented LWT support and almost landed first Google Chrome properties support
    • MattW worked on the framework and landed initial support for the JS API
    • Mikedeboer working on Addon Manager integration
  • Onboarding / automigration work
    • Ongoing work for new funnelcake on 52 (as funnelcake for 51 is going out the door!) - metabug: (1332318)
    • Work to do survey of why users “undo” (1335349)
    • Make “undo” more robust to errors (1331800) and add telemetry to understand error rate / performance (1333233)
    • Looking at performance issues with import (1332225)
    • [mconley] Onboarding video from verdi


Sync / Firefox Accounts

  • Work continues on Bug 676563 - Bookmarks sync does not sync bookmark timestamps

This week I learned

  • [bsmedberg] The Rust book isn’t actually a book I can buy in paper form. I can’t wait for jorendorff/blandy’s book but that’s May:
  • [mconley] There is a “tabspecific” attribute you can put on <panel> elements in browser.xul - if true, the panel will close automatically if the user switches tabs via keyboard