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Iteration #23 Status Report

Production Summary

At the conclusion of Iteration #23:

  • Points Completed: 76
  • Bugs Resolved: 30
  • Team Velocity: 59
  • Velocity Range: 47 - 68

Status Update

  • At the conclusion of Iteration #23, given the historical velocity performance of 18,30,32,33,42,43,46,47,50,51,56,59,61,63,64,68,74,74,75,76,77,78,80, the Metro Team has a median velocity of 59.

  • At a median velocity of 59, there is a 90% likelihood that the actual velocity for the upcoming iteration will fall between 47 and 68.

  • With 75 points worth of work selected for the current iteration, there is a 90% likelihood that between 7 - 28 points worth of work could carry over into the next iteration.
    • Note: The value of the work selection and range of point carryover is higher this iteration due to the full integration of point estimates from UX.

  • The Metro Release Plan is now available for viewing which outlines our planned work over the next three iterations of the 30C-29A-28B release cycle - View Release Plan.

Iteration #23 Performance

  • Team completed 76 points across 30 bugs which resulted in a median velocity of 59 points per iteration.

  • Team velocity increased by 2 points from the previous iteration.

  • 2 points of work was not completed during Iteration #23 and carried over as was previously forecast by our velocity range.

  • Team accomplished a 97% point closure rate during Iteration #23 which is the highest rate they have achieved to date.

Full Query
ID Summary Status Assigned to Whiteboard
913609 Intermittent browser_context_ui.js | runTests: Task failed - Error: pageshow event timeout at waitForEvent@chrome://mochitests/content/metro/browser/metro/base/tests/mochitest/head.js:329 | navbar dismissed RESOLVED Matt Brubeck (:mbrubeck) [defect] p=1 [qa-]
950241 Takes two tries to start up Firefox in Touch mode VERIFIED Jim Mathies [:jimm] [beta28] [defect] p=2 [landing: 02-01 nightly; verifiable in 02-02 nightly with 02-01 nightly installed]
951120 Thread manager shutdown hang when running metro mochitests RESOLVED Jim Mathies [:jimm] [beta28][defect] p=8 [qa-]
951802 Add a localization comment to crash reporter prompt explaining that privacy policy link must go after the sentence describing it RESOLVED Allison Naaktgeboren :ally [beta28] [defect] p=1 [qa-]
952259 Basic automated tests for Metro sessionstore component RESOLVED Matt Brubeck (:mbrubeck) [beta28] [defect] p=5 [qa-]
952800 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | browser_form_auto_complete.js | autofill item list length mismatch, some items were not found. - Got 5, expected 6 RESOLVED Rodrigo Silveira [:rsilveira] [:rodms] [release28] [defect] p=3 [qa-]
957588 Bookmark navbar button is checked for non-metro bookmarks VERIFIED Rodrigo Silveira [:rsilveira] [:rodms] [release28] [defect] p=1
958993 taping "Clear" button under "Options" several times creates multiple modal prompts VERIFIED Allison Naaktgeboren :ally [release28] [defect] p=3
959143 Search Results Overlay is Jerky VERIFIED Sam Foster [:sfoster] (he/him) [release28] [defect] p=3
959393 about:start rendering anomaly while scrolling (aurora only) VERIFIED Jim Mathies [:jimm] [release28] [defect] p=3
959396 MetroFx sometimes gets into state where the pref "browser.sessionstore.resume_session_once" is stuck to "true" VERIFIED Marina Samuel [:emtwo] [beta28] [defect] p=3
960144 Toast Notifications Image - Implementation VERIFIED Rodrigo Silveira [:rsilveira] [:rodms] [release28] [feature] p=2
960740 Add a 'sanity check' to SessionStore.js to avoid writing bad data VERIFIED Sam Foster [:sfoster] (he/him) [beta28] [feature] p=2
960886 selection monocles being spilled over to other tabs when switching VERIFIED Oleg Zasypkin [:azasypkin][⏰UTC+1] [beta28] [defect] p=5
960889 monocles moving when swiping up/down through gmail email draft VERIFIED Oleg Zasypkin [:azasypkin][⏰UTC+1] [release28] [defect] p=8
961123 Higher-resolution overlay button icons - Implementation VERIFIED Marina Samuel [:emtwo] [release28] [feature] [a=metro-only] p=1
961157 Tiles not working/opening if firefox not yet running and profilemanager popping up (not auto-use of last profile) VERIFIED Tim Abraldes [:TimAbraldes] [:tabraldes] [release28] [defect] p=5
961223 Character encoding in app bar: implement it or remove it from Options VERIFIED Allison Naaktgeboren :ally [beta28] [defect] p=2
962212 Add basic private browsing support to Metro Firefox, disabled by default VERIFIED Matt Brubeck (:mbrubeck) [feature] p=3
962236 wrap long tutorial texts on about:start VERIFIED Oleg Zasypkin [:azasypkin][⏰UTC+1] [release28] [feature] p=2
962282 Flip the Metro back button arrows and tab outline in RTL locales VERIFIED Marina Samuel [:emtwo] [release28] [defect] p=1
962284 Metro Tab strip overflow layout is wrong in RTL locales VERIFIED Marina Samuel [:emtwo] [defect] p=1
962588 Downloading update label with progress too long in some localizations, get cropped, should linewrap VERIFIED Sam Foster [:sfoster] (he/him) [release28] [defect] p=2
962596 Additional whitespace added between long hyphen and download progress of update VERIFIED Sam Foster [:sfoster] (he/him) [release28] [defect] p=1
962815 Dismissing pin site popup makes the pin button stay highlighted. VERIFIED Marina Samuel [:emtwo] [release28] [defect] p=1
964149 tile animation "frozen" in snapped view when swiping VERIFIED Sam Foster [:sfoster] (he/him) [release28] [defect] p=3
964285 "blank" tiles under about:start shouldn't be selectable VERIFIED Sam Foster [:sfoster] (he/him) [defect] p=1
964418 Update mochiperf tests to use dom utils frame time recording RESOLVED Jim Mathies [:jimm] [feature] p=1 [qa-]
965290 Add a exe manifest to the ceh RESOLVED Jim Mathies [:jimm] [release28] [feature] p=1 [qa-]
965832 Nav bar selection monocles don't appear when tapping text VERIFIED Jim Mathies [:jimm] [defect] p=1

30 Total; 0 Open (0%); 7 Resolved (23.33%); 23 Verified (76.67%);