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Firefox/Gecko Delivery Meeting Details

  • Wednesdays - 11:00am Pacific, 2:00pm Eastern, 18:00 UTC
  • Mozilla Square Conference Room
  • 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 8605 (US/INTL)
  • 1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 8605 (US)
  • #planning for backchannel
  • (the developer meeting takes place on Tuesdays)

Upcoming Product Releases

SHIPPED: Firefox 3.6.3

  • shipped on Thursday (8FD)
  • patches "p0wn20wn" vulnerability disclosed at CanSecWest
  • that vulnerability does not exist on 3.0.19 and 3.5.9, though we will be adding some protective code to 3.5 anyway for good measure

Firefox 3.6.4

  • will include out of process plugins for Windows and Linux
  • a schedule has been proposed:
    • Tree opens: April 1
    • Code freeze (with OOPP): April 12, 11:59pm
    • QA starts: April 13
    • Beta build: April 14
    • QA with beta build start: April 15
    • Beta offered as advertised major update to 3.6.x beta channel: April 16
    • Beta offered as minor update to remaining 3.6.x beta channel: April 27
    • Final release: May 4
  • will discuss more in today's roundtable

Firefox 3.5.10

  • schedule tbd based on 3.6.4 discussion

Fennec 1.0.1 Maemo

  • on hold until updates issues are fixed

Fennec 1.1 Beta Maemo

  • code freeze today

mozilla-central developer preview - draft release notes

  • tab matches in awesomebar
  • core animation on OSX
  • out of process plugins on OSX
  • direct2d acceleration on Windows
  • visited history privacy fix


  • Jetpack 0.3
    • freeze Sunday, April 18
    • RC1 Monday, April 19
    • final Monday, April 26
    • on track


  • AVG toolbar causes CPU usage increase: bug 556332
    • Currently picking through reports to see if there are other compounding factors.

Product Development

Firefox Project 2 things to direct your attentions toward:

If you want an RSS feed full of Firefox awesomeness like this, check out planet firefox.

Fennec Project

Gecko Platform

(see the April 6th platform meeting notes for more details)


  • 14 locales with sign-offs for Fennec
  • Lorentz with 14 sign-offs, and 29 locales with strings. Issues with testing (bug 557808). Top locales missing still, like German or Japanese.
  • Weave localization scheme taking shape


Release Engineering

  • Lorentz branch is going to be shut down. bug 557810


  • AMO devs still working hard on Zamboni, our Django rewrite
  • Incubation proposal feedback the past few weeks; will update on our blog soon
  • Working with the Firefox team on Add-ons Manager rewrite and Discovery Pane
  • Policy updates posted regarding advertisements, private browsing, Conduit, and more
  • Rock Your Firefox launched a few weeks ago and has been doing very well

Web Dev

  • Plugins and Blocklisting
    • Plugins directory security fixes almost done, waiting for release smoke to clear before launching it officially
    • Meeting with add-ons and beltzner this week to sort out blocklist process (once and for all!)
  • Lorentz
    • versioning generated quite a bit of work across webdev last week. :)
    • Crash stats team is working on how to handle hang processing, hope to be done in 3-4 days. Related bugs: bug 544940, bug 555729
    • Whipped up mocks for landing page, those are in pretty good shape. Now on to implementation in bug 555332.
    • nthomas waiting for review from morgamic for AUS handling branch updates. ETA this week. bug 534954




  • To be added to "This Week in Browsing" weekly news roundup please email Shannon Prior


  • Shipping OOPP (beltzner/LegNeato)
    • first ship beta of the Lorentz branch
      • juanb: in-product pages being worked on?
    • then ship an opt-in Firefox 3.6.4 beta
    • then ship Firefox 3.6.4 beta to all users on 3.6 beta channel
    • then ship to all users on 3.6 beta channel
    • collect feedback as we go
      • juanb: how? what mechanism?
    • measure twice, cut once!
    • QA schedule concerns
    • l10n schedule concerns
    • are updates on 3.6.4 web pages coming? (pascalc, l10n)