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Testday for Firefox Metro

Hi Mozillians!

We are happy to announce a Test Day dedicated to the latest Firefox Metro Nightly build on Friday, June 28th.

You can join us on our IRC testday channel and you can see the details in the test plan below. We will be focusing on the process of testing new features and discovering issues in this latest version of Firefox Metro.

This event is open to all those interested: newcomers, experienced testers, developers, and anyone interested in testing and using Firefox Metro.

Having a touch enabled device would be helpful but it is not necessary as long as you are running Windows 8. Review the list of supported Windows 8 Touch Screen Devices:

Your contribution will mean a lot to us. Thank you in advance for your help and hope to see you on IRC!

How To Start

Moderators (Pacific Daylight Time)

Here is the list of Mozilla QA and developer staff who will be moderating the Testday for Firefox Metro. They are here to answer your questions, help you get started with testing and to hear your feedback about the experience you encounter with Firefox Metro.

  • 08:00 - Jim
  • 09:00 - Brian
  • 10:00 - Juan & Frank
  • 11:00 - Juan
  • 12:00 - Jonathan & Sam
  • 13:00 - Marina & Sam
  • 14:00 - Tim & Yuan
  • 15:00 - Allison & Sam
  • 16:00 - Kamil

What You're Testing

We will be going through basic installation and functionality testing for Firefox Metro using the Nightly build. We will have a list of test cases in Moztrap, our functional test case management system, and you will have the option to pick and choose from a number of functional areas, for example basic navigation or Sync setup.

Some of the testing may require a touch enabled device, but by far most of the testing can be done on any machine running Windows 8.

Note: At the moment plugins are not supported in Firefox Metro, so any content with plugins will not appear as in the desktop browser, and that's expected for the time being.

Start Testing

  • View Metro Test Cases:
  • Click on the 'Show Details' arrow button to open the test case.
  • Try to accomplish each of the steps outlined in the specific test case in Firefox Metro.
  • If you encounter defects at any step in the test case please file a bug (see below).

Take your time to experiment. Try entering too much data, or skip entering a field. Try to break the browser by being creative!

Filing a Bug

What happens when you find a bug? If you feel you have a bug that you would like to file, the next step is to open Bugzilla - You will need to sign in or create an account and sign in. The good part is that you only need to sign up once!

After you are logged in, you can easily file a bug by clicking this link:

Filing a bug requires entering as much data as you can:

  • Add a summary of the bug.
  • Then enter a description of the issue, including reproduction steps.
  • Be sure to add the ‘expected result’ of what you thought would happen and compare it to the ‘actual result’ of what really did happen.
  • Feel free to add screenshots or video to help illustrate the issue.
  • Then click the ‘Submit Bug’ button and you are done!

Feel free to review our full Bugzilla Bug Writing Guidelines:


The following are some tips to make the testday a success:

  • Ask questions, any and all questions you have are valid
  • Don’t be afraid to stumble, hopefully you will learn something new
  • Read over the testplan and provided documentation
  • Get a build and start testing; just dive right in
  • Offer to help other testers and answer questions once you’ve learned the ropes