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  • Beta 10 went live last Tuesday. 500+ high-value fixes for stability, performance, security, correctness, and usability.
  • Firefox 4 performance is going to be awesome! There's still more: a big win on cold startup looks likely and the Mobile team is going to have some amazing numbers to share with you soon.
  • Firefox 4 compared to Firefox 3.6, IE9 and Chrome

Firefox4-perf-compare.png chart

  • The previous schedule had us freezing last Friday but that plan was amended at last Tuesday's Platform meeting.
  • Here's what things look like this morning:
    • [hardblocker] betaN+ bugs with patches: 21
    • [hardblocker] betaN+ bugs without patches: 16
    • We are fixing about 26 betaN hardblockers per week, and our overall fix/incoming rate is 10 to 5.

  • VERY IMPORTANT: Don't assume someone else has filed the bug you found.