Firefox/Meeting/Posting Notes

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  1. Export as odt
  2. Convert to mediawiki using one of the options below
  3. Copy the output, excluding the intro and meeting leader list, to the wiki
    • Add == around level 2 headings (General Topics / Roundtable, Friends of the Firefox team, Project Updates & This week I learned)
    • Use the mediawiki search and replace to replace <span id="anchor-\d+"></span>(.*)$ (turn on regular expression search) with === $1 === to handle the level 3 headings.
  4. Add the link on Firefox/Meeting

With pandoc

  1. Install pandoc
    • macOS: brew install pandoc
  2. curl -L "" | pandoc --from odt --to mediawiki


  1. Get access to an Ubuntu machine
  2. Install the libreoffice-wiki-publisher package via apt
  3. Export this document as an ODT file
  4. Open that exported document in LibreOffice
  5. Export the document as Mediawiki to some text file (the MediaWiki Publisher extension you installed in (b) should let you do this). The extension might insert extra <div>s into the output; you’ll want to clean those up before publishing.